How To Sing Harmony – Vocal Tips For Singing Harmonies

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How To Sing Harmony Lesson Review

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40 thoughts on “How To Sing Harmony – Vocal Tips For Singing Harmonies

  1. Well… you explained what is a harmonie, but you don’t learn HOW TO !! >< you don't even show... --''

  2. StarzSingerz says:

    no,your,you’re is you are,you are ”so” is flat??its your ”so” is flat.

  3. StarzSingerz says:

    i totally agree,what i do is try using your hand,firstly try shouting,then
    try singing while doing this,try doing ‘oooo’ sounds.Now calm down a
    bit,make sure the voice literally comes with alot and i mean ALOT of
    feeling,make sure you breath from your lungs and try singing a few
    phrases,this trick may work for some people,for some others it might not

  4. Felicia James says:

    You don’t even teach us anything!

  5. Rodrigo Schramm says:

    “I hope that’s helpful for you” Feedback: It didn’t help. At all. You just
    explained what harmony is, and told us to listen to songs and try to
    imitate it.

  6. MrLaddington says:

    I just sing harmony. I know what notes sound good with the melody

  7. Alex Dingess says:


  8. Brittney FTaylor says:

    Nice! get more beat making lesson ->bit.ly167YznB

  9. This should be called “how to lose 3 minutes of your life” because besides
    your cool hair style and tatoos, there’s NOTHING in this video but blabla.
    Singing is about learning by doing…

  10. Aj Salamino says:


  11. Aaron Rams says:

    you do it with your diaphram is kind of like wiggling it

  12. galaxypeagasis105 says:

    @Ajthejuggalo1 its a tip dumbass not a tutorial

  13. Deonte Etheridge says:

    lol I would have rather been rick rolled . You are dreadfully bad *In my
    Simon voice*

  14. Michelle Molinari says:

    You look like Criss Angel.. Just a thought.. :)

  15. erubielrock says:

    wasted time watching this. thumb down.

  16. LilMissSonshine says:

    more of an intro video, doesn’t go into any examples of singing harmony &
    poorly explains the theory of a chord/triad that would be helpful towards
    singing harmony. Great thought though on getting into the biz & building
    singing experience by singing backup harmonies

  17. jamforall says:

    thanks mate. you have command in your explanation. i love…really sir

  18. priyanka shakya says:

    want to know about
    tips on how to sing well try *Awsomic Singing Coach* ( search on google)?
    our brother in law recommended it decent


  19. ClaydelaDre DFranklin says:

    I do this as a studio voice. this is such a great description. i think my
    praise team at church will enjoy this.

  20. Travis Nichols says:

    Title: How to sing harmony. Content: What harmony is. Misleading title.

  21. Miguel Magana says:

    Thanks Bro!!! It helped a lot. Its a short video but explained a lot. It
    explained and answered my question! GOD BLESS MEIN!

  22. Ryan Guitar says:

    good stuff. the intuitive is definitely how i learned. it takes many years,
    in my opinion. put a cd in your car and first sing along with the main
    melody.. one you’ve got that, try creating your own harmonies

  23. Dion Le'Bish says:

    1:32 randomly sings bohemian rhapsody guitar solo

  24. joe kiernan says:

    Not really that informative at all.

  25. Erfüllt nicht die Erwartungen des Titels, kann man sich schenken.

  26. Princess Kris says:

    This video helped so much to learn how to find the harmony.

  27. Ken Kaneki says:

    Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else trying to find out
    tips on how to sing well try Grathaw Fast Sing Expert( search on google ) ?
    Ive heard some decent things about it and my m8 got excellent results with

  28. JHShoemaker says:

    Imagine that… A How To Sing video that has NO SINGING! Where were the
    examples? Saying “Oh, I just sang along and figured it out” doesn’t cut
    it! Utter waste of time!

  29. Jyotsna Biswal says:

    Thank a lot ,It helped a lot. Its a short video but explained a lot.

  30. jeffrey625625 says:

    no, i know what harmony is, and i know how to sing perfectly on key. i just
    need to know how i can avoid “jumping” into the melody as a bass or even
    the alto parts

  31. Why is that all these vocal videos are so shit and misleading?

  32. Ali Piracha says:

    That was a waste of 3 minutes

  33. Emma Mclaughlin says:

    If you want to learn how to sing well, it isn’t about perfectly reproducing the performance of another performer; it’s about putting your own spin on a song that fits your unique sound.

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