How To Sing Better For Girls – Part 2 – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Discover all about How To Sing Better For Girls – Part 2 – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How To Sing Better For Girls – Part 2 – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy.

Learn things like how to sing with distortion, how to sing with rasp, how to sing with vibrato, and how to sing with your diaphragm! Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy has great singing tutorials on how to sing better, using methods that REALLY WORK! Improve your voice. Learn to sing high notes, and find out about Ken’s great Online Singing Lessons.

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How To Sing Better For Girls – PART 2
Girls! Learn how to sing better from Vocal Coach Ken Tamplin. This series goes over some of the most important things girls need to learn about the voice and singing! Watch now and get started singing those notes you’ve always wanted to hit!

18 thoughts on “How To Sing Better For Girls – Part 2 – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

  1. Awesome Series! Facts about the singing voice, specific to girls’ singing
    registers! No-nonsense, factual information that cuts to the chase!
    Girls, don’t be fooled by that Nay, Nay, Nay NONSENSE! Get the real vocal
    information you need from Ken Tamplin!

  2. Ken and his amazing vocal program have literally changed my life! I can
    call myself a singer now! He’s the real deal and I love him for that!!
    xox Jennifer

  3. Excelent advices for female vocals. I’m wondering if you can make a “How to
    sing like Glenn Danzig” of Danzig band. He’s an excelent vocalist and I
    wonder if you give tips how to sing like him for the fans. I suggest ‘Dirty
    Black Summer”. Killer track!

  4. Hi Ken, in which range should women strive to stay in chest voice?,
    meaning, what should be the last high note to belt without risking strain?
    Thank you!

  5. I just tried these voice exercises and I just hit chest voice notes I have
    never hit in my entire life! It was such a simple exercise I wish I had
    known about it sooner!!

  6. this honestly was the only channel that helped. I was planning on
    auditioning for an entertainment during the summer to become a singer but I
    though I was talentless so I thought about just being a backup dancer
    because im a dancer but I just want to sing and now im sure going to be a
    singer I hit notes with my chest voice I was never able to hit before also
    my voice sounds so much nicer and I sound like a real singer. Im so happy
    thank you again now ill just practice a bit more and then audition!

  7. Are you Chris Cornell’s twin brother??!! AMAZING SINGER and great lessons.
    Best YouTube voice tutor ever!!! Thanks so much…still a long way to go
    for me though, lol.

  8. HI how u doing my name is lesa and i really need u to help me with my voice
    im about to join my church choir and also my singing is terrible so im
    asking u to help me

  9. Two things

    1: I’m watching the girls version because I have a higher pitch voice (if
    that makes sense)

    2: Is it okay to use my throat? Like if I’m singing in a higher type of
    note than regular I get forced into singing in my throat. Is this ok?

  10. Hi Mr. Tamplin , I see that you’re a vocal coach & I’ve been watching a lot
    of your videos lately . I know your an expert & I need some expertise
    advice w/ my voice .. I’m going in for an audition & the casting agency
    wants us to sing 16 bars of a pop song . Is it okay if I could send you
    over two samples of my voice singing American Boy by Estelle & Heart of
    Glass by Blondie & would it be okay if you could give me expertise advice ?

  11. I really enjoyed these tips-I knew breathing made a big difference, but was never quite sure what to do. So, I’ll definitely be giving these exercises a try.

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