How To Sing a cover of Help Beatles Vocal Harmony Lesson Tutorial

Discover all about How To Sing a cover of Help Beatles Vocal Harmony Lesson Tutorial by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How To Sing a cover of Help Beatles Vocal Harmony Lesson Tutorial.

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Learn how to sing a cover of Help by The Beatles vocal harmony. Video harmonies breakdown lesson by Galeazzo Frudua on Help Beatles harmonies Tutorial. Enjoy!

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42 thoughts on “How To Sing a cover of Help Beatles Vocal Harmony Lesson Tutorial

  1. David Koval says:

    Genius! thank you You’ve Helped ! Our Beatle band so much in these
    tutorials The Truffles Beatle cover band 

  2. George Harrison says:

    Thanks alot gale! Im currently working on a help cover for the music lesson
    now im prepared :D

  3. Dreamcatcher90 says:

    I’ve seen this one and “I’ll be back” so far and I’m lovin it.
    I’ve already picked out a lot of harmonies/vocals by ear. I’m a pianist who
    play by ear instead of sheet music. But you’ve taught me a lot about these
    songs that I didn’t know about. It’s really educational and enjoyable.
    Thank you! Do more!

  4. Dreamcatcher90 says:

    …and you have a great voice, might I add! 

  5. Cleber da Cunha says:

    Awesome video. I was playing and singing it all wrong. I saw your video and
    ran through my albuns to hear the original version and it is amazing how
    right you are sir. It is very accurate. Thank you.

  6. Joe Pelella says:

    Ma quello che c’era prima fatto con i due amici lo hai rimosso?

  7. What’s the effect you’re using on your voice?

  8. yetbo enguio says:

    Always the best! Great and thanks!

  9. My favorite band and my favorite Lennon song. Thank you so much for helping
    me with songs I have been singing for the past 30 years.

  10. Eder Freitas Izidoro says:

    Muito fantastico !!!

  11. guitars23 says:

    Good but you’re lacking the cracking of lennons vlicein the song

  12. Marcus Crassus says:

    Woow! Amazing Job. Its really tricky song for Vocals. 

  13. Jaime Madrid says:

    Thank you!!! i needed some Help with this song :P

  14. Jean Michel Platen says:

    Wonderful job that you make, absolutly worth to be widely shared
    In addition I love the Beatles, and better, their time of glory was the one
    of my teen age, but their tunes are immortal and still make me deeply

  15. MANUVAR1972 says:


  16. Greg Boardman Band says:

    You have a great voice…. the Black Knight

  17. Claudio Lobato says:

    very very good (muito muito bom!)

  18. Manny Roldan says:

    I wanna like this video a billion times over, awesome job.

  19. Yesterday stucked in the traffic of İstanbul I was singing some of Beatles
    Songs; Help, All my loving, etc. I try to sing back vocals of Paul in Help
    but can’t do it and thouht there should be someone on youtube who shows the
    back vocals for Beatles. But wasn’t expecting such amazing vocal harmony
    lessons on Beatles songs. Excellent job. Thanks a lot from, Turkey.

  20. Roberto Madferit says:

    One of the most difficult songs to sing by the beatles. You’re a genius

  21. Diana Blackwell says:

    So glad I discovered these videos. It’s like hearing the music for the
    first time. Before, as much as I enjoyed the early Beatles, I was hearing
    only one dimension. Thanks for sharing your great talent!

  22. In this song so the verse backing vocals sings long consonants, seems, that
    every rule depends to ghe context

  23. Georgie Thumbs says:

    You are the best vocal teacher on the internet today, hands down no

  24. Can you please please do when I’m 64

  25. julio césar flores says:


  26. supraludwick83 says:

    you sound like Steve Carell

  27. Shannan McCurry says:

    I’m actually really glad I watched it because it was very useful and
    interesting so thank you

  28. InsightForKids Today says:

    Hey! I may have a trip to Italy as back-up for a Traditional Western
    Singer, he’s been touring there for years my involvement is still in
    question but I thought “I’d love to meet Galeazzo Frudua”! Haha!

  29. Victor Huff says:

    He was requested by a division retailer to write a Christmas track for teenagers.

  30. Julian Taylor says:

    You may also ask your friends and family if they know anyone who is taking or giving singing lessons.

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