How To Sing | 5 tips to improve pitch for singing

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Do you wonder why you sing flat or sharp, and you can’t seem to hit the bullseye when it comes to certain notes? Singing in perfect pitch can be difficult, but I am going to show you in this video how you can really improve your pitch for singing with these 5 simple tips.

The top 5 tips are:
1. Listen to different musical styles (Helps improve your musical ear);
2.Aural Exercises to help improve your musical ear;
3. Use ‘placement imagery’ to change the way you think about certain notes;
4. Correct breath support exercises;
5. Correct Vocal placement – The sounds – boo hoo (sob) and Vee help!

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Oh, and here’s a little bit about me, in third person, because well, it’s kind of weird to talk about this stuff when you are in first person 🙂

Vocal coach Roma Waterman has been a vocal coach for performers on the X Factor, The Voice and Australia’s Got Talent. She is an award winning songwriter, performer and author as well as a top vocal instructor. Her main focus is on training correct technique around breathing, resonance and posture, and she is an expert in helping with vocal problems such as voice fatigue, vocal nodules, hoarseness and incorrect technique.

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Well structured course
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