How to Sing and play Guitar at the same time – Guitar Lesson For Beginners In Hindi By VEER KUMAR

Discover all about How to Sing and play Guitar at the same time – Guitar Lesson For Beginners In Hindi By VEER KUMAR by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing and play Guitar at the same time – Guitar Lesson For Beginners In Hindi By VEER KUMAR.

41 thoughts on “How to Sing and play Guitar at the same time – Guitar Lesson For Beginners In Hindi By VEER KUMAR

  1. Rajnish kumar says:

    OHH wao thats gret you are very healpful …i m watching every video thanx
    a lot

  2. srinivas kalyan says:

    I had witnessed one of the best guitar tutorial till now!!!

  3. aquib javed says:

    sir, plz do guitar chords lesson for song sajni pass bulao na… plz sir…

  4. Neer Singh says:

    Veer Bhai, This is indeed very very helpful for me….. Thx a ton :-)

  5. Neer Singh says:

    I wish I could like this video many times, Wishing lot of success to you.

  6. Mochan Solanki says:

    hi sir,while i am singing with guitar my voice reduces and guitar volume
    becomes more prominent.
    can u help me in this.

  7. fahad attari shaikh says:

    thnkx veer lots of love bro from pakistan…

  8. fahad attari shaikh says:

    in piano tech some single strum….

  9. franckie ningthouja says:

    your teaching is unique,simple,and very precise……!!!!!

  10. Syed Jawad says:

    I like the way u teach man!!!!!

  11. Hari pasagadi says:

    Very very helpful tutorials

  12. Yogesh Chouksey says:

    please tell me about your guitar

  13. Zubaid Khan says:

    Guru humri bhi request puri kr do from movie aashiqui guitar me ply ab tere
    bin jile ge hum plese guru request puri kro

  14. Enjoy Moments says:

    Sir Please {{{{{{{sanam re}}}}}}}}} song ka lesson sikha do

  15. Fahad Khann says:

    Veere I am not able to get this lesson coz the camera angles is far so it’s
    hard to recognize which fingers are pressing which chords while
    shifting…please help

  16. Digvijay Jamwal says:

    Help me to buy 🎸 please…!!! 

  17. naman arora says:

    hii veer i am your new guitar fan i am learning from your vedio

  18. salman -ul-faris says:

    Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else trying to find out
    learn how to sing really well try Alkarno Quick Singer Alchemist (do a
    google search ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my partner
    got amazing success with it.

  19. naman arora says:

    i would like if you give some lessons with capo bcauz i am 14 and i am not
    able to use bar chords

  20. Aarav Obhan says:


  21. Shaikh Shahbaz says:

    my name is shahbaz from Dubai i have some gutair but i don’t no how to play
    plz halp me you come hare and tren me i give you tekeit

  22. Shaikh Shahbaz says:

    give me your cell no plzzz halp me

  23. Raghav Sharma says:

    brilliant tutorial brother 👍👍 helped a lot ☺ i have a request
    too….intro for the song “Phir Mohabbat” (Arjit Singh) MTV Unplugged
    version …thanx for sharing such a vital information 😊😊 keep rocking 😎

  24. Sudhanshu Anand says:

    Sir aap hi mere super star ho kbhii kisi star se milne ka mauka mile aapse
    milna chahuga

  25. milind singh says:

    you rock sir …. hats off to your dedication

  26. Shameem Naim says:

    Please sir sanam Re ka guitar cover upload kr dijiye…
    I like that only by you

  27. Krishna Jaiswal says:

    sir i m from nepal
    it was really help full….

  28. Krishna Jaiswal says:

    but i m geting problem in rythem

  29. Sajjad Hussain says:

    great lessons for all kinds of learners.
    thanks bro.
    we can feel the loyalty and pashion in your teaching style.

  30. Sajjad Hussain says:

    I am gonna like you on Facebook as well.

  31. This guide teaches every thing you must know to get began singing the music you like.

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