How to Sing Harmony Lesson: Harmonizing & Singing Tips

Discover all about How to Sing Harmony Lesson: Harmonizing & Singing Tips by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing Harmony Lesson: Harmonizing & Singing Tips.

Nashville vocal coach Susan Anders gives a singing lesson on how to sing harmony. More singing and harmonizing tips, info on Susan’s methods Harmony Singing by Ear and the Sing Harmonies iPhone app, as well as singing articles, downloads, books and CDs are on Susan’s web site.

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44 thoughts on “How to Sing Harmony Lesson: Harmonizing & Singing Tips

  1. Салих Лаврентьев says:

    Thank you very much! I always mess up when i try to go to the higher notes
    and this exersise is absolutely helpful) 

  2. Rose Aguilar says:

    Wow! I there had to be an easier way, finally! Thanks, I got it! :)

  3. layira van says:

    you remind me about my shef xD

  4. msktomson says:

    Good tip to let us practice singing while you play the chord. Let’s me
    focus on just the harmony.

  5. ALEX SETIA says:

    hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to learn about learn how to sing really
    well try Alkarno Quick Singer Alchemist (just google it ) ? Ive heard some
    decent things about it and my work buddy got cool success with it.

  6. Novitria Fajar Ilmayani says:

    nobody thought she looks like celine dion? D:

  7. Cathy Tusoy says:

    she was amazing! thanks a lot..

  8. Tovah Brandwein says:

    Omg. This helped so much. I needed to learn how to harmonize for choir

  9. Tom Veldhuizen says:

    Simple and very effective! THANK YOU!

  10. ThinlyCut90 says:

    Yay! I did it! This really simplified it for me. Thank you!

  11. Damian Parker says:

    i did it.thanks. so far, your video harmony vocals video works for me.
    other harmony vocals technique video on youtube dont gimme any lesson to be
    capable of conquering the harmony vocal.

  12. ruth manlongat says:

    what does it mean by 1/3 above the chord or something like that??

  13. Your awesome and you have a very nice voice too great video

  14. Modesty Lycan says:

    oh my goooodnesss!! thank you so much

  15. HAHAHA i failed so badly doing this. I’ll keep trying lol.

  16. this is so understandable and helpful!! thanks a lot for making this!! :~)

  17. copyrightinfridgemints :D says:

    If you can’t sing the high notes try going for a lower harmonization

  18. OMG thanks so much! Got it instantly, you are amazing :)

  19. Lauren Bridwell says:

    It took me a few tries but finally i realized…instead of thinking of it
    as “1,2,3” i just use the actual scale “do re mi”. It works better for me
    that way. That way i immediately recognize what notes i should be on. But
    thanks, this video was definitely helpful as an introduction to singing
    harmonies. It’s simple and quick. Some people try to make it more
    complicated than it needs to be…I’m seeing videos that are at least
    fourteen minutes long about how to sing harmony…Not worth my time.. Glad
    you have such a short and effective video here. Thanks again.

  20. Mikhael Besinga says:

    Very effective thanks a lot! For making it very simple! I wish i could be
    your student i want to learn more in vocals

  21. Bertika Hernandez says:

    OMG this is the first time someone explains it in a,way that is so easy to
    learn ….thank you sooooo much!!!!!!

  22. David Medina says:

    Ok i need help!! i know how to harmonize but dont know the theory of it 🙁
    I use a video collage app and iam able to sing like a quartet all by my
    self but i dont know the voice names and neither do i know how to implement
    a fith or sixth voice to harmonize with my four already harmonizing voices(
    bass is included that is like the only one i know) please link me to a
    video :(

  23. Spencer Tan says:

    hahahahaha my heart was smiling when I get it. 😀 THANK YOU

  24. Seashell Swirl says:

    I thought harmony was two notes above or two notes below the melody. ??

  25. Claire G. says:

    thank you so much! so helpful!!!

  26. Lily Little says:

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  27. Liliana Hess says:

    Learn find out how to tune your guitar and the best way to change chords.

  28. This has not only been very interesting, but also incredibly advantageous in understanding how my voice works and ensuring I mastered the foundations of singing before moving on to more challenging development.

  29. Jake Salas says:

    Our clients can purchase lessons in 30min and 60min durations, and can also keep the overall cost down by purchasing their lessons in bulk.

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