How to SING and PLAY the guitar at the same time (Matt McCoy)

Discover all about How to SING and PLAY the guitar at the same time (Matt McCoy) by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to SING and PLAY the guitar at the same time (Matt McCoy).

After getting quite a few requests for this type of video, I hope this can help you learn to sing and play at the same time. If you have any questions feel free to message me and i’ll get back to you asap.

God bless!

Tutorial for this song: Holy is the Lord can be found here:

43 thoughts on “How to SING and PLAY the guitar at the same time (Matt McCoy)

  1. Acoustic Selection says:

    @BrutalOppressor Glad I could help

  2. Logan Smith says:

    Can you please do a video on Trust In Jesus by Third Day??? It’s my dads
    favorite song and I want to learn it for him, and if you do it can you use
    like not the cords you always use so it will be more of a chellenge for me
    and thank you!! Hope you do it for me

  3. Wooden Spoon says:

    You’re terrible at playing out of key. Take this as a compliment. Lol

  4. PandehPropaganda says:

    Hey I have a Taylor too! <3

  5. alright, i do not like the fact you make me enjoy jesus music. but you do,
    just saying lol. good job. thanks for the lesson.

  6. Acoustic Selection says:

    @Deussol haha God is good! It’s all about the gospel in the end. I
    appreciate the kind feedback.

  7. crystallite2 says:

    Thank u Matt for this beautiful lesson. One question:- How do I play with
    the guitar pick? I begin playing with the pick and then I have to put it
    aside because it moves from my finger and falls inside the guitar lol. No
    matter how tight i hold it between my fingers, it slips off. I am more
    comfortable using my fingers but with the pick, the music is much louder.
    Can I get a tip on that? Thanks for ur time in advance

  8. Nathan Brown says:

    Your voice made me fall asleep xD

  9. Acoustic Selection says:

    haha….that’s classic! haha

  10. Jim Smith says:

    Good video – very encouraging for a beginner.

  11. Jim Smith says:

    I meant “to” a beginner – you are obviously not a beginner.

  12. Acoustic Selection says:

    thanks! I feel like i’m always a beginner! haha

  13. ambenisar says:

    Hey Matt, I’ll be 52 this month. Two years ago I gave my life to Jesus. So
    far it’s been a heck of a journey. I also started playing the guitar
    shortly afterwards because I want to be able to praise God with with the
    gifts he’s given me. Although you may not have your doctorate in music
    theory, your straight forward, honest and sincere approach to helping
    others both with music and a relationship with Christ is a blessing to
    many. May God’s grace and favour be on you always. Andy

  14. Acoustic Selection says:

    hey Andy, that’s awesome! thanks for the encouraging feedback! Congrats
    mostly on giving your life to Jesus. It’s the best decision you could ever
    make. Just knowing he’s there no matter what you go through gives a feeling
    of peace and joy like nothing else. Good luck with you worshiping with the
    guitar! you ought to try the piano too! i’m sure you could learn it in no

  15. LeagueInfinity says:

    What is your guitar ? It sounds awesome! Thanks for the video

  16. Adam Kuhn says:

    :/ Here we go again! I only just get to a public school to get away from
    this… Cathiolic schools just brain-wash you… I WAS VERY LUCKY! … Not
    bagging you’re religion… everyone has thier own opinion 🙂

  17. Acoustic Selection says:

    thanks for the feedback! I play a taylor 614 ce that my parents got me for
    Christmas. It’s been really fun to play. Good luck with your playing!

  18. sheryl joy tomas says:

    hi Matt,thanks a lot you really teach right and easy to understand you had
    a gift keep on teaching others playing and singing easier not to struggle
    with what they are doing.God blessed you more..thanks for helping me know blessed!!

  19. Acoustic Selection says:

    that was awfully kind of you to write me that. Thanks for the encouraging.
    I’m glad i could help.

  20. ICcenter10 says:

    You sir, are awesome. I recently found an interest in guitar, and I’ve been
    trying to learn. But, I got pretty discouraged the other day when I
    realized how hard it was to play and sing at the same time. But your video
    just gave me newfound motivation. Thanks for making it, it really helped.
    Praise the Lord for your talent. I pray He truly blesses you.

  21. Acoustic Selection says:

    comment of the day there! haha thanks so much for the encouraging words.
    I’m glad I am able to help. I’m not too advanced myself so that’s how i can
    teach the beginner stuff. We’re all just worshiping together the best we
    can! Praise the Lord!

  22. StayReal02 says:

    I agree with the other ppl in here that you have a VERY BEAUTIFUL guitar!
    Sounds really awesome with that guitar and the neck is pretty small so it’s
    really good for a beginner like me! 🙂

  23. holy wakamoly says:

    Can you PLEASE PLEASE do a tutorial on this song? or at least tell us the
    chords? thanks you are an amazing singer btw.

  24. Acoustic Selection says:

    thanks for the compliments….type in “Matt McCoy holy is the Lord” i did a
    tutorial using that song. Hope that helps.

  25. sadiqalex says:

    This was really helpful!!!!!!! Thanks

  26. Loraine Lacour says:

    Man you helped me on my weak point:p

  27. Acoustic Selection says:

    awesome Loraine! glad I could help!

  28. Miles Brodie says:

    Great playing great singing love of God doesn’t get any better thanks man

  29. angela mayfield says:

    Thank you so so so much!!!!!! Great advice!!! You are an amazing

  30. Stephen Baldo says:

    thank you so much . that’s great advice 

  31. Felicia Studdard says:

    your taylor looks like it is an acoustic/electric guitar.

  32. Nicholas McClain says:

    Thanks for doing these videos they are very helpful. I can sing and play
    the songs I have on an guitar app. I just can’t get the strumming down and
    my timing. Otherwise I am learning new chords and techniques to improve
    greatly appreciated if you can help. Thanks

  33. Ellie Waters says:

    Hi nicole i wonder how to sing constantly?’cause i’ve been singing evryday and it sounds good somehow but sometimes it sounds bad..can u reply me directly to my fb account ??message me!

  34. Gage Avila says:

    Generally, when we sing out of tune, we can hear that something is wrong and we search at random how to correct that.

  35. Raymond Coleman says:

    The best method to sing is to try to attempt often, in 5 to 10 minutes bursts.

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