How To Sing Better For Guys – PART 2

Discover all about How To Sing Better For Guys – PART 2 by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How To Sing Better For Guys – PART 2.

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This is Part 2 in a Three-Part Series on How to Sing Better for Guys!
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34 thoughts on “How To Sing Better For Guys – PART 2

  1. Alin Oprea says:

    Very nice Ken … Rock Will Never Die !

  2. Sean Amundsen says:

    I’m a KTVA student and this is by far the best singing program I’ve ever

  3. James Shaw says:

    i was getting goosebumps when you were hold those notes to show what you
    were meaning, just have such a powerful and awesome voice +Ken Tamplin
    Vocal Academy

  4. mark pogi lagmay says:

    Ken i have a problem using uh or oh vowel to close it it makes my voice a
    bit dark big deep but not too dark i dont want that. Want light bright
    instead because im more pop i sing alots of pop song and i want light voice
    with power instead

  5. Mattimerson says:

    Another excellent video Ken! I have spent the past few years as an anomaly
    in Jamaica being a rock singer instead of a reggae singer. I’ve spent thise
    years really trying to hone my clean tone. I recently have been
    experimenting with falsetto and slight compression and distortion, but on
    that latter one I’m more hesitant, because I do not want to hurt myself.
    Hopefully one day I will be able to do lessons with you online, so I can
    learn the safe way to develop a raspy tone. I have a performance here in
    Kingston tomorrow night with a singer from Guatemala and a music mentor of
    mine and we’re gonna do some grunge classics, spanish songs and one reggae
    song. Should be fun!

  6. Miranda Jade says:

    Hi , Ken my name is DJ. I’m using my fiances youtube account to write this.
    I was just writing to tell you I think your videos are awesome and you a
    very inspirational musician. You seem like a really awesome guy too. Anyway
    I have played guitar for almost 20 years and I have sang on and off for a
    few years. I never really felt confident with my voice until I started
    watching your videos. I play metal music and was wondering if you had any
    tips for singing like M.Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold. Thanx buddy. God

  7. Nani Zeroten says:

    I cant open the fails in the you tube?
    I ned a poroxy for play the fail in the you tube.i ned…

  8. Hello Ken! After a week of lessons I had instead of a mixt, a powerful
    falset or a head voice. Is it normal? whether it is possible to correct it?

  9. mekay ceniza says:

    plss.. sing any song from firehouse.. hehe

  10. Behind the Screams says:

    Hey Ken, do you think you could make a video that demonstrates some
    exercises that will help improve low note range and presence? I’m already a
    mid-high baritone naturally, and your videos have helped me with my highs a
    fair bit, but I’m also a big fan of bassy singing as well and would be
    interested in seeing exercises that would help us guys who wanna go really

  11. Heath Sampey says:

    I’ve lost a lot of range do to smoking over the years? can you help?

  12. rue anmontha says:

    I just want to say thank you so much this actually helped me a lot with my
    vocal (:

  13. dylan rieder says:

    Hey Ken, I suck at singing because I sound so bad. What can I do to improve
    my voice and sound better?

  14. Cedric Chagnot says:

    hello I am French and I’m new to YouTube. I worked the method of Ken
    Tamplin and her great !!! and I made a cover that I let you discover my
    chain soon. ken I will be delighted to know your opinion thank you teacher

  15. juan camilo muñoz says:

    friend please translate your Viedeos to Spanish , and I promise you will
    have many mine vicitas , your videos are very good .

  16. You probably already know but, you have an incredible voice.

  17. charlie sudarsan says:

    Can you give me some tips on how to take control in my breath while singing

  18. My voice is low baritone, can I sing with rasp?

  19. David Rodriguez says:

    might sound weird but wanna learn to sign like Myles Kennedy

  20. SlowBro Gaming says:

    what should i do because when i sing it like feels very stiff/hard round
    the Adam apple and that like kills me when Im singing high tones please
    help me out Ken!

  21. Pöwner Iq says:

    Even my scaling sounds like kobolds giving birth D: I guess I’ll never sing
    then ^^;

  22. Antonio Silveira says:

    Why does it seem so easier singing along with a acoustic guitar than with
    other like backing tracks and so.? Thanks Ken!

  23. Ram Silva says:

    Ken, do you have a video to learn how to semi scream, like a rasp? I love
    your scream! It’s epic.

  24. Andrei Rawrasarus says:

    I cant seem to hit that note when I try this any suggestions

  25. Collin Josef says:

    hi, ken, just wanted to ask you that when I’m singing a high note, should
    my throat have the feeling of a little bit of tense naturally or it should
    feel full relax, like no tension at all? Thanks

  26. phil dann says:

    i have a few covers ive done on my channel. never had any lessons before
    and i looking to improve my voice. ill be cheakin out your vids for ideas

  27. Nikola Naumovski says:

    ive been doing this for a month
    i have seen a little progress
    but now my throat hurts after singing pls help

  28. Thanks Ken this is great- it’s always a surprise to me how a lot of people,
    even those who studied formally have no idea of even the basics….Even
    University music departments can be rife with b.s. and various flavors of
    charlatanry. I think these videos can start to go a long way toward
    elevating the conversation about singing. As such, I think you are helping
    bring real music back into the ‘everyday’ culture. I am definitely a fan.

  29. Those high tones. 😉 I cant sing, but i have a dark voice… I think i
    could develop an johnny cash style of singing… Gonna watch this and
    search youtube..

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