How to sing ANY vocal line (even REALLY high ones!)

Discover all about How to sing ANY vocal line (even REALLY high ones!) by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to sing ANY vocal line (even REALLY high ones!).

Thankfully this wasn’t a guitar lesson, my bad.

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7 thoughts on “How to sing ANY vocal line (even REALLY high ones!)

  1. Henrique Pastana says:

    Bro! I love your videos. I´m struggling yo sing `Are you gonna be my girl ` from Jet. Mainly the chorus. Do u think u could make a video explaining how to sing it?? I think its an interesting song for demonstration. Thanks bro. Keep it up the good work. Peace!

    1. Bohemian Vocal Studio says:

      Peace Herique! You’re welcome to shoot through a quick recording of where you’re struggling and I’ll see where you can make a few adjustments to hit it easier. Tomorrow’s video is actually tackling this issue (different song, but same diff), so stay tuned.

      All the best,


    2. Henrique Pastana says:

      Awesome bro. Thanks for the feedback. I´m gonna send ya soon.

  2. Gabriel Cafa says:

    Heey! Im a Brazilian mid-low voice musician, really aprecciate your work! So, what about some Corey Taylor vocal technich lesson? Or How to do that Dave Grohl high raspy Voice? I can Sing like Shaun Morgan from seether, but that strong raspy tone unfortunally makes me get “stucked” in range.
    Another thing that really brothers me;
    Recently after like 8 months trying really hard, i finally find some conection between “Head” and chest Voice. But, as higher as i go with a more chesty voice mix, the harder It is to connect It. But i can easly connect in a lower and weak note. As a barithone yourself, how did you evolve from this phase im in right now? I can connect, but nowhere near of my highest chester Voice, and as i go more “Head” It starts to feel really weak, like some sort of falsetto, Sorry for my bad english, we only talk portuguese here hahahahah peace!

    1. Bohemian Vocal Studio says:

      Hey Gabriel!

      Grit is a combination of adduction and compression/support – so I’d first work on the connection and singing in a clear, full tone first. When you can connect your registers and sing in a ‘full’ tone, sinnging with grit is super easy – if you try it BEFORE things are connecting, then you’re setting yourself up for a sore throat…

      The solution to a full sound, like how I’m singing most of the middle of this song isn’t actually “singing in chest voice” or a “chesty mix”, it’s actually tuning your vowel correctly and singing with a touch of twang. I suspect you’re widening your vowels for that ‘chesty mix’ sound, right? This is what is cutting off your high register 🙂

      All the best,



  3. Wordsmith 430 says:

    My head voice won’t go to that top note lol

    1. Bohemian Vocal Studio says:

      Neither did mine originally!

      All the best


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