How To Sing Effortlessly With A Relaxed Jaw – LESSON 32 – Craig Shimizu Voice

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How To Sing Effortlessly With A Relaxed Jaw – LESSON 32 – Craig Shimizu Voice

Are you trying to sing effortlessly but
you’re wondering about your jaw?

:10 Today we’re going to discuss the relaxed jaw. Relaxed jaw, is it important? Well, did you know that it’s hard to get angry with a loose jaw.

1:00 Ok now relax your jaw completely. Just let it hang now without closing your mouth.

1:36 You saw that jaw tension along with those aggressive thoughts began to affect your entire body. So I think you’re getting the picture that if we’re going to sing with tight jaw muscles it’s going to affect our voice and the rest of the body too. So that’s why it’s critical to learn to relax the jaw when we’re singing.

2:20 The problem we all have is that we can’t tell what a relaxed jaw is because all day long we hold our jaws up.

2:46 The open throat is another important reason why you want to master the relaxed jaw. And you still want to have that open throat it sound, what you’re going to do if you don’t fix the jaw is that you’re going to have to force the throat to open kind of like this.

3:53 Ah, ah. So now my voice sounds like it’s more open but I feel terrible. I now have jaw tension and throat tension from forcing it to open. That’s what i call a tension on tension
technique. Instead of fixing the original tension that that was causing the problem I added more attention to fix the sound without addressing the problem.

4:32 And yes, in two previous videos I talked about the relaxed jaw. One of the videos was on the dopey face or relaxed facial muscles. And the other was the open throat.

5:11 Yes, I took 20 years of lessons from various teachers as well as building a library of vocal techniques. The technique that I like the most is called the dangling jaw.

6:34 Usually one of the first things that you learn when you go to a voice teacher is to open your mouth. And so I used to do that and then, well, in some ways it works because then you learn to sing louder. Except now that you have a problem that your jaw’s tight and probably so is your sound.

7:00 And then I even studied a technique that said to drop the jaw inward, which is pretty close to the relaxed jaw that we want, the dangling jaw except that i’m using muscles here to pull the jaw in. So I’m still tight.

7:25 Another technique is to put the finger like this. But what I wanted all along was a
relaxed jaw. However those of you out there who have already tried to relax your jaw and have been unsuccessful

7:47 there is a second technique that I used to at least get the ball rolling on how the jaw should move. And that is to find this little indentation here.

9:35 And that will at least get you started with how the right kind of jaw movement is supposed to feel. But really, dangling jaw, that’s the best description. What’s the difference in sound?

10:40 That relaxed jaw is also very important for twang. If the jaw is tight then your twang is going to be tight.

11:07 I felt another principle at work here. This might take a video in itself. But that principle is whenever you fix a problem which usually has to do with tension from the neck up, whenever you release that tension you feel a shift down to your support system your stomach and your diaphragm.

11:58 When I loosen the jaw and the support system works better then my throat and the sound improves.

12:34 The falsetto…

12:51 So that’s the dangling jaw, the relaxed jaw, very important for good vocal technique.

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  1. HaHD Đặng Hồng Hà says:

    Incredible teaching.
    Thank you so much

  2. Sandra Yamada says:

    HI. Relaxed jaw, or dopey face from your last video, does make it easier
    for me to keep my larynx and diaphragm down. Yay. Thank you.

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