42 thoughts on “How to sing Ad Libs

  1. Perry McCune says:

    I love her she goes to my church

  2. sean jones says:

    thank you this is really do understand that !!

  3. H. Hameed says:

    You’re so lucky, and have such beautiful vocals!! I’ve got such a small
    vocal range that nothing is possible. No matter how hard I try and how hard
    I work on it 🙁

  4. L3Cture on the Mic says:

    I’m used to hearing teachers say sorry when they mess up. You apologize
    when you can’t sing bad on purpose. xD

  5. For close to 40 years I didn’t know how to sing. Now I am teaching myself
    and I watched 3 videos so far and I’m going to subscribe. You answered my
    questions in the few minutes I watched than all the practice I’ve done in
    the past year. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  6. Shane Daneyko says:

    Hi Dileesa! My name is Shane. Im 13, and I’m an aspiring singer. Would you
    be so kind to watch one of my videos, and see where i’m going wrong? I tend
    to sing in my throat a lot! Please reply and if you could, subscribe to my
    channel. I always watch your videos in awe. SO do you have any tips for my

  7. faisa brown says:

    I love u I love ur voice and I love your advice.:)

  8. purpleglitter7 says:

    Your voice is spectacular! I have a vocal coach atm but would definitely
    love to take lessons from you at some point!

  9. BlackMasterJoe89 says:

    Your “bad” example even sounded good lol.

  10. Jeffro Ma'derma says:

    Hey we are a comedian family owned business Thanks your teaching is awesome
    Youtube: foolsonthem ove

  11. Tony Collins says:

    That was unbalanced? Then I quit singing.

  12. Dakotah Jennings says:

    I can’t sing =(. I’ve always wanted to though. I’ve played guitar for 13
    years now, and had people tell me I can sing, but I just don’t hear it. I
    feel it, but don’t hear. Breaks my heart some days when I’d like to cry out
    in song but just can’t seem to do it.

  13. Solomon-kara Peter Charles says:

    Thanks for this piece of value, its helpful!

  14. Charis Whalen says:

    the chair you have in the background.. I have it in my basement:) and I
    love your voice and tips:) thank you so much!

  15. Joe Rolón says:

    again … very useful video explanation . God bless U.

  16. rebekah garcia says:

    It’s called “tagging” But thanks..

  17. George Lejuez says:

    So awesome! Your advices and tips are unbelievable. The way you explain
    things is so much easier to understand. Even your bad example was great,

  18. TheNursey13 says:

    You have a beautiful rich voice…its so smooth!!!!!

  19. MissAnatance says:

    Good one, I believe I was naturally balancing it already, but it’s great to
    become aware of it, so thank you very much.
    Rachel :-)

  20. Perkhoncho Chan says:


  21. PurposelyPlanted says:

    Even without balance it sounded good with you singing it. :)

  22. Aleshia Russell says:

    Do you have synesthesia? 

  23. When you did the low, it sounds like Beyonce, she sings like she can drag
    any note, or OOooo up there, I love her, but I know she ain’t giving it her
    best. But Girl you way better than her! Your voice is beautiful, and can
    sing beauty in all. I think it’s also because you follow through and it’s
    beautiful cuz you can hit them in all the right pitches. Thank you.

  24. 88maartje88 says:

    It helped me a lot but how can u train your Voice to do that?

  25. Quick Singing Tips says:

    Another job well done I see! I like your take on how to do ad libs. I think
    it really comes down to each singer’s personal preference in this
    particular situation.
    I think I naturally balance when I sing a lot but I think there are also
    times when I just sing it straight depending on what overall feel I want
    for the song.
    When singers are first starting out learning new techniques they generally
    go with what is taught to them but somewhere down the line they start to
    discover how to tweak something to their benefit and I think this falls
    under that category.
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and keep up the lessons.
    Best, Marvin

  26. FluckMyLife says:

    When you said that it was ugly and then you sang it and then said ‘ew’….
    What was wrong with that, it sounded great!

  27. Bella Soto says:

    You even made the unbalanced version sound great!!! You are an outstanding
    singer 🙂 I don’t have the best of voice but I’m trying to learn how to
    control my voice so it can sound good! My voice is OKAY, it’s a bit deep.

  28. Josh Walker says:

    I absolutely love your videos!! This one was nicely done! Real quick
    question. How do you know when a song is a bit too “runny” lol? Cuz I’ve
    heard artists such as Kim Burrell,Jazmine Sullivan, or Brandy and their run
    placement and vocality is pretty spot on… But I’ve heard other singers do
    it..and it just seems like it’s..well, too much.. overkill… How do you
    find a happy medium?

  29. violla shandukurai says:

    Gel I love ur tutorials …u gar a great personality too

  30. Today’s all about me learning how to play the guitar and appreciating what it’s like to be a beginner singer!

  31. This course is designed to assist people of all ages and talent levels improve their singing.

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