How to Sing Falsetto – Baritone Range

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Falsetto – Baritone Range Vocalists

Extending our range, one step at a time. In this video I take you through some practices to help develop your falsetto (flageolet in female voices) range. It is vitally important that you have a good understanding of airflow, and how to produce good support in your singing voice before embarking on these practices. That being said, each exercise in the video shows you ways to check on airflow prior to using vowel sounds to enter this upper register of your voice. It is also advisable to have a good understanding of how to sing over the break, what is known in vocal instruction as the secondo passaggio. Links to other videos with this training are available in the video or you can use these:


How to Sing Over the Break:

Integrated Diaphragmatic Breathing Warm Up:

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  1. what a coincidence! My vocal coach just ask me to learn more about falsetto, 3 days ago. And now, on oct 14 you upload it!

  2. hi jeff.
    falsetto in this it the sound of a soft ‘disconnected’ sound we are training..or a more strong connected sound..the same as head voice? is head voice and falsetto regarded as 2 different things in your method? thanks very much. youre a legend!

  3. Hey jeff!
    Thank you so much for the really helps
    Why dont you make an app for both ios&android to be a guide for your channel?
    Its much better than pdf version and much easier for us to support you which you really deserve
    Thanks again

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