How To Sing a cover of Ask Me Why Beatles Vocal Harmony Lesson Tutorial

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=-PLEASE_SHARE-= Learn how to sing Ask Me Why vocal harmony by The Beatles. Video harmonies breakdown lesson by Galeazzo Frudua on Ask Me Why Beatles harmonies parts isolated. Enjoy!

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40 thoughts on “How To Sing a cover of Ask Me Why Beatles Vocal Harmony Lesson Tutorial

  1. rickey011 says:

    you’re great it’s really awesome that you take the time to figure all of these vocal melodies out to help out all of the singers and Beatles fans of youtube

  2. Mau Guzman says:

    BIG fan of you, big fan, congratulation, Loved your if i fell cover! applauses for you!!!

  3. Benoit Guy says:

    Thank you for the vocal harmony lesson.

  4. Conner MacDonald says:

    this is a fascinating study and having been in a rock group for years I know how difficult getting guys up to the mic to harmonize can be. I wish I had your talent and skill around back then > This has been very enjoyable. Thanks.

  5. LeonardAaron says:

    Great harmony! Not many people can hear it or separate it! Incidentally, the lyric is “never, never never feel BLUE”.

  6. LikeWiseLikeYou says:

    This is actually a rather mysterious song in the Beatle’s catalogue.
    EMI destroyed the other tape reels of this song, and it is ultimately unknown how many takes there were of this song.
    Elvis Costello once said that walking into a recording session with “Ask Me Why” as just another B-side is simply incredible. He’s absolutely right.
    This is one of the earliest examples of class-A songwriting from the boys.
    As far as 1962/1963 is concerned, there is little meaningful competition.

  7. Andras Kovacs says:

    Your website is still under construction! But why? I love your tutorials. I would like to learn more from you.

  8. Nicky Name says:

    Frudua try this harmony in:” Ask me why I’ll say I love and I’m always thinking of you” G#m F#m G#m Amaj7.

  9. Nicky Name says:

    Sorry I forget: G#m7 F#m7 G#m7 and Amaj7. Sounds much more better.

  10. Check out my video if you get a chance. I could make it thanks to your instruction!! Search for Miu Ma ask me why!

  11. Hi Galaezzo, Your tutorials are brilliant. Could I just ask what mic you use as I notice that you are singing quite close yet are not getting sibilance on the S sounds or pop sounds on the P sound? Thanks, Phil

  12. The Beatles Vocal Harmony says:

    Click the donate link in the video description and check the premiums for who donates 🙂

  13. Gary Yudman says:

    I decided to sing this last minute for a musical audition, and this helped so much!

  14. beach gal says:

    Nice – been singing this since 1963 when they hit – we listened to every song, taking each totally apart so we could do what they do! These harmonies are still with me in my repertoire today.

  15. I’ve also been singing all this for the past 50 years, struggling with the highs since my voice changed….now it ain’t happening. Time to sit back and watch someone else do it better than I ever could. Thanks.

  16. Rudi Brevis says:

    I’d like some advice on how to fix/ heal my singing folsetto voice. I had a head/throat cold about 2 – 3 months ago. Now! still, i cannot switch, from Natural singing voice to Folsetto, as easily and clearly, as I used to be able to do it.

    Q: What can I do to get that back, as I am performing at a wedding in february(2014).

    Thank you

    Rudi GB

  17. willy1864 says:

    You are just awesome Man. It that a beautiful arrangement or what. You don’t hear harmonies like that too often!!!.Great job. Love & peace my friend. 

  18. Ricardo Dias says:

    Really awesome! But I believe there is a wrong chord in the harmony played.
    In the part “That I, I, I… Should never never never be blue”… The sequence fo chords, I believe, is C#m Am F# B7. And f I am wrong, please please me.

  19. Ricardo Dias says:

    Ahh… Just to say I really love all you are doing… Good work.

  20. mickavellian says:

    Gale – just got your lyrics breakdown AMAZING work my dear friend !
    As I told you in my personal email , I get a LOT of drumming info from your vocal deconstructs. Here is one in “Ask me why” 
    This is “almost” a  50s,60s swing feel  but it is mixed with a “Cuban Bolero” played faster than “And I love her” which is another Bolero. There’s a lot of this Bolero influence in Beatles music(according to Howard Goodall ) and if you play Ravel’s Bolero (which is a Spanish not Cuban Bolero you’ll hear the rhythm in a VERY pronounced marching style, but it is there.
    Thank you Gale

  21. The Beatles Vocal Harmony says:

    +mickavellian glad you liked it and thanks for the donation 🙂 So what is your real name Mick?

  22. John’s voice was different on this album because he was suffering from a cold.

  23. Francisco Quezada says:

    Great lesson !! Thanks a lot !!

  24. U.M.A.R.T says:

    You are a master buddy. Love all the hard work you do. Many, many thanks. You are FAB !

  25. Nelson Downey says:

    Outstanding I love your tutorials. Please post some more.

  26. Gonçalo Veiga says:

    You’re always amazing! Thank you!

  27. Paul Groves says:

    You’re great at these lessons! Thanks very much!!

  28. Rich J. L. says:

    Outstanding. I’m. 63 y/o who would pay 100k for your voice

  29. The Beatles Vocal Harmony says:


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