How to Sing High Notes For Guys: The Complete Roadmap /

Discover all about How to Sing High Notes For Guys: The Complete Roadmap / by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing High Notes For Guys: The Complete Roadmap /

How to sing high notes for guys: What is required exactly to develop the ability to expand vocal range? Learning how to sing high notes is a skill ANYONE can learn. This video will cover the actual roadmap that is necessary in order to build a great singing instrument.

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Ladies, check this video out:

1. How to breathe properly for singing:

2. The importance of vowel modifications for high, powerful singing:

3. How we carry over all this stuff into songs/what it’s like to train with a GOOD online vocal coach:

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44 thoughts on “How to Sing High Notes For Guys: The Complete Roadmap /

  1. Mourad Bighrman says:

    Hi man, i’ll tell you the lowest and the highest note I can hit and you
    tell me what type I am :
    Lowest note : F2
    Highest note : G#4
    Head voice : C6

  2. Hassassin Assassin says:

    I want to sing higher just so i can sing “take on me” but my voice is
    insanely deep.

  3. Zendrick Gamao says:

    Hey umm, do you have skype to train me how to sing hignotes pretty please ?

  4. could someone help me im 12 and attending the talent show and I don’t like
    to sing in front of a group and im going to sing in front of a
    crowd/audience cant hit high note voice screechy(Lowest E4) (Highest G4) is
    this average or normal for my age/gender im 4’9 if that helps

  5. boy 12 4’9 what class am I in
    don’t wanna embarrass myself in talent show

  6. when I try to sing high note my voice screeches and cracks and I end up
    screaming instead trying to sing chandelier sia and happy pherrell williams

  7. billyjoe susie says:

    plz help[ us.
    caus my voice is change.

  8. Yair Alkon says:

    I am a 15 year old male, about seven months ago, I could sing from F4 to
    G#7, and now puberty came and had to fuck my high notes, an now I can sing
    from A3 to C6, and it’s getting worse by the day. No matter what I do I
    can’t get these high notes back, please help me out!

  9. Jared Chaell says:

    Halp! I can hit an A5 when I was on 5th Grade. Then it became lower and
    lower when I was on 6th Grade. Now, I can’t even hit a C4. Is there anyway
    to fight puberty? I wanna’ bring my range back. =/

  10. MisterEpicMuffin says:

    I can barely sing high notes. Nothing in this video I could sing. Im very
    annoying low. I practice everyday however but I ALWAYS get stuck on the 4th
    C note. (Not high at all)
    Please can someone help? or should i just quite because ive done everything
    hes said.

  11. gfxdragongod says:

    I’m thinking of buying your program! I’ve used Singing Success, but I had a
    lot of trouble because I never got feedback (and I didn’t want to spend 150
    dollars on a voice lesson to finally get some.) You say on your website
    that you give weekly help on your facebook page. Is that like individual
    help, or you’ll answer everyone’s questions into a single video?

  12. zaai harn says:

    Hey Phil,
    I’m L J. Could you please give me your Skype acc?

  13. arnel sarte says:

    Im 2nd year and im a boy i can go low to C3-D3 and go high to

  14. Saif “Iron” TubeHD says:

    Hi !! My range is E3 – Bb5 – B5 – E8 .. What am I ??? And I want to ask how
    do I save my voice of I hit a B5 in my chest voice ???? And higher notes

  15. Kevin Lee says:

    Am I a bass or tenor,
    I feel a bit more comfortable singing low but I don’t mind singing high

  16. Gaara Hotaru says:

    hey I wanna learn to sing high like this kid watch this please and can you
    inform me if it’s possible 

  17. Tony Maccaroni says:

    Subscribed! Thank you for your tipps!

  18. John Smith says:

    My neck, jaw and tongue muscles feels strained after singing, my voice is
    also a bit hoarse, what am I doing wrong?

  19. Dave Dancis says:

    its 2016, what camera are you using?

  20. Jonathan Mattson says:

    I’m a guy and I can sing whistle register, weird right?

  21. Clark Rouhana says:

    I am a “Bariton Bas” .can I sing this high notes????

  22. Lukas Mendes says:

    why you say to breath from diaphragm if you’re raising up your chest when
    you sang Dont Stop Believing ? I am in doubt about this point

  23. Bear Grylls says:

    Im a bari and this is really helpful, thanks!

  24. Billy nado says:

    How Much are your skype lessons?

  25. TheXilentXoul says:

    Hey, Im a baritone and I like music from bands such as My Chemical Romance,
    Fall Out Boy, and Panic! At the Disco, but I cant sing their music cause I
    cant hit all the notes in their songs. What can I do to be able to hit all
    those high notes and sing their songs well?

  26. hi there, im 21 and has a really really deep talking voice and jazzy
    singing voice… but i’ve been trying to sing a song called “She’s Gone by
    Steelheart” for years!! unfortunately i can’t… my question is, does
    “everyone” can hit that high note no matter how deep their voice are?

  27. Micheal Fz says:

    hey guys i found a really cool trick. Try singing with autotune, record
    yourself, save it, then sing along with it. The trick is very effective
    trust me

  28. Lemony Sherberts says:

    taking off ken tamplin much?

  29. John Phillip Rosete says:

    is it posible to sing high notes like Sia

  30. Víctor Cortés says:

    5:26 Damn! I always wanted to reach that note in Miguel’s Adorn, but I
    always switch to falsetto. Is that mix voice?

  31. Clark's Corner says:

    +Phil Moufarrege sir can we do skype sometimes pls I am really interested
    in gingin sir

  32. Baconman167 says:

    I used to be able to sing now I sound like Rick Astley

  33. jagdeep singh says:

    sir,what do you mean by “start the belly”

  34. KichwaHuru says:

    Hi. Thanks a lot for the video -I have a question: recently in my warm up I
    went 2 notes above my vocal range (G1-G4) as a result I ve been
    experiencing some muscle strain kind of pain inside my throat. I have
    stopped singing fir 2 days but I can still feel strain pain. What is the
    right thing to do? advise please..

  35. Michael Mcfarland says:

    Nodules are small callouses which form on the vocal chords caused by the vocal chord rubbing together.

  36. Taylor Carter says:

    Big congratulations to all students who passed their POP vocals & Musical Theatre Singing Exams this year, (no fails to date) only DISTINCTIONS and MERITS for all those who entered the L.C.M (London College of Music)exams.

  37. Lauren Burton says:

    Many college students have a tendency to carry their breath as they sing increased.

  38. Jonathan Davenport says:

    I have no delusions a couple of singing career, nevertheless it certain has made me comfortable to get this far.

  39. In the second lesson educate your pupil about the proper strategy of heat up. After this session, ask your pupil to sing his or her most well-liked music and establish the issues like whether his/her pitch is easy or not, he/she is grumbling consonants and whether he/she has proper control of breath and so on.

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