How to Sing Better! – Evynne Hollens

Discover all about How to Sing Better! – Evynne Hollens by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing Better! – Evynne Hollens.

All the tips you need to become a better singer!
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Please leave Q’s or comments below! Any other tips I didn’t mention?! Would love to see your thoughts below.

Newest music vid: “Still Hurting” – LIVE Cover by Evynne Hollens”


40 thoughts on “How to Sing Better! – Evynne Hollens

  1. Lindsey Steel says:

    YES! I cannot wait for the collab. song with your husband! You two are
    amazing together. :-)

  2. inge smit says:

    yeuh peter and you! such big fan of that.

    i hope you can help a video over singing without hearing taking deep breath
    to get the long sentence out and then gasp for new air.

    can you help ?

  3. inge smit says:

    yeuh peter and you! such big fan of that.

    i hope you can help a video over singing without hearing taking deep breath
    to get the long sentence out and then gasp for new air.

    can you help ?

  4. Calen Smith says:

    Hallah!!!!!!! So excited for that collab!!!! 🙂 and thank you so much for
    these tips Evynne! (I know I don’t always get to watching them so I was gla
    when I got to this one ^^) and about practicing (and everything else) I
    totally agree with you! Two years ago when I started choir I had a voice
    but was shy and nervous but now with practicing more (it’s our homeschool
    choir so it’s not to many people, 6-11 is about how many people we usually
    have) I definitely notice that I can sing much better and have better range
    and more confidence (even though I’m still working on singing by myself XD)
    thanks again for the tips! Always helpful :)

  5. Sarah Elms says:

    Really enjoying these lessons. Even though I mostly sing in my car I’m
    noticing your tips are helping me sound better. My children thank you lol!

  6. Sarah Elms says:

    Really enjoying these lessons. Even though I mostly sing in my car I’m
    noticing your tips are helping me sound better. My children thank you lol!

  7. Caroline Röber says:

    Thank you so much for all your videos, they are so helping…. I can sing
    higher that ever since I started watching them and got into the berliner
    philhamonic choir ! Can’t thank you enough, I love your music videos with
    Peter, your voices are so beautiful together :)

  8. KunamaElgar says:

    Heehee oh Evynne it’s enunciate, not annunciate! Made me smile though 😉
    I love all your vocal lessons – it’s a great addition to what I’m learning
    in my church choir.

  9. Aditya Shiv says:

    It was really helpful and I’ll be looking forward to see and learn more
    from you btw it’ll be really helpful for me if you could tell us about
    vocal damage and how can we rectify and identify those stuffs cause most if
    the time we blame the weather or etc for not being able to sing or having a
    sour throat whereas the truth is we develop those damages when we warm up (
    unintentionally ) and we never observe it carefully
    Ive been experiencing a raspiness in my voice especially as I sing in my
    high mix voice ( I hope I haven’t developed any vocal damage or defect ) .
    Maybe it’s cause I do my warm ups wrong or I strain ( I just hope its not
    nodules ) . Nevertheless that’ll be really helpful
    Thank you so much for taking the time out to make such videos for us .Tbh
    you and your family are really very charming . God bless !

  10. Trisha Zeigler says:

    sang “blessings” by Laura Story last sunday at church. I wanted to sing it
    because it is about growing closer to God thru the hard times. I have a 28
    year old friend from school that is going thru end stage cancer so the
    family and friends in our church are kinda grappling with not understanding
    why some things happen. The song is about trusting God when life doesn’t go
    our way. Have you ever gotten tingly and shaky while singing (not
    hyperventalating) I’ve been nervous before, but this was different.

  11. Peter Hollens says:

    I hope people really use these to learn how to sing better!

  12. Lynsey Ferguson says:

    This is such a lovely series! :)

  13. I find this singing lessons project of yours really interesting. Keep on
    the good work. Cheers. :D

  14. Srdjan Debic says:

    Awesome lesson! Now that I reflect on some things while I listened to you
    or Peter this will really help! Sadly I have trouble due to my nasal
    speech, but sometimes when I sing it disappears and it really does help me
    with my confidence and speech in general! Thank you so much, both of you!

  15. Thank you so muc for this “How to”, I learn better from better how to sing
    You’re one of the artists that I’m observing. ^^
    Thank yoou
    Lily <3

  16. VideoGameHeat says:

    Thanks for the lessen Evynne. As a voice actor I have been looking to
    improve my singing and this helped out a ton. Keep up the great work. ^_^

  17. Hitcher177 says:

    I wish some stars would watch this 1 video – they would learn so much

  18. ladybugrrl says:

    Can you do a lesson on HOW to breathe from your diaphragm?? People always
    tell me to do this, but I don’t really know how to do that. :)

  19. Lose Tuinei says:

    This is awesome!! Thanks so much. I was wondering, could you do a video on
    how to do riffs/runs? Thanks!

  20. NerdLife101 says:

    Thanks so much for these voice lessons! Now, a question for anyone. I’m a
    beginning singer and had one personal voice lesson (can’t afford more). The
    teacher said I’m a soprano and my voice would be good for legit or
    classical singing. Is there anyone here who knows good songs for beginners
    in that style? Unfortunately my classical and legit music knowledge is very

  21. Any chance you will do a cover of either Breathe or Too Far by Kylie
    Minogue? Please? :)

  22. Amanda Walen says:

    hey I have one question that’s been like in my head thus week. for my
    career I want to become a music therapist. In my choir we are taught to
    have open rounded tone. It sounds nice but just me singing like that sounds
    weird. So lately I have been self conscious about my voice. So I guess my
    question is How can I feel confident in my voice and how I can find my true
    voice. Hope I hear back. thanks

  23. MrLeonthebestest says:

    Hey Evynne, have you ever sung operatic songs? Could you possibly make a
    video on that?

  24. Alexandra Mikka says:

    Is it possible to become decent at singing if you have no talent? I have a
    good ear for music…If I hear a tune I can reproduce it and if I fail at
    it I can tell right away. But I’m not confident at all in my voice. I feel
    it sounds bad and the way I imagine it should sound is nothing like what it
    actually sounds. Is it possible to use what I have and improve it to the
    point where I can have a karaoke party and sing without making a fool of

  25. Arwen Singing_Princess says:

    thanks u for ur precious advices ! we need more lessons (I do need more
    lessons lol)

  26. Iago Lopes Neves says:

    I learn so much watching your and Peter´s videos! You are awesome singers
    and teachers…

  27. Music Man's Ladies Band says:

    Such great tips. They actually make sense.
    Some of the online lessons get confusing. But not you 🙂
    Thank you. p.s. I want your workspace! I’m jealous. lol

  28. Love all your vocal tips!!!! Keep sharing these tips with us!!!

  29. Claire-Marie Murray says:

    Brilliant technique and tips!!!! You remind me of my beloved singing
    teacher I had when I was a teen (in France). Delighted I found this
    playlist 🙂 Keep up the great work!!

  30. Aiden Cordon says:

    I’m watching all of your lessons at once because I have to preform in Les
    Mis next week

  31. Silver B. Bejar says:

    how to develop a natural vibrato?

  32. Lauren Hoffmann says:

    Could you do a video about how-to vibrato? Thanks!!

  33. amber combs says:

    Can you please do one on lower registers? Low notes are a real weak spot
    for me. I mean I’m pretty sure I fall in the soprano range, but I would
    still like to be able to sing a more robust low note.

  34. amber combs says:

    BTW these are really great. I love all the information. :-)

  35. these videos are so great, I’m just getting back to doing my music again.

  36. Alexis Nicole Madero says:

    Hey do you have a how to breath while singing vidieo

  37. I recently joined the choir in my Ward and had a breakthrough. Often I
    couldn’t sing in front of others due to a lack of confidence. However since
    our last performance that lack of confidence has disappeared. It can be
    difficult for me to stay in my register. I naturally sound like Bing
    Crosby, Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra but no one listens to that type of
    music anymore as far as I know. I am untrained but singing makes me happy
    and I have a dream of collaborating with my idol, Lindsey Stirling.

  38. Rachel Patrick says:

    wait wait wait
    are you??? married to peter hollens???? how did i not make that connection
    what the heck

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