How to sing: Adele – Rolling in the Deep

Discover all about How to sing: Adele – Rolling in the Deep by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to sing: Adele – Rolling in the Deep.

How to sing: Adele – Rolling in the Deep

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In this video I show you how to sing with Adele’s depth and richness in tone.

41 thoughts on “How to sing: Adele – Rolling in the Deep

  1. The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho says:

    Melbourne Australia

  2. The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho says:

    Thank you so much =)

  3. The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho says:

    My favourite is Musical Theatre! But I sing a lot of pop, soft rock and
    opera as well.

  4. Jade Thorpe says:

    You’re really good you videos really help me xxx thanks x

  5. bob duncin says:

    you really helped a lot off ppl when they want to try to sound like her 🙂

  6. If you get famous can I have your autograph?

  7. armchair4 says:

    omk919, she sounds Australian for me 🙂 she’s not faking

  8. Heather HurleySmall says:

    I love your accent, you must of lived in Australia for years

  9. The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho says:

    Yes, I was born in Australia

  10. To be honest she sings better than adele

  11. Veronica Grimaldo says:

    Thanks it really helped cause im going to make a video singing that song
    and well i needed tips and your tips really helped and you sing nive 😀

  12. The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho says:

    Hi Veronica! I’m glad this video has helped you prepare your own video
    singing this song. It’s my pleasure to have been of help in a way, your
    kind words are well-appreciated. Wish you all the best!

  13. Ellie Bajracharya says:

    hey kerri thnks for tht video it helped me a lot r u asian?????????

  14. Estella Ramirez says:

    Love your voice helped a lot 😉

  15. The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho says:

    Glad to hear 🙂

  16. Roses1401 says:

    Yes, you right Kerri, i really get idea!!! Bravooo!!!!

  17. Viktoria Winer says:

    i like this video. it’s so helpful! you are really professional!

  18. Zanna Kirakosian says:

    that was very helpful!! 

  19. kloreenkween says:

    Thank you so much..great tips

  20. ratchanond L says:

    thank you. I very like that song

  21. K`s Korner says:

    you sing okay no offense but drop the accent please when your singing but I
    love it normally while your speaking who agree`s?

  22. The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho says:

    #HowToSingLikeAdele #RollingInTheDeep #HowToSing

    How to sing: Adele – Rolling in the Deep

  23. Aparajita Chowdhury says:

    those were some amazing tips! i’m actually planning to sing rollingin the
    deep for a competition and i’m gonna make sure i follow these tips :)

  24. Jackie Smith says:

    Love your videos! Thanks for the great tips. Very helpful!

  25. Nia Williams says:

    thank you for the tips they help a lot but singing isn’t for everybody

  26. Hatch Man Do says:

    I dont see any change in your jaw. I think you just got louder and yes–
    you did some sliding.

  27. Giovanni Cox says:

    Additionally, singers need to have the ambition and drive to continually study and improve, 29 because the process of studying singing does not end after an initial diploma or degree is finished-even decades after finishing their initial training, professional singers continue to seek out vocal coaching to hone their skills, extend their range, and learn new styles.

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