How to Sing Better How Can I Sing Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy - How to Sing Better - How Can I Sing - Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

How to Sing Better – How Can I Sing – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

How to Sing Better – How Can I Sing – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy - Discover all about How to Sing Better – How Can I Sing – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy by reading the article below. If you want to know more about How to Sing Better – How Can I Sing – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy and learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing Better – How Can I Sing – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy.

How Can I Sing – .. This video can help you to get the benefits from the life experience of Ken Tamplin’s 30 years of singing training with the world’s foremost vocal coaches and maestros; If you like the way he sings, then he’ll show you how he does it in this video.

Find out more about How to Sing Better – How Can I Sing – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy below

Watch this short video and hear some great singing! You can become a great singer, too! Check out Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy and find out how you can sing like you never dreamed possible! Click on this and see:

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  1. Any Apple heads here? Can I download ‘Sing Better’ directly onto iCloud? I
    would love to download Ken’s course onto my iPad but unfortunately have
    anything near enough space (15gb) but if I can download ‘directly’ to
    iCloud I can just upgrade my iCloud account. Thanks in advance guys 👍

    1. +thelolguy007 Yes the course has standard mp4 files. The entire course is
      about 16 gig. You can download it in individual volumes (1,2,3 and pro
      packs). I recommend you save what you can’t store on a usb drive…

    1. +Vany Lacey Most of what I do are web cam skype sessions all over the
      world. My Academy is LOCATED in Hawaii and Los Angeles for “In Studio”
      sessions however I would strongly recommend starting with my “How To Sing –
      Better Than Anyone Else” course as it will save you a LOT of time and
      money. You can find it under the “singing courses” tab on the bottom of my page (or click this link:
      Then if you feel like you need to take a
      personal after doing the course for a bit to make sure you are on track is
      always a good idea (or if you just want to start straight away with
      personal instruction). The personal instruction is located there as well
      and I record the video sessions and a copy is sent to you for your
      reference. (or you can click this link):

      There is also a “gold bundle option” that includes 3 one hour sessions with
      me. What many people do is get this (it comes with the course and basically
      the course is free with this option) then they will take a lesson after
      doing volume 1 for a while to make sure they are on track. Then do the same
      for volume 2 etc.

      For “In Studio” sessions you can click this link:

      I have also put great singers forums with over 6,000 like minded students
      and 8 moderators (including myself) to help field questions abut the course
      helping to take some of the guesswork out of it.

    2. +Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy I am Brazilian and live in Germany. It´s your
      classes only in USA? oh!! i wisch i live there!! 🙂

  2. I really enjoy singing and I’m actually very good at it. I’m not brave
    enough to like show my voice to others but the few people who heard it said
    I was talented. I think so too but I don’t think I’m that talented like
    it’s nothing special, if you know what I mean. I was wondering if you know
    some things to make my voice more special and not just “good” 🙂 And do you
    have tips how I could show others my talent? I know they won’t think
    something like “ew she can’t sing” but I always sing to myself and I feel
    like singing is something very private for me :<

    1. +Felipe Correa I sent you the link for the sale. Weekend Warrior is already
      deeply discounted and not on the sale page. Go to this link:
      then go to “Products” which is where
      you’ll find Weekend Warrior. Thanks!

    2. +Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Thanks for your response Ken. I couldn’t see any
      link to buy the Weekend Warrior course… can you help me?

    3. +Felipe Correa Felipe, If you can sing Happy Birthday you CAN sing! Check
      out my vocal academy, there are a variety of bundles. You might want to
      start with Weekend Warrior to get your toes wet or, dive right in with a
      more intensive course. 🙂

    4. +Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Does it work for someone that knows nothing
      about singing but wants to learn from the ground up?

  3. Hi Ken
    I am a guitarist, I write songs and am looking to get better at singing. I
    feel okay at some parts but need lots of work.

    Are your videos able to help me greatly here?

    I have not checked much of these out but would love to


    1. +steven irvine Hi Steven, my course will absolutely help you with that if
      you are interested.

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  5. When i heard him for the first time i thought: uh this is power metal,
    seconds after: dragonforce leader has learned from him :/

  6. Hey ken
    I would like to tell that I’m a terrible singer. But I still love to sing
    and I’ve always dreamt of becoming a singer one day. Can I still learn how
    to sing. I like your videos and your methods regarding learning singing. I
    would love to take singing lessons from you in person. Please do tell me if
    it’s possible? 😔

  7. I am looking for a course for learning to sing, can you try to convince me
    to try your course (and not some other course)? I don’t have a lot of money
    so it’s a really tough decision for me. The part seeing your students doing
    exactly what I want to do was a huge step towards being convinced ;). I am
    really into metal Music and would love to be able to sing with power metal
    or also death metal bands. I would be really gratefull if you replied. Also
    to other people who have bought the course, how was your experience?

    1. +Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy This is not my primary goal, so it’s no make or
      break thing, but can I learn how to sing growls (think death metal, Mikael
      Stanne form Dark Tranquillity for example) with your course? For my
      (limited) understanding it seems to be a quite different technique from
      what is normally used to sing.

    2. +Deathly Phobia It may be helpful for you to create a complimentary account
      on the forum page. You’ll find student reviews of the course along with
      many other singing related topics.

    3. Wow, thank you a lot for the immediate reply 🙂 Your course looks pretty
      promising, also considering the reviews I have read. It is also cool to see
      that you care to respond.

    4. +Deathly Phobia My course is multi tiered. The Pro Bundle offers 50 hours
      of training and allows access to my pro singing forums (with over 7,000
      members) in which myself and my 8 moderators field your questions. The Gold
      Bundle includes 3, 1 hour Skype lessons with me, to take the guesswork out
      of the course and, finally, I offer personal training sessions.
      I happen to be running a special right now.
      Additionally, you might like to visit my singers’ forum:

      Feel free to check out my many, mini lessons on youtube which may help you
      with your decision. Rock on!

  8. Any chance of you doing an Incubus song? Great vids. I’ll be enrolling
    soon, just really busy with my business right now. Thanks!

  9. please sir help me!!! please…i can rap…am a french rapper..but when i song sometimes good..but in very bad…i can not open
    my voice up

    1. +Vanel -J I’d like to invite you to join the KTVA Singers Forums & ask your
      questions there. Myself, or my moderators, as well thousands of members
      will weigh in on your questions. You’ll find great help there!
      (I also replied to your other
      comment) 🙂

  10. Hi Ken I try to get the vocal range but my voice goes raspy or doesn’t and
    breaks, can I stop this ?

    1. +Ella stevens Hi Ella, I cover all that, extensively, in my vocal course.
      You might like to check out the current sale I’m running.
      Thank you! 🙂

  11. You are AWESOME +Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy I cannot wait to check out your
    products…and BTW, I cannot figure out what would motivate someone to hit
    the “Thumbs Down” button on this…Keep Rocking My Friend!!! m/m/

    1. Thanks +Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy !!! I am in between jobs right now 🙁 but
      as soon as I start generating some cash, your stuff is on the top of my
      list…I am 52, grew up in the 80s and dabbled in metal vocals back
      then…but I am recently divorced after 25 years of living a lie. I have
      gone back to being the REAL me (I’ll always be a Metalhead!), I am in the
      best shape of my life, getting back the look, have a rockin’ new
      girlfriend, and I’d love to start singing and bringing down the house, even
      if that house was only karaoke LOL! Thanks again!

    2. +Chuck Novy Thanks, Chuck! Well, you can’t please everybody but I do my
      best. Check out the current sale on my vocal academy.

  12. Hey Ken, that opening note was insane. I’m a decent rock n roll singer but
    I know I could be worlds better. My biggest problem is very low vocal
    endurance, partly caused by allergies and probably by plenty of incorrect
    technique (I’m also entirely self taught). What would be a good course from
    you to get started?

    1. +Incendiary Agenda Please join my vocal forum & post your singing related
      questions. You will get awesome feedback!

  13. Singing high notes can be challenging for all of us, but sometimes it seems impossible for a young man going through puberty and experiencing a vocal change.

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