How To Sing High Notes and Low Notes With Ease – Roger Burnley Voice Studio

Discover all about How To Sing High Notes and Low Notes With Ease – Roger Burnley Voice Studio by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How To Sing High Notes and Low Notes With Ease – Roger Burnley Voice Studio.


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In this video I answer a question that I received from a subscriber that asked that, “Even though I’m a Baritone, should I be able to sing higher notes or lower notes with ease?”… The answer is YES!

I’ll share a quick little exercise and mind trick that you can begin to implement that will help you with your singing and producing sound with much more ease, which will allow you to get much more of your vocal range (high notes and low notes).


14 thoughts on “How To Sing High Notes and Low Notes With Ease – Roger Burnley Voice Studio

  1. Nate Wolfe says:

    what’s an easy way to practice this? (thinking about the vocals chords
    shrinking for higher notes)

  2. Football Music says:

    This is amazing thank you. I’m watching your videos and I’m gonna do those
    amazing exercises. Can you check my recent video? Can i sing ??? And how
    much time of practicing does it take to see the improvements.

  3. Chris GFX says:

    It’s so difficult for me to sing low notes now … although higher notes is
    not strained anymore ….

  4. Gidget Migliaccio (Gidget1432) says:

    I Highly recommend Roger for private one on one lessons! I Loved my private
    lesson with him!!! I spent years practicing with other coaches who never
    picked up on my bad singing techniques that Roger corrected in one lesson.
    Thank you Roger! I will be taking more lessons from you…

  5. Alex Kendz says:

    I have low voice kind a deep for a female, I always wanted to sing high
    notes but I can’t I always mess up 😕

  6. Abram Porras says:

    i sing good but i suck at high notes like example i sing bruno mars when i
    was your man i cant sing the high part where he sings the three oooous and
    johnl egend all of me high parts

  7. Isaac Hutto (Ike) says:

    thank you Roger, your video’s have helped me a lot! Now I can hit notes
    that I thought were impossible for me!

  8. MAKEUP BY RAEL says:

    you’re so funny, i love you all the way from Kenya.
    do a video on VIBRATO its been hard for me to do that. sometimes it comes
    and sometimes it just doesnt

  9. Dayday Wagner says:

    These videos are great but im still struggling with an A on an “ah” sound.
    but i have improved. .,.

  10. BRUNO LIGHTS says:

    my voice is low,but i want to sing brunomars.we did not match genre..what
    is technique to get his voice and we match.thank you more power.JANJAN FROM

  11. Crystal Espinoza says:

    Wow, that helped a lot! :)

  12. KvNG AnDre says:

    what if im a base? my voice is really deep and i want to sing high notes

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