How to Sing Better, Not Higher (Understanding Your Fach, Technique, and Emotional Expression)

Discover all about How to Sing Better, Not Higher (Understanding Your Fach, Technique, and Emotional Expression) by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing Better, Not Higher (Understanding Your Fach, Technique, and Emotional Expression).

Stop fixating on high notes if you want to sing pop or musical theater! Learn the fundamentals of singing by mastering every element of your comfortable range. The technique, the tone/timbre, etc.

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15 thoughts on “How to Sing Better, Not Higher (Understanding Your Fach, Technique, and Emotional Expression)”

  1. For some time I had trouble with singing in my speaking normal voice
    because for years I would talk in an “artificial low voice” which when I
    would try to sing, I would confuse myself with techniques, im a guy with a
    some what high voice, and recently ive come to understand that, my own
    normal voice haha. Love your channel!

  2. Holy shit Tristan, please don’t cry! That made me feel really sad. You’re
    done with doing that and now you sound great :)

  3. I would add too, search about your Fach!

    I was deeply troubled cause I wanted to sing like a James hetfield dramatic
    baritone or a Bon Scott high tenor

    Once I realized I was a dramatic tenor (low tenor), I was fuckin happy that
    I found my voice style

    My voice would shine singing nirvana and Alice in chains

    Now I know :)

  4. Here is my take on the ideas you expressed in this video…In my estimation
    the majority of singing programs are targeted for people who either possess
    or believe that they possess pleasant singing voices already…usually these
    individuals have been told at a young age by a fair amount of people that
    they have a nice/wonderful singing voices…& due to this type of positive
    reinforcement generally these individuals have the self-confidence to
    openly practice & sing publicly…therefore programs targeted for improving
    range, learning how to run/riff, how to mix/etc is great for these
    individuals…however on the flip side programs specifically designed for
    people who don’t believe or have been told that they do not pleasant
    speaking/singing voice seemed to not exist…And Triston when someone views
    your videos they are quite aware that you possess a nice engaging speaking
    voice so it is not that surprising that you sing well…but for those
    individuals that currently hate their speaking tone (Me) I believe this
    video is step in the right direction to assist them w/ accepting their own
    voices & focus on how to improve their own “True” voices…now if we can just
    get you to sat down & provide more discussions/ideas in this area that
    would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Honestly, Tristan, weeding out the bullshit is tremendously valuable. You
    say it’s simple and already there. But most of us can’t see it for all the
    crap that is in the way, obstructing a clear path, hiding the simplicity of
    it. Help with that is priceless! Thank you!

  6. Holy shit, it was brave of you to upload that intro – inspiring dude. I
    want to cross the pond and give you a hug. Great example, I’ll be taking
    lessons sometime in the New Year hopefully, happy holidays :)

  7. Tristan thanks for saying you thought of what i was singing being the best
    you heard.

    you are right me focusing on the high note wont get me very far. i have
    came a long way in terms of improving my voice. You really are a great
    friend. it means alot.

    ill always support your movement and message.


  8. This is really helpful I’ve always been obsessing over not being able to
    hit the high notes 😁 your advice is great and has given me focus for
    future practice! Thank u :)

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