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In this episode, vocal coach Kevin Richards shows you an advanced singing technique exercise to bring amazing power to the male second male bridge or passagio. This exercise will help strengthen the upper mixed voice and create a “chest like” quality to the voice.

WARNING! : This is an advanced exercise. DO NOT attempt if you fear doing damage to your voice because of weak or unbalanced breath support.


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18 thoughts on “How to Sing / Advanced Mixed Voice Lesson / Free Vocal Tip

  1. Cole Masiuk says:

    Thanks for posting this Kevin!

  2. Keith Kessinger says:

    Your lessons are always so helpful!

  3. Kevin Richards Rock the Stage NYC says:

    Thanks and LOVE the YT channel name.

  4. Thomas Schuh says:

    Hi Kevin, so helpful for developing singing without strain, thank you! Do
    you have a further hint for the belting portion, please? Here I am
    struggling not to fall back in pure chest or remain too much in heady
    sound. Best Regards, Thomas.

  5. Kevin Richards Rock the Stage NYC says:

    None that I would post publicly. This exercise here is serious singing

  6. Kevin Richards Rock the Stage NYC says:

    That’s a siren with a crescendo. It has its purposes too but generally
    you’re after a consistent volume on every pitch.

  7. Zheng Pan says:

    Hi what do you think of Ken Tamplin? Do you and him use the same approach
    to singing?

  8. Kevin Richards Rock the Stage NYC says:

    It’s a similar approach but I am not locked into just a classical, open
    throat approach as Ken is. Each singer and the music they sing is
    different. Just as I don’t believe SLS is the answer to everything, I don’t
    believe the classical way is the answer to it all either. Ken is a great
    singer and it works for him and that’s great, but I believe in a more well
    rounded technique with little bits of everything.

  9. forgot your cigarettes says:

    Hey Kevin you’re awesome man, keep up these good videos. I’m sixteen and
    I’ve never had any vocal training except youtube videos, my pitch is
    horrible and im overall a very bad singer. Can Breaking The Chains help me?
    I’m really looking forward to buying it, I just dont have the money yet.

  10. Guy Schwartz Official (‫גיא שוורץ‬‎) says:

    Naaaa.. Kevin’s the best :)

  11. Hi, i’ve watched alot of your videos but I couldn’t find anything about
    stuff like vibrato and melisma. Do you have any exercises because I can’t
    vibrato at all. Thanks.

  12. Kevin Richards Rock the Stage NYC says:

    Vibrato is a natural occurrence of the voice if it is free of tension. If
    you can’t vibrato than you are too tense somewhere. I have never put up a
    vibrato video because there are so many on YouTube already. Mine would just
    be drop in a large ocean. 

  13. Zul Qarnain Abdullah says:

    Hi Kevin. I can do mix voice till B4 sometimes C5 with the siren. but I
    cannot sing a song even in A4 range. Why is that so? Can you evaluate my
    voice if i send you my recording? How much does it cost?

  14. Taichientaoyin says:

    I have a question? can everyone sing the “and I …will always love
    youuu”of Whitney Huston? or no matter how much technique and practice some
    people just can’t?

  15. Structured lessons are the best way to go. Had I not learned through structured vocal training, I would still be struggling with my voice and would have minimal improvement.

  16. Everyone has a voice, but sometimes we need help finding it. At South End Music School, we provide voice lessons for students of all ages from 10 years old and any ability.

  17. All lessons follow the unique Little Voices concept with the group having their Drama lesson one week and their Singing lesson on the alternate week.

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