How to Sing from Your Diaphragm Properly: Pushing Down and Out | Singing Lessons

Discover all about How to Sing from Your Diaphragm Properly: Pushing Down and Out | Singing Lessons by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing from Your Diaphragm Properly: Pushing Down and Out | Singing Lessons.

Learn how to sing from your diaphragm properly by pushing down and out. I detail what that means, how to physically feel it, and how to apply it to vocalization. There will be several interactive exercises.


00:42 – Pushing down and out defined
01:31 – Puffing out the cheeks
03:15 – – Variable 1: Chest up vs. rounded upper back
04:30 – – Variable 2: Looking up vs. looking down
05:40 – – Variable 3: Anterior vs. posterior pelvic tilt
07:25 – – Putting it all together
08:23 – Push down and out without puffing cheeks
09:28 – Sustained push
10:17 – Explanation of MMMM
10:55 – MMMM with push
12:05 – MMMM on a slide
12:31 – EE
13:18 – Closing remarks

How to sing from the diaphragm:
Getting the back to expand:

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40 thoughts on “How to Sing from Your Diaphragm Properly: Pushing Down and Out | Singing Lessons

  1. amirun akmal says:

    When pushing down and out,does the stomach expands or contracts?

  2. maeshelll says:

    I have finally found a vocal coach that helped me connect with my
    instrument!! Thank you sooo much. After doing this exercise and the
    puffing cheeks, I found the connection with my diaphragm and I found my
    SPEAKING voice was more clearer and stronger. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I
    have a gig next month, and I feel more confident just from this and the
    other video. I am so grateful and relieved.

  3. maeshelll says:

    now I will say, that the burping was not my problem, it was burping from
    the other end!!! hahaaa. I’m sure I’m not the only one :)

  4. Nichole Turner says:

    I really enjoyed your video. I’ve read about and watched many breathing
    techniques but none of them helped me understand how to do it. Your video
    helped me understand how to breathe from the diaphragm and how to know if
    I’m doing it right. I really would love to learn how to be a singer that
    actually sounds good. Only experience I have is singing at home. Do you
    provide singing lessons for beginners.

  5. Rosannasfriend says:

    I need to refer to this video for the rest of my life. Thanks!


    Immensely helpful. My singing teacher used the “bowel movement”
    explanation, but I could never really grasp it. Now I finally understand it.
    Will practice this a lot. Thank you so much. Instantly subscribed!

  7. Elle Cinda says:

    I have recommend your channel to all my singing friends! I have been
    looking for clear explanations for all these things you have been covering
    in your video for years! I’ve been taking singing lessons for 10 years and
    not one has covered the subjects so thoroughly! Can’t wait to put these
    into practice for my grade 8 singing pieces! Thank you!!

  8. Marnell Sample says:

    +Elle Cinda Thank you so much! I am floored that these videos are helping
    you that much. I really appreciate you spreading the word! Thanks again!

  9. Shaquille says:

    Finally got my shit back its been a while . Thatnks big homie .

  10. Primož Vidovič says:

    I’m wondering how this advice relates to classical technique as laid out by
    Richard Miller. He seems quite opposed to any kind of pushing in the
    breathing mechanism, instead only ever prescribing that we should feel a
    slight activation of the muscles, and then retain the inspiratory position
    as long as comfortably possible. How would you negotiate your explanation
    with Miller’s?

  11. Bandstanding Mcgee says:

    Im enrolled in Eric Arcenauxs online course and he does have an entire
    section on this that ive watched every day waiting for the penny to drop.
    You explained the contraction on exhale in the first minute…. WHY do
    teachers focus so much on the diaphram!!!!?? The back seems to be the best
    indicator to know if youre supported? No wonder this is so confusing to
    beginners. Also you very calm and paced voice really helps information sink
    in. Fantastic teacher.

    Great job and thankyou! You should consider a donation link on your page so
    people can show their appreciation. Singing is quite a passion for alot of
    people and if you can genuinely help them im sure they would love to show
    their appreciation.

    edit: Also how much do you charge per skype lesson?

  12. Jacqui Ellison says:

    Thankyou Marnell! I’m actually a teacher myself and I’ve been really trying
    to find the most effective way of describing the singing sensation and I
    think I’ve finally just found it! In my own vocal journey I had a lot of
    trouble with understanding the support mechanisms and wish I’d come across
    this earlier, would have saved me years of unhealthy tension and vocal
    fatique problems. Thanks again!

  13. Ken Burns says:

    Hey I have a question I know how to sing from diagram now but my voice
    sounds bad any tips ???

  14. James Swain says:

    Thank you so much! You have no idea how much this has helped me!

  15. Awesome Guy says:

    Thanks for all your videos, they’re always informative. I was wondering if
    there are any books about singing that you found very useful and
    informative!? thanks!

  16. 梁悦信 says:

    Thanks for the video man! It helped me a lot in making me think about body
    posture, letting the air into my back when I breathe in and how it affects
    my singing! Thanks!

  17. Bernat Sacarès Simon says:

    Marnell, I comment to show my appreciation to your videos and also to ask
    if you could do some kind of video on voice types and if there are some
    tricks on how to strengthen each one. Is there a high note limit for each
    of them? Thank you :D

  18. Anthony Smith says:

    a big thank you. after over ten years of various teachers of the Classical
    style, i never once understood how to breathe. i read books and swapped
    teachers but no one described it as well and as step by gentle step as you

  19. Dibya Nemkul says:

    thank you from the bottom of my diaphragm 😀 . much better than my coach

  20. redheartro says:

    Absolutely great explanations! Congratulations! 5 stars video!

  21. trees sam says:

    Thank you for providing video, be harvested. However, if there are
    subtitles even more perfect.

  22. Evip pvip says:

    l think l never have comment eny video on YouTube. But you have shown me
    something that l never have used before, and its true all videos show how
    to breath whit diafragma, but not how to use it. l want to learn how to
    sing, and this has helped me so much!! l now feel the different and it
    sound so mutch better. have a lot to practice before sounding good. But you
    gave me more boost. l was actually thinking about giving up because l
    didn’t see progress. But this actually helped. thank you so much! Peace and
    love ✌👏☺

  23. ABD'ALLAH JAMANI says:

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. !
    Sir I remain in the correct singing posture, inhale properly, and fill up
    my lower back along with the medium expansion in side ribs and stomach.
    Am I doing all this correct? :)

  24. Misael V. says:

    This is awesome! you explained it so clearly and the practical examples you
    provided indeed work! question, is this a strenghtening exercise for
    support? because i already have good support, but ive never seen anyone
    explain it this way, and the result is that my support suddenly engaged
    much more! as well as i feel like i can gradually control it more which
    makes a ton of difference! just curious if its an actual exercise or just a
    kind of a lesson to “steer” us in the right direction? because it seems
    like a great exercise! to both awaken support and strenghthen!

  25. DrD's Vocal Jamboree says:

    Appoggio made simple! Nice!

  26. Victoria Hunter says:

    do you teach private lessons in skype?

  27. Micheal Fz says:

    i still don`t understand. Am i not suppose to let a single air out when

  28. jazzy cruz says:

    seriously for years and years i been tryi g to figure out how to sing from
    your diaphram, you made this incredibly easy and thank you soooooooo much ,
    ever since this video i have improved on my singing so much and i have sang
    notes i never thoughy i could , you inpired me to get better , thank you so
    much and please any other videos that you can make to help MAKE THEM YOUR
    AWESOME :)

  29. Hoi Chung Liu says:

    all of your videos are absolutely amazing! thank you so much :)

  30. Jordana Leigh says:

    hello. I am confused, because i was always taught to keep good posture
    (your shoulders back) when you sing, and this seems to contradict that. can
    you explain? thanks!

  31. marinojuresko says:

    How much does sitting affect the power of utilising the diaphragm,can you
    have just as much power as when standing up?

  32. Andre Booker says:

    How much do you charge for private skype lessons?

  33. Saint Clarity aka Casanova Brown says:

    Best Diaphragm excersie ever bro…Thank you…..

  34. Gabriel Morato says:

    Your videos are ridiculously good. Oh my. I’ve seen so many videos,
    classes.. this is the first time I actually understood this technique.
    Thank you so much! You are a very good teacher.

  35. 4MyENTERTAINMENTtv says:

    This was the simplest way I’ve ever seen this described!

  36. Kaela Mautz says:

    This video is talking about exhalation, right? I’m just confused as to why
    it’s called singing from your diaphragm when your diaphragm relaxes on
    exhalation, not contracts.

  37. Amy Shakir says:

    well honestly i clicked on your video while searching for vocal help cuz
    you look exactly like my one of my best friends, then I actually watched
    the video and I was like ommgggggg I was doing it wrong for yearrss then i
    kept going through one of your videos and another and another and doing
    what ur saying !! thank u seriously I cant thank u enough !! anddddd thank
    you again !!! i am now subscribed to you and I like how u included the
    whole solar plexis thing not many people even know what that is. I practice
    yoga and I care about energy flow through the body and the core of yoga is
    proper breathing so when you brought that up u just had me at that . thank
    u again for those amazing videos 🙂 wishing u such a blessed life for
    simply helping all of us singers out that ^_^

  38. mastermizbot says:

    Hey Marnell I have a question, in another video you say that the solar
    plexus should have some give to it to avoid throat tension, does that apply
    to this exercise?

  39. Teegan Westling says:

    This video has helped my harsh vocals considerably! Thank you very much!

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