How To Sing – Fastest Way To Learn How To Sing Part 1 – Breathing

Discover all about How To Sing – Fastest Way To Learn How To Sing Part 1 – Breathing by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How To Sing – Fastest Way To Learn How To Sing Part 1 – Breathing.

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42 thoughts on “How To Sing – Fastest Way To Learn How To Sing Part 1 – Breathing

  1. autitToGo says:

    Brett! You did a lot of this at 1:20 when you were a joung guy, didn’t you?
    😉 ahahah! Jokes apart, thanx for your great tutorials, I like a lot how
    you explain. Great job! Bye!

  2. Brian Gonzalez says:

    Does anyone else laugh watching him breathe??

  3. Chathuranga Gunathilaka says:

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    Madness, but then they saw the results. Do a search on google for Morsch
    Muscle Madness to see their reaction.

  4. I yawned when i saw that you yawned from reading that he yawned when he
    yawned :O

  5. 0101 0101 says:

    am I supposed to be getting dizzy?

  6. Tingi Wang says:

    OMGOSH your profile pic scared me. I seriously thought that there is a
    spider on my computer screen:o

  7. Svencore24 says:

    After I do some of these breathing exercises I experience a better voice
    but tightness in the chest. Is this an indication of something like asthma?
    Or am I just not used to it?

  8. Misael V. says:

    Yea it happens cause your not controlling the air if you dont have a strong
    support from your diaphram your breathing will be limited and as you let it
    out it will feel like your a ballon getting empty.

  9. TheBearfootKnight says:

    Yup, you’re doing it right.

  10. Lewis Greyson says:

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    Muscle Method. They can guide you and help you get the body you deserve.

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    to find out.

  12. Tristan Ho says:

    I read that you yawned and I yawned._.

  13. DaShollaBolla says:

    when i do the hissing thing i hardly reach 30 seconds because it feels like
    drowning and i get the reflex to catch new breath. Is that normal?

  14. Amugami Rhykin says:

    How long do you do each of these for?

  15. Regan Gillespie says:

    Why do you assume that people only want to extend their upper range?

  16. Callum Rickard says:

    I yawned, when I read, that you yawned when you read that Enrique yawned
    when Brett yawned.

  17. i have a question please reply!! you have helped me with so much with
    singing!! is cold or warm/ hot water better to drink. hot waters like steam
    and when were in the shower it makes us sing better. wouldnt it be better
    to drink warm water? btw ur incredible! and i have problems with the
    swallowing do u have tips on how to not swallow so much i swallow 24/7
    cause my throughts so moist

  18. Fallon Jadoonanan Maharaj says:

    I really dont know how to sing…… can you help me please

  19. DMV Shoe head (sneaker dmv) says:

    I wanna know to sing 

  20. Some1whoWatches says:

    how often are we suppose to do this

  21. Shaian Skate says:

    someone knows what tune voice have ed sheeran?

  22. Brad Minton says:

    I got Brett’s program and it really is awesome. Helped tremendously (when
    you stick with it!) But I’m a little concerned about Brett. If you watch
    his early videos he’s much more animated and entertaining. He looks like
    he’s half dead now a days. Is he recording these at 3am or something?

  23. Nourhan Ja'afreh says:

    Is it true that if you want to have a great sining voice you sholud start
    from ayoung age ? And if you start learning how to sing at the age of 20 it
    wont work out and if so should i give up on learning how to sing ?
    Please answer me as soon as you can 

  24. Hậu Nguyễn says:

    please! I can’t read English. Who can write a sub for me? :((

  25. Shootout Guitar Cables UK says:

    I love the ‘s’ exercise… reckon that’s a great one for passing out!

  26. Ayan Saha says:

    Brett…ur explanations are just awesome…it gives so much life to these
    exercises..God Bless You :-)

  27. John Miguel Alcaide says:

    I yawned after you yawned. What the heck.

  28. Dan Stevens says:

    Cool, thank you! I’m wanting to sing, and i’ve been doing the deep
    breathing and diaphram exercises for over 10 years.. without even knowing
    it lol… just got the passion to sing, recently… as of 4 months ago.
    Without trying, i’ve been doing opera with my training lol! Had no idea,
    until some people told me that it’s opera. Singing has helped immensely
    with my daily suffering from PTSD/depression. It surely is a blessing from

  29. Dan Stevens says:

    I yawn and do rapid breathing at the same time lol!

  30. Andrew Villa says:

    Wow. Just count to 30 and i’m good?

  31. alex de wilde says:

    Amazing man thanks so match befor this base I had no idea were to build
    from and couldn’t keep a tone for more than 2sec. Know I sound a lot better
    with my guitar playing… Keep up helping people!!!

  32. For those of you eyeing up a crossover career, it’s possible you’ll be interested to note that Kim has labored as a backing singer for none aside from Susan Boyle.

  33. Singers learn how to use their voice to its fullest potential while singing without strain or excessive effort.

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