How To Sing a Cover of Come Together by The Beatles Vocal Harmony Breakdown Tutorial

Discover all about How To Sing a Cover of Come Together by The Beatles Vocal Harmony Breakdown Tutorial by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How To Sing a Cover of Come Together by The Beatles Vocal Harmony Breakdown Tutorial.

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Learn how to sing a cover of Come Together vocal harmony by The Beatles. Video harmonies breakdown lesson by Galeazzo Frudua on Come Together Beatles harmonies breakdown. Enjoy!

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41 thoughts on “How To Sing a Cover of Come Together by The Beatles Vocal Harmony Breakdown Tutorial

  1. GreenshieldKnight says:

    listen carefully and you can hear its Paul’s voice

  2. Wow I have been singing the Beatles for over 30 years but you got it down
    very well! I have been singing Michael Stipe since 1991 and think I am
    pretty good but wonder if you have any tips on him.

  3. The Beatles Vocal Harmony says:

    I have 3 videos on Queen in this channel 🙂

  4. ShartimusPrime says:

    I believe Paul played the drums on the track. But regardless, great videos!

  5. StarRevolution90 says:

    I think you are thinking of Back to the USSR.

  6. MadTitan Productions says:

    never knew you were a beatles fan, shart!

  7. rocknrollman beatlemaniadude says:

    Dude this guy right here is my mentor in vocals 😀 thank u for making
    these videos man I sing better cause of u!!

  8. jimmmmybrady says:

    Paul was mimicking Mick Jagger.

  9. Roberto Ferreira says:

    Great job man! Greetings from Brazil!

  10. Thierry G says:

    Do you have “That’s why God made the radio” (Beach Boys 2012) ? It’s a
    wonderful album with a lot of fantastic harmonies that you could teach
    us… (By the way, nice job, as usually, on this video that I share of

  11. The Beatles Vocal Harmony says:

    Thanks Thierry, I am working on 3 of the most famous Beach Boys tunes.

  12. The Beatles Vocal Harmony says:

    This makes me proud!

  13. rocknrollman beatlemaniadude says:

    how do u find vocals of whos who?

  14. jeanmichel usseglio-viretta says:

    hey Galle, interesting discussion on the major to minor vocals. It might be
    obvious but sometimes the obvious things are not always easy to understand.
    Here it goes: Come together is a rock’n’roll song, and it uses power
    chords, meaning the 5th replaces the 3th (which determines minor or major
    chords). So this song is neither major nor minor, it’s rock n roll and it
    works for any song with power chords.

  15. The Beatles Vocal Harmony says:

    Right… is the “blues” language and the use Paul makes of this here is
    quite curious indeed…

  16. Дмитрий Семиболотний says:

    how to add my video answer?

  17. Rod Thorn says:

    I know you have the little accent in there BUT, your almost surgical
    precision that you separate the different singers is nothing short of high
    professionalism. If I were Paul McCartney I would send you a special thanks
    for opening these songs like a dictionary of their method of music. Really
    great work.

  18. lucas araoz says:

    John is singing both voices, it is not mccartney’s voice the lowest one

  19. Joshua Castner says:

    Good job! And nice voice by the way!

  20. JJJKKKILoveyou says:

    how do you sing the very first part of come together, the “shuckkk” park,
    or something? please, this is super urgent…. great video by the way!

  21. jackprice93 says:

    He actually says “shoot me” believe it or not!

  22. Gotti0905 says:

    Hey, you did a great job again. I’m a big fan of you and your videos. As I
    think the Abbey Road Album is one of the most excelent examples of
    brilliant vocal harmonies, espacially on the backside, I’d like to ask you
    if can do some tutorials of the songs “Because” and “I want you (She’s so
    heavy)”. I think those would be really interesting to analyse. Hope you
    share my opinion. 🙂
    Greetings from Austria

  23. pullinstringstheband says:

    I read that John sang both parts like Lucas stated below. How you can pick
    out the harmonies in “Michelle” is incredible. Love your work.

  24. Charlie Burns says:

    The lower harmony is definitely McCartney, have you ever heard his voice?

  25. Ricardo Félix says:

    I prefer when you sing more than splain

  26. Matthew Maness says:

    What mic and guitar effect are so using?

  27. kiarish gugu says:

    Ciao! Per caso hai fatto un video sui “across the universe”?
    Sarebbe interessante!! 

  28. Canal Beatlemania says:

    Hey, how do you do that effect on your voice? To post “Metallic”? I can
    achieve this with Audacity?

  29. Jeff Allen says:

    Recording engineer Geoff Emerick said that Lennon did all the vocals
    himself, and when a frustrated McCartney asked Lennon, “What do you want me
    to do on this track, John?”, Lennon replied, “Don’t worry, I’ll do the
    [vocal] overdubs on this.”

    Talking about the sessions in a 1970 interview, McCartney said he was
    disappointed about not singing live with Lennon; “Even on Abbey Road we
    don’t do harmonies like we used to. I think it’s sad. On ‘Come Together’ I
    would have liked to sing harmony with John and I think he would have liked
    me to but I was too embarrassed to ask him and I don’t work to the best of
    my abilities in that situation.”

  30. chicomarques1 says:

    very very nice man!!! well done. i ll follow you here… listen my songs on
    soundcloud, just recorded a new album from Rock Brazil. rope you enjoy

  31. Zeruda Densetsu says:

    You are awesome!!! ^^ beatles friend. hihi *blush* (^. ^)

  32. NuarInJazz says:

    Check out our interpretation of this fantastic song:

  33. Thanks so much for posting these; what a tremendous help to us guys trying
    to improve our harmonizing skills

  34. David Valadez says:

    Excelente video, me fue de mucha ayuda!
    Me gusta mucho ver tus vídeos.

  35. Sam Turton says:

    You’re my hero, Galeazzo! Here’s a new and totally different stylistic and
    vocal arrangement Beatles fans will surely enjoy –

  36. James merrill says:

    John HATED doing vocal track overdubs, absolutely hated doing them. Ken
    Townsend (Abby Road engineer) came up with ADT, Automated Double Tracking
    which John loved because he didn’t have to sing more than once as the ADT
    supplied an immediate second vocal which was variable in speed. The backup
    vocal on Come Together is clearly Paul.

  37. Joel Hickman says:

    Im trying to get back to it again but being that I never have taken lessons I dont know where to begin.

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