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Discover all about How To Sing Better High Notes in the Style of Michael Sweet | (High Note F#5) | Vocal Power by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How To Sing Better High Notes in the Style of Michael Sweet | (High Note F#5) | Vocal Power.

How to sing better high notes in the style of Michael Sweet from Stryper.

The vocal cover of ‘Soldiers Under Command’ by Stryper in this video is totally LIVE and has not been tuned in any way – you will actually hear some notes that are slightly out as this is a REAL demonstration of a typical rock vocal take. A lot of compression (digital plugin) has been used to even out the volume and give the voice a punchy attack.

This recording contains clips of me singing high notes in a dry mix so you can hear the volume and tone of voice used to create the final sound that is heard in the mix.

In this video I demonstrate how better rock singers create a bright resonant tone in the upper registers by using a tilted thyroid or cry sound and a very thin vocal fold setup. There are also a few singing tips included to enable you to sing better high notes more easily.

Listen to the end section as it contains a raw recording the final F#5 high note scream!

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41 thoughts on “How To Sing Better High Notes in the Style of Michael Sweet | (High Note F#5) | Vocal Power

  1. Gunnar Sørens says:

    When I record my voice in combination with a karaoke track for example, it
    always sounds like the periods you label as ‘Dry Signal’. As I am a total
    beginner, could you give me some advice how to achieve the kind of sound
    heard from 1:48 to 2:13 ?

  2. Excuse me, could you tell where can I find the vocalless track of this
    song? Thanks a lot.

  3. Yali Menkyo Kaiden says:

    Awesome, as usual!

    I noticed you mentionned something about not singing too much from the
    front, at the start of the video, right? I was wondering if this means
    “singing from the mask”, because I realise that I tend to do that when I
    sing the song “Don’t stop believing” (Journey) in the verses (probably
    because my technique is incorrect, though I suspect a bad management of my
    air flow…).

    I’ve been watching your videos (and those of Kevin Richards as well, which
    I find so much instructive!) for about six months now, and I know I’m soooo
    close from what I want to be able to do (no strain at all, clear sound, I
    can sing lightly without any problem, I don’t need to over open/move my
    mouth to form the vowels and consonants, and I can add the crying really
    easily), but I have a hard time with that one song… Not with the highest
    notes which I find a loooot easier (the last note you hit at the end of
    this song right here feels easy and very comfortable to me), but the middle
    notes in the verses ='(

    Sorry for being so talkative in this message, haha! If you could find some
    time to answer me (and if Mr Richards wants to answer me too, that’d of
    course just be awesome xD), I’d be so grateful forever and ever, haha!
    Thanks in advance!! =)

  4. Mary-Anne Swanson says:

    They say the sign of a good singer is their ability to sound good with out
    music to back them up… you sir are a goooood singer 🙂 Loved it Tony :)

  5. Keysforjourney says:

    really great voice interpretation and the scream at the end was epic. :D

  6. ForEighteen says:

    I am blown away. And, oh! My jaw is on the floor. What have you done to me?!

    Haha seriously, thanks for these clips. Not only do you teach. You

  7. craig sirianni says:

    Again, a fabulous demonstration of technique, range, vibrato etc…
    Unbelievably helpful!!

  8. Stryper – Soldiers Under Command by Zadiev

  9. and you do this sitting down. I hate you.

  10. Alex Steel says:

    Hi tony. EXCELLENT VIDEO & VOICE! I hope you’ll answer my question. What
    is a forward sound? is it when we sing with a focus on getting the sound
    out from the cheeks/nose? When u said “or u’ll end up with quite a forward
    sound” , it’s like what Klaus Mein does.. is it?

  11. Dariolicious Sleaze says:

    +Arron Carter I’m not a teacher (yet) haha^^ But I’m right there like you^^
    And alot people told me to start mixing around g4, which I do personally, I
    can sing up to A4 B4 in full voice, but it doesnt sound nice^^ so i start
    to mix g4/A4 a bit and B4 is full mixed, I can go up to f5 in mixed voice,
    from there i switch into headvoice up to b5 😛 I’m baritone tough…

  12. Vincent Tan Kock Poh says:

    Excellent explanation of diaphragmatic intercostal breathing. I love it

  13. john sullivan says:

    Great work. Michael Sweet continues to have one of the best voices out
    there, whether rock, ballads, or whatever he chooses. 

  14. Love your video’s, what Mic do you use?

  15. jack reeda says:

    hi tony, any idea where can i find a voice mixer apps so i can mix my voice
    with any song that i want to cover… or maybe u can just tell yours

  16. Steve Sanyal says:

    It sounds like vowel modifications are a key concept. Are there good rules
    of thumb on when to modify, what to modify to and how to avoid the
    resulting sound from being exaggerated and silly? I am trying to do a cat
    stevens cover of father and son right now and really struggling on this

  17. Bryan Dano says:

    Hi! Turned on to you through Craig Sirianni. I am the lead singer of an
    Iron Maiden tribute band and I am loving your videos. THANK YOU so much for
    sharing them!

  18. Donald Rutherford says:

    unbelievable you did that to the bone wow

  19. StratMatt777 says:

    Awesome!!! And amazing!
    Regarding the grit at 5:27 – grit is something I’ve been trying to figure
    out how to do without damaging my voice (without making the grit in my
    vocal cords by pushing too hard). Hearing one of the gritty sounds made by
    Steven Tyler of Aerosmith made me start wondering if it is done by choking
    off the airway at the back of the mouth by narrowing it by raising the back
    of the tongue? Listening to Chris Cornell and also to old AC/DC made me
    think that maybe this is what they are doing… but I can’t figure out how
    to do it.
    Am I on the right track?

    Also, this song is new to me. Is the whole album good enough that I should
    buy it?

  20. svegalddo says:

    Hey, this is awesome. I think I have trouble with placing the resonance and
    gain the power you need for good rock vocals. Could you help me with this

  21. Kenny Holliday says:

    Awesome Tony – C U on Jan 12 2015

  22. VelveteenLotharios says:

    Great stuff. Request: How about an analysis of Justin Hawkins (The
    Darkness). Keep rockin’!

  23. Ricki Keith says:

    Very *Sweet* my friend… excellent! Lovin it! 

  24. Marcus Amyotte says:

    Very well done. Pushing so hard, into your mask, did you hurt yourself at

  25. David Austin says:

    Wow that sounded awesome! Tough song to do but you pulled it off!

  26. jean corsaire says:

    bravo superbe représentation

  27. Brian Gantick says:

    I didn’t know just what F#5 meant until I heard the last note of this song.
    My general reaction… was HOLY SH**. WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?

  28. Noah Miller (The Game Slayer) says:

    Try doing Matt Smith from Theocracy i say Absolution Day very high volcal
    range though well not like Micheal

  29. Man you’re amazing. Michael Sweet’s style of singing is one of the hardest
    to copy.

  30. Tony Catch says:

    insane connection man! much power, especially the F#5 blew my mind! GJ

  31. serv3chill3d says:

    Man, youre crazy, you give lessons?

  32. Justin Russo says:

    Little pitchy on that end segment. Remove some of those “folds” so we can
    hear more of the note on the final scream. I’ll post a version of me doing
    the final scream so you can pick me apart too. LOL

  33. Keith Bowman says:

    You rock! Ken Tampon has NOTHING on you! He sucks but you dude ROCK!!

  34. Ira Woodward says:

    I’ve been thumbing through your vids in the wee hours here on the west
    coast of the states.

    Man gotta say I love your approach to teaching singing! In particular what
    is so great to me is that it’s not about you and how awesome you are at
    singing but I can tell you really are focused intently on explaining it to
    everybody and encouraging us all to be the best we can.

    Bums me out that your vids are less popular than others i’ve seen on

    Anyway, yeah– personally it’s been helpful as I’ve been taking lessons off
    and on for a while and doing a lot of practicing on my own; sometimes I
    lose confidence and what you’re saying has helped reassure me that I know
    my stuff and I’m on the right track. So thanks :-)

  35. Keith Signs says:

    Can’t believe I am saying this but better than the original my friend!

  36. Nagash Astennu says:

    The best vocal cover in the galaxy!

  37. Adrian Cacho says:

    That was amazing!!! Great job!! That F#5 left me with a smile on my face.
    It was freaking cool!

  38. This will allow you to hear the notes that you are singing.

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