How to Sing Harmonies

Discover all about How to Sing Harmonies by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing Harmonies.

By request! This video on harmony singing is about part creation and execution. The idea here is this:

Sing along and get familiar with some of the different ways that harmonies can be created. As you get comfortable and confident, take off your right headphone (if you’re wearing headphones) and try singing along without the guide track.

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16 thoughts on “How to Sing Harmonies

  1. Avernus D O says:

    Jeff i just want to ask you something how do i sing well??

  2. Moulay Ahmed Alaoui Jweher says:

    Do a belting tutorial pleqse ?

  3. Aditya Shiv says:

    Yayyyyyy I’m so happy 😀 😀
    Finally :)

  4. Lada Pecha says:

    Thank you so much for this!! Was extremely helpful!:)

  5. jutinat trichalasin says:

    I want to know how to sing with dynamic voice but i don’t know what video
    can teach this problem.

  6. Jitske Trijntje says:

    Thank you for these notes in other to practice harmonisation, singingwise.
    Instantly I looked for still something else, but that is something you do
    on note-paper:
    find, chose the cords for a melody and/or fill the alt/tenor/base up with
    the notes fitting into the needed cord. Roman system needed: as to say how
    are the cords build up and used in the .. scale, basewise…

  7. JarabasusArabius says:

    This was incredibly helpful and a fun exorcise. Any way you can make more
    harmonizing videos?

  8. Jitske Trijntje says:

    Well done! Had something else in my mind….: pure harmonizing on paper.

  9. Luoyisi Shimisi says:

    This is fantastic!!! I used to do backing vocals a while back and felt
    quite comfortable doing that. It just came naturally to me. But now, as I
    am writing my own music and will be doing the lead vocals, I would like to
    incorporate backing vocals which i will be doing also. This really helps me
    to see how I can do this effectively without having to incorporate another
    person’s vocal for backing. Thanks a million!!!

  10. Keerthi Vasan says:

    Thanks for the Tutorial… doubts been cleared… Nice Way Of Presentation

  11. Amos Craig says:

    this was tricky but when you start to get it it sounds really cool!

  12. this is so good – many thanks – I have always ,since I’ve been a kid, been
    able to hear harmonies and sing them – but it can be a bit hit or miss at
    times and Im not sure why. I think these exercises will stabilize me –
    that’s the best way I can put it – thanks so much – blessings Anne

  13. awsome, this was so clear. loved it, may you be blessed with time to
    continue this work. I really loved this exercise.

  14. You also don’t want to imitate others when you learn how to sing.

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