41 thoughts on “How to sing fast runs

  1. Nigel Pinto says:

    I have got to tell you that you are my confirmation on that one. I always
    knew trying to squeeze the vibrato into a run (in runs) will screw it up.
    Trust me, I KNOW. I practice a lot doing experiments with my voice. LOL!

  2. violetgirl1996 says:

    OMGOMG!!!! YOU ARE AMAZZZINNG :DD i was like “i won’t be able to do
    this.,.” and gave it a go (very quietly cause it’s 1:04am lol) and it
    worked! omg you’re awesome 😀

  3. Jasmine Lynem says:

    I Don’t Get It?I Always Try Nd I Always Come out Sounding Like A Retarded
    Horse! Lol But Really!

  4. Denise Pimping says:

    OMG I was so shocked when I tried and it worked O_O thank you so much 😀

  5. Lilly Potter says:

    omg thank you thank you thank you thank you! I CANT THANK YOU

  6. 4meHesawonder says:

    ones under control lol thank you!!!!

  7. Maryanne Suey says:

    Far out that just sorted it out for me 100% THANKYOU!!!

  8. Ágatha Rodriguez Official says:


  9. Tony Collins says:

    Found you by searchin for Kevin Gray songs and you’re amazing. I subscribed
    after the first vid. I wish you so much success!

  10. Amen Vasquez says:

    haha it so funny to listlen but it works

  11. Maria Rivera-Jones says:

    Thank you for demonstrating what you’re teaching…its so very easy to pick
    up and follow. Thank you!

  12. SOUNDBOOTH23 says:

    Yea, you just make that seem sooo easy…. lol (Its not that easy) but
    yes.. that was wonderful!!

  13. Joe Rolón says:

    God Bless you Dileesa, your short videos are helping me to improve my
    voice. … Thanks a lot.

  14. raymond rey says:

    you literally taught me a lot . omg thanks lol

  15. makeupspecialmaker says:

    Y do you remind me of Kelly Rowland

  16. Joshua Bayonne says:

    Hey everybody please go check out my cover of Ushers you remind me of a
    girl just type on YouTube “Joshua Bayonne you remind me of a girl” and tell
    me what you think

  17. This is THE only video that ACTUALLY taught me how to do a good vocal run.

  18. frankie weezy (Frankweezy) says:

    Could you explain the steps you practiced to get clear, separate notes in
    your runs? 

  19. noisyneil says:

    this is THE best description of how all the notes in runs can be
    articulated. i’m still struggling to make the bounce between notes as
    distinct as yours in a reliable way, but working on it. i have a naturally
    slower vibrato – can i speed it up or do i get what i’m given?!

  20. okawara noboru says:

    great singing and cute! sing on my track!!

  21. Virgil Greene says:

    I think the control and speed of your vibrato has alot to do with how
    quickly you can run..what do you think? 

  22. Nabilah Ramzey says:

    thanks u sooooo much…. Subs

  23. Grace Overton says:

    I like the way you teach how to do runs I love to sing iam thinking of
    taking some voice lessons and am also inthe process of taking piano lessons
    I live in tampa florida after watching your videos I feel more encouraged
    to do so thank you so much for sharing your expertise with me GOD bless you
    always thanks again. 

  24. I love this. Beyonce and Brandy are a great examples of people who can
    control their runs expertly. 

  25. blizza man says:

    Your a good teacher. I’m going to use your video too train my sister. Her
    voice is beautiful she just needs to learn runs. ..

  26. Virginia Jackson says:

    I’ve been singing for awhile having problems doing runs l really want to
    know how to do it.

  27. Kimberlee-Anne Walsh says:

    it is so hard to get it.

  28. Naturally intrigued Beauty says:

    Hey can u please check out my channel and tell me what im doing wrong
    awilliams199325. Please help me

  29. Shannon Guyton says:

    Your right, runs can be mastered with hold a note with vibrato then adding
    noted.But what I disagree with is that you only focus on beginning and end
    note. I’m pretty sure everyone does that when they try to do it but can’t
    seem to make it nice and clean. This is not a very good way to help
    beginners learn how to do them. When people hear a perfect run, of course
    they hear the beginning and end note but that’s not really helpful. It
    needs to be broken down a little more than saying focus on the beat and
    beginning and end notes. 

  30. Quick Singing Tips says:

    Let me start off by saying this is definitely for more advanced singers. lol
    Mastering your vibrato is a good start for any singer to master this
    A lot of famous singers do this. I literally had to listen to other singers
    and practice for years to finally get it.

    To be honest I don’t even know exactly how I do. lol

    Thank you for making a video on it and good examples to go along with your

    Best, Marvin

  31. John Mark RP says:

    nice video.. btw, why some famous singer that makes awesome riffs and runs
    make a movement with their chin ?

  32. Josh Houser says:

    this video explained everything I needed to know perfectly!😃 best one

  33. ZigZagKitty says:

    OH MY GOODNESS I feel like I just unlocked a secret level that I’ve been
    running around in circles for years!!!! This was perfect for me! THANK YOU!

  34. Anagha Vishnu says:

    But what if you can’t do a vibrato ?

  35. dsmoothie92 says:

    I’ve never heard it explained like that! I’m giving this a shot

  36. Hye Min Lee says:

    This is so helpful!!! You’re Amazing!
    Sending love from Korea ❤️

  37. Nkeme Alfred says:

    I can do runs but they sound sloppish, yours are distinct and clear ,but my
    sorta sounds the opposite of that. How do you make your runs clear?

  38. Elena Hanna says:

    Learning to recognize tensions that interfere with tone, clear diction, and musical performance is a large part of the early years of voice study.

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