How To Sing – Fastest Way To Learn How To Sing Better Part 2 – Easy Tone

Discover all about How To Sing – Fastest Way To Learn How To Sing Better Part 2 – Easy Tone by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How To Sing – Fastest Way To Learn How To Sing Better Part 2 – Easy Tone.

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40 thoughts on “How To Sing – Fastest Way To Learn How To Sing Better Part 2 – Easy Tone

  1. Katiee♥Panda says:

    I totally get it: HM HM HM HM HM! I find it so annoying especially from
    Rigby. (My brother watches it all the time but I hate it.)

  2. Tania Flores says:

    Whats a singing bridge? Sorry I’m new to this haha

  3. flufleybunnyNfriends says:

    Hey! Sorry, i usually dont do this, but if you want,check out my channel, i
    did a cover on Christina Perri’s jar of hearts and im a new singer (ive
    taken a few voice lessons but im just starting) and give me your honest
    opinion.thanks 🙂

  4. reggiegroove says:

    WHAT WITCHCRAFT IS THIS???? It connected!

  5. xMiyazakiAkira says:

    The addam’s apple should sit still and should not move up or down while
    warming up or singing

  6. Dotesmygoats says:

    it’s cool to see somebody practice who knows what they are doing haha. Idk
    why it just is

  7. dansk björn says:

    I find it easy to sing higher notes in headvoice,, but around the passagio
    where I need to sing in mixed mode can be difficult,, if I start in chest
    and go up I tend to go a bit to high before I switch to mix and headvoice,,
    if I start in a high note headvoice and go down I tend to stay in headvoice
    very long before I switch to pure chest voice,, I really need to get the
    passigio worked out as I am atrue deep baritone aiming to sing high notes
    without strain..

  8. Hey. I have a problem. I’m 29, and my voice is frequently cracking. Even
    when I talk. I’ve taken sporadic singing lessons, and right now I’m
    studying musicology, where I also receive lessons, but I cannot seem to get
    rid of it… Any advice?

  9. The transcrip is just hilarious!!! 😉 ..”bruno was you’re making that easy
    town”… LOL you’re amazing like always Brett Thanks!!

  10. plugthemike says:

    I sound like a retard in my room.

  11. David Eck says:

    I was humming and harmonizing with him.. It twas beautiful.

  12. the funny thing about it, is that 9 persons gave like to his comment xDD

  13. Cusco Othriyas says:

    ….. My bridge is in half…

  14. LRGskater47 says:

    hey man, what do you mean by “it should connect your voice”?

  15. IntrospectiveGalaxy says:

    He looks like Jeff Winger from Community.

  16. Mitchellzastey says:

    hey brett! i thought a good free lesson would be to cover how much patience
    it takes. I know youve covered this extensively but i know for me
    understanding mix didnt happen until i actually felt something different
    inside my voice. The words and terminology didnt click until i felt it all
    . I guess thats one main difficulty in teaching only through videos and not
    having that other dimension.

  17. Samantha Condes says:

    Thanks for the videos helps alot

  18. krista hynes says:

    I actually suck at singing. Is there a way to get better?

  19. killlller12 says:

    I sound like a dunkey when I change from chest to head voice… 🙁

  20. darkassasin6 says:

    lol i cant omg that was funny they are the same person

  21. Phillip KBishop says:

    This is amazing! learn to make beat ->bit.ly167YznB

  22. krisz Salas says:

    I’m watching this so I can sing in public without humiliating myself. lol

  23. No matter how much I try this, it hurts my lower throat. I’m so confused as
    to how to sing properly -_-
    If I just knew what it’s supposed to feel like, then committing to the
    practice will be no problem, but I want to do it right from the start.
    Any advice?

  24. thegamelover84 says:

    if u watch this without the audio, it looks like brett falls asleep while
    he talks and he would just wake up outta nowhere and pretend it never

  25. Jake Brown says:

    I bought your program a while back; hardly used it; stopped completely;
    learned music theory in the meanwhile; got solid on guitar; started picking
    through the internet to improve my voice so I could be self-sufficient;
    made some good progress, but still struggled to REALLY figure out my voice;
    just came across these vids and now my tone/technique/etc has really come
    together….. yeeeeaaa, sure wish I hadn’t stopped using your program haha.
    I’ll back singing success any day. thanks. rant complete. p.s. Nashville is

  26. Proben Probev says:

    hey hey! Well this is an interesting take on it all, but have you heard
    about – the SonaVoyce Complete Singing System program (search for it on
    GOOGLE)? I have heard some super things about it and my best friend got
    outstanding results in singing with such power with it. I am convinced
    enough to start it myself. 

  27. Sheryl Carpenter Johnson says:

    I bought your system about 9 years ago. I think I stopped midway through
    because my work schedule changed. Is the system pretty much the same? Are
    new things in your current system that are not in the system I have?

  28. Bruno Pires Mucheroni says:

    i have a cross jaw, and sinus…..its fucking hard to me to do any easy
    tone, im thinking on quit that…traning about 1 year, its its been so hard
    for me.

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