How To Sing a Cover of The Word by The Beatles Vocal Harmony Breakdown Tutorial

Discover all about How To Sing a Cover of The Word by The Beatles Vocal Harmony Breakdown Tutorial by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How To Sing a Cover of The Word by The Beatles Vocal Harmony Breakdown Tutorial.

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Learn how to sing a cover of The Word by The Bealels vocal harmony by The Beatles. Video harmonies breakdown lesson by Galeazzo Frudua on The Word Beatles harmonies breakdown. Enjoy!

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45 thoughts on “How To Sing a Cover of The Word by The Beatles Vocal Harmony Breakdown Tutorial

  1. Murray Melander says:

    This is great. Especially as Paul is now doing this in his stage set. Thank

  2. MrSahansdal says:

    This is unbelievable. The first time you did it, it was insane. This time
    you really outdid yourself! How do you do this? Do you have more ears than
    we do? 🙁

  3. Emilio Paredes says:

    Genial Galeazzo, simplemente GENIAL..!!

  4. Regina Patricio says:

    how did you the harmony like the here comes the sun you are cooler than i

  5. Joan sin ache says:

    you have no idea how badly i wait this tutorial, you’re a genius 😀

  6. Timur Shagivaleev says:

    Galeazzo, I was about to file a complaint on your omitting of the lower
    overdubbing in the first verse… But… this time you have absolutely
    outperformed yourself! So much genuine energy! And good idea using the
    original music track by the way. Go on carry the light to the masses!

  7. rickenbacker40011 says:

    galeazzo i was curious about who you would say has the most impressive
    vocal styles out of the beatles

  8. Hollies? I have to do Bus Stop, Look Through Any Window and I Can’t Let Go.
    I’m sure a breakdown of the harmonies on Carrianne would be amazing…as
    would any. Your work is fantastic! I have to do the Lennon part of Saw Her
    Standing There and I learned from you that high part that he crosses into
    in the middle eight. I never recognized that!

  9. gdholmfirth says:

    I used to think I did a good job of carefully listening to and breaking
    down Beatles songs. I was wrong. I can’t begin to touch the job done by Mr.

  10. ..e io che pensavo di amare i Beatles! Il tuo prezioso e competente lavoro
    di “vivisezione” delle armonie non produce altro che questo:più li conosci
    e più ti piacciono! Credo di capire che sia così anche per te..grazie di
    cuore, e non è vero che “l’emozione non ha voce” – come invidio la tua
    capacità di coprire l’estensione di Paul!!

  11. Pat Jackman says:

    Oh, man! I’ve done these harmonies for years and you’ve picked up on one or
    two little things I completely missed! Brilliant! You’re a fecker and I
    hate you!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. karmicrevolutionary says:

    fab-tastic…I love writing my own songs but haven’t got the tonsils for
    the harmonies I can hear in my head….unlike you

  13. Marcelo Chaves says:

    My friend, is your microphone a blue mic?

  14. elirosen1391 says:

    This is brilliant. I’m glad you pointed out the double-tracking variation
    at the beginning. I never guessed Paul did that many on record. I don’t
    know if George sang on this or not, but I think I have a good idea of the
    where and what…

  15. Jeff Allen says:

    I’m having quite a bit of difficulty with this one. Does anyone have the
    notation for the verses (ex John: (D)(E)(F#) … PAUL (F#)(G)(A)…)?

  16. orlandogoes83 says:

    Great training, thanx a lot…could I ask you if you have “I ll get you”?
    Thank you again master!!!

  17. Weida Huang says:

    How did you get the original track in The Word? Like how did you separate
    the vocals from the track?? Thank you!

  18. Luis Armando says:

    First of all, I really appreciate your work. Such an amazing voice, and an
    awesome taste for good music! Could you share a link of the isolated audio
    track, without the vocals?? I would like to practice.. thanks!

  19. I agree, this is one of Lennon’s best works! Top track of ’65 IMO. It
    sounds like Lennon or McCartney could have written it, a defining track for

  20. Guerrilha Rock! says:

    Fucking shit! Thanks for that,

  21. Peter Brabant says:

    This is why Brian Wilson was blown away by Rubber Soul the close harmony
    parts inspired him to create the greatest album of all time: Pet Sounds!
    Listen to 8:45… and you know what i mean

  22. Jeff Allen says:

    I’m sure this has been asked before but who is singing that highest harmony
    (peeking at F5) on the last verse and chorus? I assume only Paul can go
    that high but it sure sounds like George. Is that even possible? Perhaps
    varispeed was used somehow?

  23. farandulator fix says:

    Galeazzo what about More than Words`s armony BY EXTREME .you can teach us
    it please.

  24. Jeff Golightly says:

    Really appreciate the hard work you do for us…did i see you on NBC news
    covering the plane crash in the French Alps? If not, that guy looks just
    like you! Thanks again. (The Word is harder than I thought!)

  25. Merseyrock says:

    Great insights! into the harmonies of this song…

    Paul did it live in Bologna, in 2011…

  26. Tom Hession says:

    On the Rubber Soul album it says George Martin contributed vocals as well.

  27. MrSahansdal says:

    Galeazzo, I must have missed this remake. Thanks for doing it. This and
    Revolver are my favorite period. I’ll have to go hear the Beatles now, for
    all those Paul variations. I knew they were there, but your separating
    them out is fascinating. So cool.

  28. Percy Thrillington says:

    I really LOVE this song :))))

  29. The DS Guy says:

    This is one of The Beatles’ weaker songs. I don’t really like how they sing
    minor thirds over major chords. I know it’s supposed to make it bluesy, but
    it’s used too much in this song. Whenever I play a major chord and hum a
    dissonant interval, the notes usually clash. However, most musicians find a
    way to make those intervals sound okay in their recordings.

  30. sanya aynas says:


  31. Jack Gibson says:

    The passing harmony at 8:51 – 8:53 is so fascinatingly rich!

  32. Avery Reilly says:

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  33. Ayden Dennis says:

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  34. Hannah Mullen says:

    These five steps will help you to feel free while you are singing!

  35. Valeria Vazquez says:

    My name is Sarah and I am professional singing teacher based here in Bath teaching all ages and abilities to sing.

  36. Even these six tips for better singing won’t be 100% effective until you feel confident.

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