How to Sing Better: Singing Duets

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How to Sing Better: Singing Duets

Ever wonder how to get more likes for your duets? I have a few tips on how to sing better together, in harmony!
Hey its Guy Lockard here again to give you some tips from one singer to another. Today let’s talk about how to make killer duets on the Sing app and at a live show. Singing a duet can be powerful but it can also be terrible if you don’t support your duet partner in the song. Here are a few ways to do that:
First, Listen
Before joining an open call, take a listen. Figure out what your partner is doing and see how you can add to it. That way you won’t step on each other’s toes
Next, stay outta the way
Part of learning How to Sing Better is to not sing sometimes! if it’s not your turn to sing, DON’T. It’s cool to add light harmonies and ad libs in the background but if your overpowering your partner, it makes you look bad. Nobody likes a song hog
Finally switch it up
Who says you have to sing the song exactly as the original artist when Singing Duets. You don’t even have to use the same vocal filters. Try adding harmonies, ad libs, and whatever else you like to make it stand out and possibly get you featured on the app. This has been How to Sing Better: Singing Duets
Check Guy out next week for more quick tips on How to Sing like Ariana Grande

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11 thoughts on “How to Sing Better: Singing Duets

  1. I use Galaxy S5, my mic voice seems very low compare to the other singers,
    is there any other ways to fix this issue?

  2. SANRIO FAN says:

    How do you change your location on your smule

  3. Blueberry HeartDRAWS says:

    Dear smule i got your app updated how can you sing artists i saw a cute
    adorable little fan of jessie j singing flashlight how do you do that reply

  4. dear smule how can I do videos in your application sing karaoke please

  5. EAH EditzGirl says:

    I need help. When I sing I hear myself and I like my voice and when I
    record it I sound terrible and when sometimes I song on smule I sound
    amazing so why does my voice keep switching

  6. love aldea says:

    👋 hello to all the staff members of the Smule apps..I am already a Smule
    member since Sept 2015..but that time I uninstall because I can’t open it
    and i didn’t know why not working.. please help me I love the Smule sing
    and I love to sing..can’t install again why?please I need your help..thank

  7. Leah Webster says:

    I am part of the worship group at church now, not as a singer though I do sing I play a tambourine and my husband plays the drums.

  8. I imagine that superior singers can be taught to sing with a high larynx, provided that they’re working with knowledgeable who knows what they’re doing.

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