How To Sing Harmony Vocals – Picking The Right Note

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How to pick the right note to sing for your vocal harmony.

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The best way to approach vocal harmony is to get really simple. You don’t have to copy the melody line but just sing it up or down a third.

Instead, try to pick one note that sounds good with the melody line and stick to that note until you have to change it.

When you hear a clash, just move that note up or down a tone or semitone and it should work.

The other thing to consider when singing vocal harmony is to sing less notes overall compared to the melody line. Just because they are singing crotchets, doesn’t mean you need to.

You can just sing one long note below their melody line and it will sound better this way. Simple vocal harmony sounds better! 🙂



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7 thoughts on “How To Sing Harmony Vocals – Picking The Right Note


    you make it easy. thanks!! and you’re looking good!!

  2. Unrelated..but I love your top..also..very informative. TQ.

  3. Brenton Coates says:

    So are you saying to hold one “ahhhhhh” or “oooooooo” notes? Or singing the
    actually lyrics along with the melody with one note?

  4. Eyal Oged says:

    Thank you that’s really helpful!

  5. Mick Johnson says:

    That is the best harmony advice I’ve ever received. Very generous of a
    professional singing teacher to share something for free that makes harmony
    singing so much simpler. I really appreciate it.

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