How to Sing Healthy Evynne Hollens - How to Sing Healthy - Evynne Hollens

How to Sing Healthy – Evynne Hollens

How to Sing Healthy – Evynne Hollens - Discover all about How to Sing Healthy – Evynne Hollens by reading the article below. If you want to know more about How to Sing Healthy – Evynne Hollens and learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing Healthy – Evynne Hollens.

Here are some good tips for how to maintain a healthy singing voice!
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Please leave Q’s or comments below! Any other tips I didn’t mention?! Would love to see your thoughts below.

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40 thoughts on “How to Sing Healthy – Evynne Hollens”

  1. I’m actually really confused: is talking in your upper register healthy? I
    always heard that I abuse my voice by talking a little higher than I should

  2. Hi! Love your videos! They’re really helpful! I was wondering if you could
    do a video about how to position your tongue while singing? That’s
    something I struggle with, specially on those high notes, doing an “eee”
    sound, I feel like my tongue wants to go up and ends up blocking the sound
    and I can’t sing those notes. For “oh” and “ah” it’s easier, but I can
    never do the “ee” sound on the high notes because of my tongue. Thanks a
    lot!! Love bye <3

  3. Congratulations on your personal/professional experience in the show! Hope
    you had a great time, and love that you’re taking the time to do these
    videos to help aspiring singers :)

  4. Very great advice! I know I don’t drink enough water or sleep enough. I can
    definitely tell when I don’t drink enough when I sing at church on Sundays.
    Is Herbal tea good for the throat?I try to stay away from green tea since
    it does have caffeine in it. also do you think singing for 5 hrs is to
    strenuous? I’m not singing every minute of every hour but I can tell by the
    last hour my chest voice notes are not all there and my mix voice notes are
    breaking… I love your voice 🙂 can’t wait to see your Disney melody!!!!

  5. I love your videos sooo much! They help me in so many ways, and I’m
    actually preparing for a VERY important audition today. I wish I could take
    real vocal lessons with you haha and I was wondering if you could do
    another video on mixed voice and more exercises to strengthen your mixed
    voice??? You’re the best :)

  6. Great tips. I didn’t realize that caffeine can effect your throat. That
    I love you’re videos! thank you 🙂

  7. I am currently in the midst of rehearsal for a vocally demanding musical so
    this advice is fabulous! Thank you for posting!!!

  8. This was such a great video as always!:) I love all of your tips and
    lessons! They have really helped me to vocalize almost every day! It’s
    amazing how much my voice has improved over a period of time just by using
    what you’ve taught! You and Peter have such incredible talent and I can’t
    wait for your next video!:)

  9. This might be completely out of the ballpark, if you will, but I figure
    it’s worth a shot. Even though I only had training when I was young and was
    a casual singer, really, I let it slip away when I started experiencing
    various sinus issues. A few years ago I ruptured an eardrum and while my
    hearing returned as far as I can tell, I feel like that gave my musical ear
    a good swift kick. I was wondering if you had any tips for regaining your
    range/pitch or perhaps performing when you’re ill?

  10. These videos have been super helpful for me trying to get back into music
    and the performing arts! Staying hydrated, getting enough rest (including
    vocal rest) and finding time to exercise are kind of tricky things for me
    to do. The place I call home right now tends to have really dry air,
    especially in the wintertime, so I have to be extra conscientious about
    drinking enough water. Also, between juggling my day job and grad school,
    having the time and energy even just for a walk can be a bit difficult to
    manage every day. However, I just joined a new choir a few weeks ago, and
    I’m trying to take myself seriously as a singer. So if I have to put more
    time and energy into making sure my voice and I are in good shape, I’ll
    find a way to do it.

  11. Omg for some reason you looked like Shakira in this video! Especially from
    certain angles! Like if you took a picture of her and you and put it side
    by side.

  12. Hey Evynne, I’m doing a Broadway talent show and I’m singing a pretty
    vocally demanding song, (don’t cry for me Argentina) any tips? Thank you so
    much your so amazing and I love your voice and channel!

  13. How to heal a strained voice
    How to avoid “pushing” on your voice (and recover from it)
    How to breathe in a “grounded” way
    How to properly use falsetto
    also, why do girls have a “head voice” and guys a “falsetto” when, to my
    understanding, guys have large vocal boxes. (I’m probably wrong) and what
    is the difference between the two?

  14. Hi Evynne,
    I love watching your singing tutorials! You back up practically everything
    my teacher tells me and it is so handy to be able to look up your videos if
    I need a quick reminder of how to do something. Thank you!! Alicia (in

  15. These videos always make me happy:) Is there any chance you could talk
    about “making” a career in music? Advice for teaching private students? I’m
    a Vocal Performance major and I was curious about everyone’s thoughts. I’m
    a bit nervous about graduating and making a living:P

  16. Hey Mrs. Hollens- I am a girl who has been a choir nerd all her life and
    recently took a few voice lessons but had to quit because of financial
    issues. I’m seriously considering solo performing as something I could do
    in the future. Here’s the thing I need help with, or would love to have a
    lesson on; in those few voice lessons, we worked on straight toning notes
    but I’m still really struggling with that, especially in my high head voice
    and lower register. What are some things you can suggest that will help
    work on that? Thanks!

  17. Okay, so I’m new here, but I’m obsessed. You’re so amazingly talented and
    helpful, and the Last Five Years is easily one of my top favorite musicals.
    I love you.

  18. Hello Evynne! I was wondering if you would possibly consider making a video
    on how to do vibrato when singing?

  19. hello!!!I really like your videos and I was wondering if you could do a
    video about when singers lose their singing voice because of traumatic
    circumstances and how to get back,maybe you have some tips?? <3

  20. My school did into the woods and I got a lead role, the weekend before the
    show i ended up getting laryngitis from a cold. ;-; luckily the total vocal
    rest and using a gargle of vinegar and some salt with a small splash of
    water to help dilute it a small amount and lots of green tea! Literally
    saved my voice, i think i did strain my voice but yeah all of these are
    super helpful. As a choir member these are totally important to keep in
    mind and use like legit.

  21. Is this ever so helpful! Thank you! Any tips for a natural female tenor?
    (My natural range is about C3-C5) It’s a bit hard to run through the head
    voice practices. I seem to be constantly straining my voice. Hoping to
    improve my vocal range though.

  22. thank you so much for the Tips! they have been so so so helpful for my and
    my development as a singer! 🙂
    i’m so sorry for my english! actually.. i’m fron Argentina. So..yeah 😘

  23. What do you do if you’re sick and you have to sing? I love your videos!!😍
    It helps me a lot with my singing

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