How to sing HIGH and POWERFUL like Chris Cornell (without belting!)

Discover all about How to sing HIGH and POWERFUL like Chris Cornell (without belting!) by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to sing HIGH and POWERFUL like Chris Cornell (without belting!).

1. No two voices are the same (don’t modify your vowels like anyone else!)
2. If you’re belting/yelling – you’re too wide
3. If your voice breaks/disappears – you’re too narrow

12 thoughts on “How to sing HIGH and POWERFUL like Chris Cornell (without belting!)

    1. Bohemian Vocal Studio says:

      Cheers C! Hope it’s all going well 🙂


    2. Truth will Prevail. says:

      Bohemian Vocal Studio it really is. I have alleviated tension from my jaw which was what was causing a lot of stamina issues, to the point where I couldn’t finish a song without immense throat fatigue. I can now do a 30 minute setlist containing songs that sit well into the Ab-Bb 4 area, something I would never have dreamed of doing just months ago.


    3. Bohemian Vocal Studio says:

      Amazing – that’s what I like to hear 🙂

      All the best,


  1. Андрей Чащин says:

    It’s not high. Maybe because i’m tenor, and it not high to me. G4-A4 it’s hard for me, it’s my bridge maybe,
    transitional notes, because sing high than A4 easier for me than G4-A4

    1. Bohemian Vocal Studio says:

      Perhaps what you mean is “it’s easy for me to sing this high” rather than “it’s not high” – even as a Tenor, a D5 is classed as your higher range.

      Can you connect through your full range? Also, is it in your full voice, or a ‘heady’ tone? If you’re not connecting, then you’re not singing this range properly.

      Tenors often over-narrow through this difficult passage in their voice, leading to a disconnect, then ‘squeezed’ high notes around this range – I suggest starting a little lower and working out the reason for your troubles in your middle area (perhaps mix voice is lacking, your vowels are getting mangled, perhaps you’re belting – these, among other issues will cause this).

      All the best,


    2. Андрей Чащин says:

      I was talking about the verse, not about that high part. Verse not high

    3. Андрей Чащин says:

      and I can sing a high part in light mix, head mix

    4. Андрей Чащин says:

      something like you do it in this video

  2. Caio Matthaus says:

    I was really expecting for a lesson about Chris! You have a big fan on Brazil, haha. Keep it going, man! And if you accept a suggestion, why don’t you analyse Richie Kotzen’s voice? m/

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