How to Sing Hey Jude Beatles Vocal Harmony Tutorial Lesson

Discover all about How to Sing Hey Jude Beatles Vocal Harmony Tutorial Lesson by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing Hey Jude Beatles Vocal Harmony Tutorial Lesson.

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– =-_SHARE_-= Learn how to sing Hey Jude by The Beatles vocal harmony harmonies. In this video lesson Galeazzo Frudua explains all Hey Jude Beatles harmonies breakdown with his band mates of Vergas, enjoy!

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41 thoughts on “How to Sing Hey Jude Beatles Vocal Harmony Tutorial Lesson

  1. scalectric says:

    I think your videos are great but on this one particularly I believe The
    Beatles sang the harmonies in a more “Closed Way” , more “Head Voice”
    which gave them a smoother sound and better blending, the difficult thing
    is to sustain those mid and high notes in a relaxed way without them moving
    or going flat, I believe the italians say “Apperto Ma Copperto”, is that
    right? Haha Thanks for your dedication and sharing! Cheers from Argentina

  2. Falak Chhaya says:

    Exactly what I wanted… Thank you guys :)

  3. Ian PerLop says:

    You should do a Lovely Rita vocal harmony breakdown. Thanks for your
    videos, Greetings from Mexico

  4. Newman MMUah says:

    you the best needing your help

  5. Gerard Williams says:

    @The Beatles Vocal Harmony -Another great job — you guys are the BEST!

  6. Mike Soto says:

    That was really cool. I not a singer I just learned a lot from watching
    your videos. Please do a “How to really play” version for Don’t let me
    down for Guitar.

  7. Daniel Cochin says:

    Growing up with this I had never realized the beautiful complexity – simple
    complexity (I know, I know, oxymoron) – of the Fab Four.

    You TOO are fabulous! Grazie!!

  8. Jan Whitmore says:

    Not only are you singing fabulous Beatles songs, but you are all four
    fantastic talented singers. Such a pleasure listening!!

  9. Mike Honcho says:

    This guys super enthusiastic. Good for him.

  10. dyerlouis says:

    Thaks Verry good and fun Really thanks Regards from Perú

  11. Man you guys are awesome singers!!!

  12. A “Angieslindmusic” Slind says:

    I love you guys!!!! KISS from Canada. ps – I sent this video to my band
    mates so they could learn their backup vox parts.

  13. you guys are amazing talented and funny 😀
    so like it..

  14. Alfonso García-Valdecasas says:

    Could you please do The kids are alright by The Who?

  15. Laura Brambilla says:

    Grandissimi! io faccio sicuramente John

  16. fixserfer says:

    espectacular talent of you guys!!! incredible. a big greeting for you from

  17. Kamijo Rajagukguk says:

    ouh…what a fucking awsome u guys, very nice

  18. Langit Biru Production says:

    nice vocal sir
    by the way
    i’m from indonesia

  19. Marty McFly says:

    Well done guys, greetings from Russia

  20. marcusduck says:

    You forgot the “F*cken hell” part haahah

  21. Luis Herrera says:

    Greats!!!! saludos desde Chile!!!

  22. Cockney Rebel says:

    You guys are amazing. Please could you make a vocal harmony tutorial video
    for ‘Son of my Father’ by Chicory Tip? Much obliged. Peace and love.

  23. James Keaveney says:

    Just amazing….how do you do that??!

  24. Elarra Lae says:

    This was so beautiful, thank you! <3

  25. Dude Dudely says:

    I can’t tell you how useful your videos are. My Instrument Ensemble class
    is performing this as the big finale for our concert this month and this
    song has helped me alot with figuring out harmony vocals. Thank you for
    this video!

  26. Ryan Phelan says:

    This and the “Hey Jude” Piano tutorial are amazing! You guys rock!!

  27. robert hancock says:

    great harmony! you seem so honestly devoted to the beatles. keep doing,
    what your’re doing, you rock!!!

  28. jmoakley1 says:

    Awesome job. Where are you guys from?

  29. Payton Barker says:

    Traditional voice lessons are great-if you can afford them.

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