How to Sing Cover Vocal Norwegian Wood Beatles cover Vocal Harmony Lesson breakdown

Discover all about How to Sing Cover Vocal Norwegian Wood Beatles cover Vocal Harmony Lesson breakdown by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing Cover Vocal Norwegian Wood Beatles cover Vocal Harmony Lesson breakdown.

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Learn how to sing Norwegian Wood Beatles vocal cover harmony by The Beatles. Video harmonies breakdown lesson by Galeazzo Frudua on Norwegian Wood Beatles harmonies breakdown. Enjoy!

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25 thoughts on “How to Sing Cover Vocal Norwegian Wood Beatles cover Vocal Harmony Lesson breakdown

  1. mickavellian says:

    It’s magical Galeazzo . when you point out “listen to the glissatos” and
    the deconstruction as you sing them are so beautifully clear, then you hear
    it on the record and go AH! damn that was precious. but had never noticed
    it before. But had it not been because of you, that simple spark of magic
    vocals would just be so perfectly in place that I’d miss it. I ask your
    opinion . I’ve never hear John as he is just playing with a new composition
    or going into an ad-hoc vocal do anything so perfectly resolved. I have
    heard Paul play with his voice in this way, even when just working out a
    tune.Would you say that these nuances are more a product of Paul’s
    influences or George Martin arragements. Or is it a case of Phil
    Spector’s declaration “Paul McCartney can do whatever the fuck Paul
    McCartney wants to do with his voice? :)

  2. Matheus Lamha says:

    Please, make a video of the song i’ve just seen a face.

  3. mickavellian says:

    I am under 12 inches of snow , so what a better way to send you a VERY late
    xmas present from my company You deserve a LOT more
    my friend . Twenty seven years in music and YOU are teaching me the
    exquisite use of vocals.

  4. Hi Galeazzo. Thank you! So, is most of this harmony an octave apart or a
    third or fifth? (or whatever other structure they used). Just love these!
    Macca is 71 and he still brings most of what he had 50 years ago. They were
    magical together. And you bring their amazing recipe to us! (every time)

  5. JohnPablou says:

    i want covers! you are amazing

  6. hello, i still remember the how to sing like mccartney tutorial, when its
    gonna be ready, im tired of waiting :(

  7. MexicanTapdancers93 says:

    Just wondering, how is it that you figure out these harmonies so perfectly?
    Do you figure them out by just listening to the tracks a lot or what? Very

  8. mickavellian says:

    Email sent, my new Italian Idol …. 🙂 leaving behind
    Eros Ramazzoti
    Domenico Modugno
    Gigliola Cinquetti

  9. Guillermo José Lopérgolo Merlino says:

    Como siempre…Genial.
    Un abrazo desde Barcelona.

  10. Edwin Myers says:

    Does your throat hurt after singing? I’m asking because mine does ( even
    after a little singing

  11. Hello Galeazzo. You sing your *ss off. Would you please do a Vocal
    breakdown of the Beatles tune; ‘EIGHT DAYS A WEEK’ Thanks.~

  12. Danielle Adonis says:

    Thank you very much for this!

  13. Lion Sánchez (Lion Comix) says:

    thanks you! your videos rules!
    Would you please do a Vocal breakdown of the Beatles tune: I want to hold
    your hand

  14. Rare Devices says:

    You are the best my favourite YouTube channel by far

  15. ForeverFabFour says:

    What editing software do you use? Thanks

  16. Matheus Lamha says:

    hi Galeazzo, could you make a tutorial video about this vocal technique: Rafael
    Furtado – Don’t Look Back In Anger [Legendado PT/BR]. I putted the link
    because I don`t know the word in english. thank you !

  17. oliver hull says:

    are they singing an octave apart?

  18. Michele Sacchi says:

    Great gale, Great John and Paul

  19. TheSamuelboring says:

    Could you teach how to sing “Yes it is”??

  20. NirvanaTocotronicJuli Juli says:

    what song is that? 

  21. Be sure to watch your baby’s facial expression, eye gaze, movements, and sounds when you sing.

  22. And more importantly…you will learn how to apply them to YOUR VOICE.

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