How to Sing Another Girl Beatles Vocal Harmony Breakdown

Discover all about How to Sing Another Girl Beatles Vocal Harmony Breakdown by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing Another Girl Beatles Vocal Harmony Breakdown.

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Learn how to sing Another girl Beatles vocal harmony by The Beatles. Video harmonies breakdown lesson by Galeazzo Frudua on Another girl Beatles harmonies breakdown. Enjoy!

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24 thoughts on “How to Sing Another Girl Beatles Vocal Harmony Breakdown

  1. TheFailingGamers says:

    Keep doing what you are doing please, your videos are fantastically helpful
    and also entertaining! I will happily donate :)

  2. RainbowSound1 says:

    Wonderful! Would be great to hear your full cover of this AG song!

  3. Sigrev2 (TheSenileFeline) says:

    Man, I can’t wait for that Hold Me Tight tutorial. Probably the one I’m
    most hype about.

  4. Don Eckles says:

    Excellent, Frudua. I’m so glad you are continuing with your vocal lessons.
    I hope others will continue to support you. Thanks from a Beatles fan!

  5. George Miranda de Souza says:

    God knows how long I’ve been wating for this!

  6. Abraham Gómez says:

    Perfect, as always, thanks for your work!

  7. Plz Octopus’s Garden I beg! DO IT FOR THE CHILDREN!

  8. Franco Gregori says:

    How do you know how to exactly sing each vocal part? It’s amazing man,
    you’re a genius, this is really helpful for me because i love the harmony
    that the Beatles did and i want to do the same with my songs, so your
    videos help understand how
    to do hit, thanks a lot, keep rocking man!

  9. You change a little bit the tune right ? For youtube monetising aren’t you
    ? You DESERVE this money!!!

  10. Martin RWT says:

    Hey Galeazzo, thanks for producing these brilliant vocal harmony videos.
    Sorry for being a little bit picky here, but I think Paul actually sings
    the middle harmony of “Another Girl” before singing the upper harmony for
    “Who will love me till the end”, while John does the opposite, with George
    singing the lower vocals. Don’t worry about having to redo it, it is fine
    how it is. It’s typical of The Beatles going over and under each other when
    singing. You may think differently and that is your right, but I am
    positive I can hear John’s distinct voice signing higher than Paul and
    George for the “Another Girl” chorus. Anyway, keep up the great work,
    grazie et ciao, Martin.

  11. Elliot Hulse's Breath says:

    Why is youtube preventing you from monetizing your videos?

  12. hilodeseda58 says:

    From the first time I heard this song, I’ve been trying to sing harmony
    vocals, but I found out it was very difficult. I understand now. Thanks for
    your working.

  13. Richard Klein says:

    I’ve been using your videos to recreate the beatles songs and they come out
    great! I wish I could find a karaoke version of this one (without any
    backing vocals), I can’t find one.. any ideas?

  14. marion herrera says:

    Hey, this was great to hear you do all the vocals separate..GOOD JOB..

  15. ASMR moonliver says:

    i’m surprized at how complicatedly the groovy harmony was created :0 <33
    you are awesome! thank you for making this fantastic video 🙂 <33333

  16. i would love to see his take on octopusses garden

  17. Alana Ibarra says:

    Vocal exercises are tailored specifically to the pupils’ areas needing development.

  18. The score given at the end of every session shows the accuracy of your singing pitch.

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