How To SING From Diaphragm – EXPLAINED!

Discover all about How To SING From Diaphragm – EXPLAINED! by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How To SING From Diaphragm – EXPLAINED!.

How To SING From Diaphragm – EXPLAINED!
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Professional singer/songwriter David DiMuzio gives a free singing lesson for beginners & intermediate singers teaching proper DIAPHRAGMATIC SUPPORT, or what a lot of people call “singing from the diaphragm” …though technically you don’t sing “with” your diaphragm it is a very important part of the singing process. …the diaphragm is both a voluntary and involuntary muscle.

For more details on how to improve your vocal range; How to sing higher, how to sing longer, and how to sing with more power watch my other vocal lessons.


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43 thoughts on “How To SING From Diaphragm – EXPLAINED!

  1. Dave Koop says:

    You are so cute and tiny, a little tenorino. How tall are you? 5’4, 5’6?

  2. Deepti Naval says:

    Thanks for explaining everything so clearly.

  3. Deepti Naval says:

    You could add to this video an image of the diaphragm movement.

  4. MrAero164 says:

    about this technique, how long does it take to get used to it and breath
    from the diaphragm subconsciously?

  5. Carlos Diaz says:

    Good explain and view +daviddimuziolessons

  6. Show off! Haha. Just kidding. Thanks for the lesson.

  7. Javier Palavecino says:


  8. dazscrivo says:

    Brilliant explanation. The only decent one on YouTube.

  9. There are a few so-called singing teachers who should watch this. They
    throw around the phrase “use your diaphragm” but have absolutely no idea
    how it works or how to demonstrate it. I was fortunate to have a great
    teacher who implanted an image in my mind that has never left me and that
    was to imagine myself filling up like a big round barrel when you take a
    proper breath. This has served me very well particularly as I sing in a
    vocal harmony group and often sing classical music which at times demands
    super human breath control and legato phrasing. This is good stuff you are

  10. Brett Owen says:

    While breathing through the nose is an important life function, I have
    found it obstructive when it comes to my singing. I personally feel that
    breathing through my mouth during speaking and singing keeps my throat more
    open and relaxed, and I can fill my lungs much quicker than through the
    nose. Breathing through the nose, for me, seems to cause an uncomfortable
    pressure in my chest and there is a tendency to keep the jaw tight. Plus, I
    can breathe silently through my mouth while quickly filling my lungs.
    Trying to breathe silently through the nose takes way too long. Just my
    observations. I appreciate your videos.

  11. Camera Focuses says:

    while trying I farted

    just kidding

  12. Toni M'Leya says:

    Thank you so much! For years, I had no idea what people meant by “sing from
    your diaphragm.” This makes breathing so much easier for me when singing

  13. MrRicoLane says:

    exactly as I know it,, good work !

  14. Nick Richards says:

    wow, really helped me out.. thank u so much David, I should watch ur vids
    more often💯

  15. Damien Step says:

    go ahead you can take your pans off as well

  16. Damien Step says:

    i am just wondering is this sinign lesson or fitness work out ?maybe you
    chose wrong industry?

  17. Benedict Vergara says:

    Show us how to support our voice with our taint…

  18. how much workout did it take to get that six pack?

  19. thanks David, i really need this. God bless you

  20. laughfever says:

    Hey there! I’ve always wanted to improve my singing and I want to sing
    well! But the problem I have now is, even singing from diaphragm (stomach
    out and in), I still get the tensions on my neck/throat and I get thirsty
    after singing easily, and sometimes I kinda feel I over-sing and my throat
    feels really tired and really thirsty. Is there any possibility I did
    anything wrong? A reply from you will be much appreciated!

  21. This was really helpful. I now actually understand what it means to sing
    from the diaphragm and my singing got naturally stronger from this. I
    usually don’t struggle too much with long phrases but this also helped me
    to sing them without feeling so out of breath.
    You’re a really good teacher. Keep it up!

  22. Phong Phú Nguyễn says:

    hey guys, I still don’t understand about the feeling in the stomach. When I
    took a breath, I didn’t feel any things in the lower end of my stomach(
    above the groin), it does’t come out. But the upper area of my stomach
    really pushed out. And one more thing: I really really really can’t push my
    stomach down, when I kept my stomach firm and tight, and then I sang a
    note, I just felt that my stomach came in, not came down. Anybody out there
    has the same problem as my. Thank you, guys

  23. aarush rai says:

    i really want to learn singing but the problem is that i don’t know hw to
    breath and is which vocal course is really work and is everyone can sing or
    not is my voice made for singing i have lot if question to ask can you
    please mail me i want some advise from you please….

  24. Les Walking Dr. Musical Lover says:

    I was just wondering, when I breathed through my nose, I found that made it
    nearly impossible for me to keep my throat open. I was wondering in what
    circumstances you would breath through your nose

  25. Dancingdiva says:

    I don’t mind you not having a shirt on:) Thanks for the education on

  26. Vahid Firoozyar says:

    I just know now, that I have to go to the gym…OMG!

  27. Fluxington says:

    Damnit. Now I feel like shit cuz I ain’t got dem muscles.

  28. Jeremy Palmiano says:

    Thank you for sharing this! hope you share more of your knowledge about
    singinggreat job !

  29. it really helped me a lot tnx David!🎓🎓🎓🎓🎓🎓🎓🎓

  30. Nico Chisha says:

    Hello notes David. What notes are you singing your scale on, to land on the
    Ab and the A. I hear you are also lightening your voice as you ascend, is
    that to enable headvoice and mix?

  31. Santiago rodríguez says:

    Now I need to do exercise to built an athletic body if I want to be a sexy
    good singer on Broadway

  32. Elgan Erastus-Obilo says:

    “when your lungs fill up the diaphragm gets forced down by them” no, the
    lungs fill up as a result of the diaphragm going down lol. hard to explain
    heh but we learnt it at school using balloons and a jar

  33. Diego Alejandro Vargas says:

    Shut up and fuck me sexy thing.

  34. Ask people to listen to your singing and give advice and criticism.

  35. If you do opt for singing lessons younger kids, make sure they are enjoyable so that they do not lose interest.

  36. We could continue to sing slightly in private, but not so many of us proceed to sing publicly.

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