HOW TO SING AND GET THE LADIES – 5 Horrible Song Ideas #3

Discover all about HOW TO SING AND GET THE LADIES – 5 Horrible Song Ideas #3 by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here HOW TO SING AND GET THE LADIES – 5 Horrible Song Ideas #3.

The songwriter Roomie performs 5 songs which turned out horribly wrong. Subjects touch on how to sing to get ladies, auto-tune and more.

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41 thoughts on “HOW TO SING AND GET THE LADIES – 5 Horrible Song Ideas #3

  1. Wolfi Games says:

    Didnt see you had 900.000 Been away for a longtime Been away since 90.000

  2. Jackdieplier aka Donna says:

    that FB song is true XD

  3. Lillith Garnet Singer says:

    O M G you are coll Roomie XD XD

  4. Gaming Zer0 says:

    you need to make a song with only 1 note

  5. Gaming Zer0 says:

    what is the type of music in the 0:25

  6. Just Another Weirdo says:

    0:20 lol i know yaoi fangirls wouldn’t leave XD

  7. Diablo Jr says:

    am i the only who likes the song at 0:25 ??

  8. Yuuki Nai Senpai says:

    Cracked up on that last one ^^

  9. Dursai Dursai says:

    Does anyone know the progression of the second song?

  10. Cowlove456 Games says:

    1:00 – 1:09 totally me

  11. Daphne Daughter of Garroth and Aphmau (Queen ShadowCrystal) says:


  12. slender_dj says:

    kan du göra en video när du sjunger på svenska

  13. was he wearing a element animation shirt

  14. the best 911 says:

    make a song of cars and trucks

  15. extreem gamer95 says:

    dude ur awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. The last one NEEDS to be a song

  17. QuadFour21 says:

    Oh man I hate when I get kicked in the bowls.

    I’m so sorry.

  18. Diana Labode says:

    Omg I love you!! 😂💜💜

  19. Rosie Watchorn says:

    I loved this, so funny!! 😂

  20. Kawaii Walrus says:

    The “This is how you sing when”- song was actually a great idea 😂😂

  21. The one note song is my favourite. I would simply love to hear a full

  22. Lunática Ro says:

    Roomie is freakin’ hilarious omg how could anyone dislike his videos?

  23. Tiffanee Queeshes says:

    for some reason, the part where he sings to “get the ladies” is actually
    really hot

  24. This was sooo funny. LOL this is how you isng when someone’s kicked you in
    the balls.

  25. one day your going to get smacked

  26. jedi sammy says:

    0:59 Ok that one needs to be in asdfmovie.

  27. carlton harrison says:

    ‘this is how you sing’ has a shittone of potential

  28. NoviceGamer Tutorials and Gaming says:

    Hey roomie bought element animation mercy! :)

  29. Christian Osborne says:

    Dude you should make the Facebook song into a full real song it would be

  30. daquan rivers says:

    I hate that I love these songs.

  31. Lucy Boyd says:

    They may help you enhance your singing voice considerably and critique you alongside the way.

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