13 thoughts on “how to sing fast rapping parts in songs (step by step)

  1. thanx that helped XD yesh oh and plus please listen too fallen angels from
    black veil knives

  2. flyingflapjack567 says:

    umm im not sure I didnt think about it but you can try if you want to

  3. Romano Markanović says:

    wow i know jow to sing fast raper song thanks to heling me

  4. Aaliyah Belle Comalander says:

    That didnt help at all what about the part to sing very fast???

  5. Audria Littell says:


  6. Graham Earl says:

    i rap with my life i told my . friends to sing, will u be mine like a
    parking meter call me amazing but i am flat on the ground because we all
    are minimal made.

  7. austin maxwell says:

    this really helped. also listen to twisted insane pick your poison it is an
    awsome song!

  8. Taylor Mosley says:

    Experts say that we all have the flexibility to sing effectively and, identical to how going to the gym improves everyone’s physique, a person’s singing skills may be educated to a reasonably excessive stage.

  9. Kate Greer says:

    You need below, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I currently have slots available after school, in the evening and during the day so please feel free to get in touch.

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