How to Sing Bass Singing Tips Discussion With Paul Harkey

Discover all about How to Sing Bass Singing Tips Discussion With Paul Harkey by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing Bass Singing Tips Discussion With Paul Harkey.

How to sing bass. This video is a great discussion with bass singer, Paul Harkey of Ernie Haase & Signature Sound. Great bass singing tips and discussion. Technique for bass singers and more in this video.

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This channel is about building a community for bass singers to come together to help each other.

15 thoughts on “How to Sing Bass Singing Tips Discussion With Paul Harkey

  1. Alex Cunningham says:

    good video. I like hearing multiple view points. it would be great to hear
    from Tim riley some day on here. my voice is usually sore at the end of a
    Sunday, it would be great to get tips on singing bass (or any other part)
    without straining your vocal cords.

  2. You should interview Tim storms to give some tips

  3. What college did Paul go to be trained to sing Baritone?

  4. This is awesome! Keep them coming! Could we maybe see some Rodney Britt/Wes
    Mckenzie on this channel?

  5. I am Washington says:

    I need help singing higher as a Bass. Same with making certain note easier
    because in the morning I was able to sing in the first octave. But the
    highest note I can sing in chest is F#4 but C#4 is another high one

  6. I am Washington says:

    Talk to Avi Kaplan of PTX. He sings bass all the time and even goes up the
    lower 4th

  7. By “growling” is Paul referring to vocal fry or something else?

  8. jim vercoe says:

    thankyou Matt and Paul, subscribbed 🙂 this channel is awesome, and Paul
    looks dont mater with a killer voice haha

  9. Daryl Foster says:

    “Singing from the diaphragm” is really a misnomer. The human body has no
    independent control over the diaphragm. You actually have to use the 4 sets
    of abdominal muscles as well as the intercostal muscles to breath well.

  10. Jack Glacken says:

    Excited to find this! Get yourself a tripod! :)

  11. the messenger says:

    hey am young bass singer just started but i am very low but i find it to
    control it

  12. André Silva says:

    Hello, normally my lowest note is a D2. But couple times I’ve recorded a
    Bb1. Can I add at least a low C with proper practice? Thanks for the video!

  13. Matthew Bailey says:

    hi Matt my name is Matthew I am 16 yrs old and I have to lowest voices at
    my church and I sing at my church I would love to meet you in person

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