24 thoughts on “How to sing Carry on Wayward son

  1. chosenfool says:

    What a joke! If you have to sing it falsetto, DON’T SING IT!!!!!! I almost puked myself inside out!!!

  2. ColonelJ1 says:

    screw the haters, you got a great voice man. thanks and cheers!

  3. ColonelJ1 says:

    Are the melody and second part (lowest) harmony just an octave apart?

  4. Rene Giust says:

    Nice job!  I like the way you instructed it and sang different parts together.  Very helpful.  Thank you.

  5. No, the high melody and low harmony are not an octave apart. I would, using this video as a reference, just work out each part on keyboard or guitar. Although, with all due respect to this vocalist, whilst the harmonies are essentially correct, a couple of notes are wrong.

  6. When i say work out on kybd or gtr, I mean, work out what the notes to each part are and their relationship.

  7. Browne Sound says:

    Thank you so much!. I’ve been trying to deconstruct the opening harmonies for ages

  8. Castiel Novak says:

    Out of curiosity, what do you use to combine the vocal recordings?

  9. ThemcoversMB bardo says:

    @Samantha Bailey I use a program called Mixcraft were u can make instrumentals using virtual intsrumentals as well as a buch of live recordings so if u can imagine a bunch of slots and u arm a slot when u want to sing so i used three slots for this cuz its a 3 part harmony. If im doing a 5 part harmony i would then use 5 slots or how many i chose to sing on.

  10. TrasLaSilla says:

    can you do crazy little thing called love by queen please?

  11. Chelsea McCollum says:

    I love this tutorial! Thanks for sharing it. Do you possibly know what the starting notes are for each part? I’d love to be able to practice this at the piano!

  12. Dan Cutter says:

    Groovy, man. Thanks for breaking it down!

  13. Wow, great! And very helpful. Thank you. : )

  14. Victor Ruzicka says:

    Thanks! My band is learning this song. I have a high voice, and I’m struggling with the middle harmony. My ear goes to the lead harmony, which is the high. Your video is on my Practice Playlist. Thanks again!

  15. Anthony Galbo says:

    I can only sing melody. In a horrible falsetto and I am a blind man driving a car when it comets to finding the other harmonies and I had no idea it was a 3 part! It sounds like a 29 part harmony

  16. However, singing gives a benefit regardless of what your voice is like and what you may select to sing.

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