how to sing ‘halo’ like Beyonce

Discover all about how to sing ‘halo’ like Beyonce by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here how to sing ‘halo’ like Beyonce.

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quick tips on how to sing ‘halo’

42 thoughts on “how to sing ‘halo’ like Beyonce

  1. Hi Dileesa, I’d like to ask you an opinion about Des’ree. To me her voice
    is amazing such a shame she disappeared! It came to my mind watching this
    ’cause actually Beyonce copied a great song of hers, “Kissing you” which
    was soundtrack to the movie “Romeo and Juliette”…think her vocals in
    there are just incredible!

  2. Thank you very much for your tips this really helped me out a lot I was
    singing it softly and by the time I got to halo it was like I strained my
    voice too much when I tried your technique it didn’t hurt and I pulled the
    notes off without any problems xxx

  3. To her its easy but beyonce has a really strong voice and so does she.Im
    trying my best to find my strong voice but im struggling.That is what i
    need help with and no one seems to be teaching that. NOT ONLY on youtube
    but also in the real world no matter how many classes i attend none of them
    teach me what im looking for. i think im good at singing its just those
    little cracks that ruin everything.I have a voice that can change from deep
    to high but i need more control when im singing songs like halo or
    impossible. PLZ MAKE A VID ON THAT.

  4. You are fantastic! I am going to follow you! This took me back to choir
    rehearsals! It’d be great if you were in Milwaukee or Charlotte!

  5. I think it is good to really analyze how singers approach songs. This can
    really clear up and confusion that untrained ears won’t be able to pick up

    I hadn’t really thought of Beyonce’s approach on this song as intense but
    I think you are actually right. I think too that low can be confused for
    weak or non-agressive. Thanks for taking out time to speak on this. It
    felt like I was going to a mini-musical lecture.

    Your voice sounded strong and confidant here. Keep sharing your knowledge
    with the world in a friendly manner like you do. It is being

  6. I have a very low voice, contralto. when I sing you demonstrations, it
    sounds like etta James singing it. is that okay?

  7. My singing is pretty awful, I try not to inflict it on people and I don’t like singing in public – especially hymns, you seem to be going along OK in your ‘comfort zone’ range then suddenly it’s all too high and you have to lower your voice a whole octave(?) to try to get back on track.

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