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How To Sing High Notes / How To Sing High
Vocal Coach Ken Tamplin Coaches How To Sing High Notes
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42 thoughts on “How To Sing High Notes – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

  1. John Carano says:

    Great song and fantastic harmony. Who is playing that guitar? WOW

  2. Wrestle4life10 says:

    This song is badass! You rock man

  3. Ulfhedn4r - Chiptune Musician says:

    It shows that this is the cousin of Sammy Hagar. Brilliant stuff!

  4. Juan Beirutty says:

    … Awesome Ken so inspiring , such a great music… such a power jJ …

  5. you can see how truly he loves music..
    those high notes tho were unbelievable

  6. Denz Garcia says:

    Wow that is so good and I wish I could sing like you. Teach me man.. teach

  7. jethro pelayo says:

    I love you Mr. Ken Tamplin.. I really believe God is real in you.

  8. Wow! That is amazing. I don’t know any of those terms you’re using for
    voice. Guys like you and John Elefante still sound exactly the same as you
    used to! I had some of your tapes from the 1980s (both *Shout!* tapes, and *Ken
    Tamplin & Friends: An Axe to Grind*). I’m 46 years old now, and I’m
    wondering how do I increase my vocal range? I’ve never had singing lessons.
    I’m sure there is a way to sing without stuffing your voice up, too. The
    other day I was trying to sing *This Could Be The Night* by Loverboy. I
    enjoy singing the verse and pre-chorus, but the chorus is just too high for
    me, apart from the “to end all nights” at the end of the chorus. I can also
    sing, *I Don’t Want To Live Without You*, by Foreigner (it’s the only song
    of theirs within my vocal range).

  9. Michelle062970 says:

    You sing it just like you did 25 years ago! Awesome!!

  10. jamieseiple says:

    Epic, sublime and absolute extremely awesome! What a freakin
    voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Off the chart!

  11. knglerxst says:

    1:47 Wow. I love that high note. Awesome song.

  12. Guitar Hero Customs says:

    what is the song that he is singing?

  13. Đorđe Pavlović says:

    Ken, what is your vocal ragnge??

  14. Simon Collington says:

    Hey man, great stuff really awesome! I’m in a performance of the musical
    Rock of ages and I need to hit some crazy high notes but my vocal sit more
    comfortably in the bass range! I struggling to sing the classic twisted
    sister tune “I wanna rock” I can hit the notes just it doesn’t sound at all
    rock like! any help you can give me would be massively appreciated man!
    thanks and once again awesome stuff!

  15. Zihan Tambunan says:

    I love it, what the title of this song?

  16. rahde mecaling says:

    woww.. your voice is amazing sir

  17. Dude, you’re like a heavy metal machine. Man, I NEED that power and
    confidence. Oh, and range! Does your throat hurt or feel strained after all
    of this? And wondering how loud you are (I’m assuming it’s all compressed).
    I can sing with range and control, but the soundguys (one in particular)
    always say I’m not singing loud enough. When I sing as loud as they want,
    my range and control is compromised and it starts to suck.

  18. That is excellent sir. thank you for your videos and explaining the
    techniques. is there any way you could possibly cover a David Coverdale
    song. Whitesnake (Here I go again) once again thank you for your videos

  19. Miguel Chambers says:

    I’m really impressed. Great voice, Great Song, Great vídeo. 

  20. redgibson1 says:

    man, cant believe you got those high notes… you should do a Sebastian
    Bach tutorial since you can clearly reach those! :D

  21. Dan Kris Ferrer says:

    Hey! sir, how did you do that!! that was amazing!!! I wanna hit those notes
    like yours hope you give me some advice about that. and it looks so easy
    for you to do..

  22. Jake Parker says:

    your voice is soo Amazing sir

  23. the last king says:

    great sir!
    your voice is amazing

  24. TheXilentXoul says:

    Hey, Im a baritone and I like music from bands such as My Chemical Romance,
    Fall Out Boy, and Panic! At the Disco, but I cant sing their music cause I
    cant hit all the notes in their songs. What can I do to be able to hit all
    those high notes and sing their songs well?

  25. Cesar Yuivar says:

    how to sing like Michael kiske.?
    you cant do that?

  26. Andre LOVana says:

    please teach how singing like MR big(Eric Martin)

  27. dudegod113 says:

    I see stars-murder mittens acoustic version has great high note vocal part
    wondering you could cover it and explain the technique

  28. tractorbooty15 says:

    Golly gosh!!There is much more to heavy metal singing than meets the
    eye.This blows my socks off and I don’t even rock:-)

  29. Northernblues says:

    It sure would be interesting to hear your take on Pink Floyd’s “The Great
    Gig In The Sky” ;D

  30. brown james says:

    who is doing the killer solo by the way 🙂 Im dying to know. Thank you and
    love to you all

  31. So I wasn’t learning to sing in the way most people would, where they’d, you know, learn the notes and sing them.

  32. Biography:?Amanda began her musical education at the age of 6, when she joined the local Church choir and started piano lessons.

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