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  1. danielsntg84 says:

    Hey Ken, I absolutely love your tutorials and videos! Your channel has
    helped de-mystify singing for me, so I was wondering if you might be up for
    a challenge? Theres a singer by the name of Jesse Leach (lead singer of
    Killswitch Engage) and I was wondering if perhaps you could do a tutorial
    for all us metal heads in the style of Jesse Leach? Thanks and may God
    bless you!

  2. Leecarl Liwanag (lee26carl) says:

    nice one again. i sang still loving u by scorpion. i hit tye notes ok. but
    as the song go buy… i cant hit it anymore. im choked!!! i do your
    exercice. maybe i got a low pitch…

  3. knglerxst says:

    The second I saw the title I knew you were going to nail it. Your voice is
    perfect for this song.

  4. Notjo King says:

    Once again, a great tune plus your “bullet-proof” voice! It’s such a
    pleasure to listen to! Thanks Ken for doing these!

  5. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy says:

    Hey, I would really like to hear your comments on this video. What are your
    opinions on the best music and vocals in rock and pop history? Who are your
    all-time favorite vocalists and bands? What would you say or be willing to
    do if you could sing with that kind of power or conviction, or emotion?
    Whose style do you want to hear me show you a little bit about next? I’m
    here for your comments and suggestions… and please remember to SHARE on
    your facebook and Google Plus, and please LIKE if you like this video!

  6. Nonya Bidness says:

    I am no longer surprised when you nail a song, Ken. Fantastic and thank

  7. rift0tripper says:

    Is the echo you hear on the mic an effect or just the room?

  8. Nice vid Ken. Paul Rodgers sounds as good today as he did in the early Free
    recordings – he must have been doing everything right with his voice to
    keep it so healthy. Does anyone know if he had vocal coaching early on? It
    would be pretty annoying if what he has came without any guidance at all…

  9. Anthony Ramos says:

    Still waiting on the cover for Ben Burnley ‘ s music

  10. marty robbins says:

    As usual, outstanding. Good grief, to sing Paul Rodgers and nail it is the
    equivalent of hopping on a surf board for the first time and perfectly
    surfing the pipeline in Hawaii.

  11. nikos aggourovits says:

    i would like to make a request. if you could to sing losing you by dream
    evil, this is a great song and emotional please let me know. you could make
    me happy if you sing this masterpiece hahahah im sending my regards to you
    and gabriela!! im waiting

  12. Lewis Barnes says:

    Thank you for doing Paul Rodgers. He’s such a brilliant singer and as
    always you did a great job :-)

  13. Christopher Becker says:

    m/ Ken tears it up on every different track he demonstrates its always a
    pleasure to watch and learn all the things he has to share as well as
    listening to his voice soar through each song. I’ve always been a huge Jeff
    Scott Soto fan think that be kool to demonstrate to others out there Ken

  14. Curtis Puetz says:

    Hi Ken. I’ve loved listening to you and your music since the very first
    Shout album way back when. To me, you are one of the great rock voices,
    albeit one that most people have not had the good blessing to discover.

    The only other voice I can’t get enough of is the late, great Freddie
    Mercury. I didn’t go back to your past work to check if you’ve done any
    Queen, but its always a good choice in my book. A song like Hammer To Fall
    would be a great one to see and hear from you.

    Brad Delp from Boston is a worthy one as well, but doesn’t have as much
    nuance as Freddie.

    Thanks for continuing to promote your Academy in this way; it is a
    wonderful way to show that you know what you are doing.

    Rock on Ken!

  15. Hi Ken….. I can hear but I cannot sing with out the lyrics. There were
    captions while you weretalking before singing. But, when you started
    singing, the captions or lyrics was not there for us to sing with you. How
    could you engage the viewers or your students to practice with you? Its
    frustrating for me (a KTVA student) not to be able to copy your singing
    talent or get close to it. I hope that you will reconsider. Thanks Ed

  16. Estee Humphrey says:

    OMG dude I’m dying for you go on the voice. please I’m praying you do. just
    do it man please. And it would be awesome if you uploaded some Aerosmith.

  17. Lisa Moore says:

    Ken I love You !! I am new to offering vocal tuition and your
    demonstrations and performance are a total inspiration. They make me
    realise I have a long way to go…:0) There is an extremely talented
    singer called Conor Mason who sings in a british Alt rock band called
    Nothing But Thieves . The band are probably a bit obscure but he is
    reminiscent of Jeff Buckley at times. My favourite vocalists of all
    time are Tina Turner , Shirley Bassey, David Bowie, Wilson Pickett, Marvin
    Gaye , Jeff Buckley and Robert Plant . I do like some of the modern pop
    singers like Sam Smith but whilst he is pretty much tonally perfect I
    do like voices which have grit, soul and character.

  18. Marco Olivera says:

    Would love to hear you sing Hotel California by Eagles!

  19. DO SYMPHONY OF DESTRUCTION BY MEGADETH !!! Dave has one of the most unique
    voices of the whole genre

  20. Sid Barret says:

    U sing a lot of songs me mom likes but (she say ) better, ha I love ur
    vids. U singing is so grand yes oui . I like cimorelli so maybe? please.
    Love; sid…… :D

  21. JOHN KUHN MUSIC says:

    Fine Job Ken !…Its CRRRAZY that your tutorializing THIS particular tune
    at this time. Im currently woodsheddin this tune to death applying
    techniques your teaching in the “sing better for guys” series… I had
    takin this tune off my active list becuase I could never get the 2
    different vocal timbres to work together dynamically…The one thing you
    said, thats helped me more than anything, (thus far)…is the doctor lookin
    down your throat and having to say AAAHHH… I get power from the gut I
    didnt even know I had..LOL..This video is a perfect illustration of those 2
    contrasting timbres’ in action…Thanks so much!!!

  22. Tim Anderson says:

    Head East “Dance Away Lover” one of their few ballads, but Schlitts voice
    rocked. It had no radio play to my knowledge but still a great one.

  23. David Snow says:

    Very cool . nice range in the vocals . If you put out a cover album / CD I
    would get it . with you singing different songs and different styles and
    range .
    I like Paul Stanley , Mark Slaughter , Sebastian Bach , Joel Walsh ,
    Blackie Lawless , David Coverdale , and a lot more . They all have a
    different style that they use .

  24. Dude! Your voice is kick ass! LOL!As well as taking lessons, I watch
    YouTube vids to remind myself of simple technique, breathing, how to hit
    certain notes…etc.Thanks so much for these-I’ve been on a Billy Joel kick
    lately and practicing his body of work is not easy so it’s awesome to have
    vids like this to sort of set me on the right path.Ultimately, I wanna
    sound good enough for Karaoke parties and films (I act in my own short
    films..hehehe.) and I’d love to ‘do my own singing’ and not have to rely on
    someone else. Have a good one! Again-thanks so much! 🙂 Subscribed!

  25. SuperstarX says:

    You did a great job, Ken. This is my favorite Paul Rodgers song.

  26. VIDEOHEREBOB says:

    One of mine too Ken, no question, a major influence on me. He’s a perfect
    example of a singer without the stratosheric high notes.

  27. Tim Anderson says:

    Taking a song from beginning to end flawlessly. I am convinced Ken could
    cut an album in a day.

  28. glycerine_queen says:

    Aahh, I love Paul Rodgers voice. I love to cover Bad Company songs, but not
    too sure if I was giving it justice. Typed you in, and long behold you have
    a How To video on him. Yay! Thanks!

  29. Ken, first I like to thank you for your channel and for your set list, that
    really matter to me. This video it’s fantastic, personally I’m a Dentist,
    so I sing only for fun, this one a lot! My girlfriend sings, and she takes
    classes here in Porto Alegre, Brazil’s south. She had tried to sing
    Barracuda from Heart, and end up with a very sore throat. My bad for show
    that to her. I like to propose a video with this tune and I know that it’s
    a hard one. But, like you say, the proof is that can be done! Thanks in
    advance and keep the good work and music. Jack

  30. B Kishalicous says:

    Just signed up, can’t wait to start up!

  31. Bobcat Stillwell says:

    Great job Ken! You captured that Paul Rodgers soulful sound. I am about
    ready to sign on to your course.

  32. Michael Phelan says:

    Would you consider a focused lesson on “sweet” singing and raised larynx
    position, using the pre-British Invasion singers as examples? Johnny
    Mathis, Gene Pitney and Bobby Vinton all inspire me. Keep up the great work
    with Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy.

  33. paul vonk says:

    Hey Ken ,that was spot on. way to go Ken.awesome.

  34. LauraInCali says:

    Hi Ken! David Bowie! I was lucky to see him live at the Forum and 83 US
    festival. Grew up in H.B. 🙂 Anyway, if you get a chance take a listen with
    headphones lol. I get goosebumps when he belts it out. I know that’s what I
    want you to cover, because i’ve never been so broken hearted over any
    artists passing and his way of singing is unique.
    Please dont take offence to the lyrics, but
    that arrangement is what I want you to hear. BTW, Paul Rogers is one of the

  35. thelonegroover says:

    Great job Ken! Being from the UK (and of a certain age) I would be
    interested if you have ever heard of Danny Bowes from Thunder. He is a
    great rock/blues singer who also attributes Paul Rodgers as one of his
    major influences. Keep up the good work, Cheers, John.

  36. Eric Mark says:

    IMHO Paul is The BEST rock vocalist ever (ok Freddy Mercury was impressive
    too but I like Paul’s style better).. Just saw him a few months ago and it
    seems he hasn’t lost anything vocally. A spot on cover of this song Ken,
    really impressive. I have your course but I’m having trouble getting
    started with it. Would you have any suggestions? As far as favorite
    vocalists, what about Elton John in the 70’s? Take Me To The Pilot, Madman
    Across The Water, Rocket Man, Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me, Goodbye
    Yellow Brick Road, any of them.

  37. Felipe Gabriel Arend says:

    It’s a great song and your version is amazing. I am following you for some
    time, thank you for videos like this one.

  38. rockstarvampify says:

    Ken, did you get a copyright notification for doing this song by a company
    called orchard music claiming the hit crew owns this song? I did and this
    is not coming from Bad Company, it is coming from somebody who covered the
    song themselves. Just checking because I don’t think this orchard music
    owns any rights to this song. Thanks for the great lesson, it helped me do
    my cover version. I am going to purchase your system just from watching

  39. al pacino says:

    I notice your tongue is always in a unique position??? does that help???

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