How to Release Tension from Your Throat | Singing Lessons

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42 thoughts on “How to Release Tension from Your Throat | Singing Lessons

  1. suresh kesavan says:

    Copy and paste into Google Skinnimaker Routine and you’ll find out how some
    foods ‘explode’ in your stomach.

  2. Andrew Chisholm says:

    these cover pictures look like they’re from howtobasic 0.0

  3. This really helped me wow thank you 

  4. InfinityShuriken says:

    Thanks for the vid! This also helps if you play a wind instrument (drum
    corps concerns)

  5. Ukelele Gaming says:

    What do i do when my neck keeps sticking out like it pushes up and i i try
    to keep it down and if i do i wont go it stop and it cuts it and its Little
    uncomfortable may it be because of puberty i am thirteen and when i talk
    high to see how it goes it cuts and it sounds like a whisper 

  6. Caca Crumbs says:

    I’ve tried everything to not sing with your throat muscles but nothing seem
    to work. I don’t know if I’m doing it wrong or something, but it don’t
    work. I don’t even know anymore. Jesus is giving me hints. 

  7. Lexa Terrestrial says:

    i realize how helpful humming is. wasn’t until i started doing sirens..
    but this relaxes my throat & jaw a lot

  8. *-* Hey DIOR *-* says:

    Omg best tips ever it works great for me 

  9. Joseph Watkins says:

    This video was so helpful, thanks so much; Jesus Christ Bless! :)

  10. ebony carter says:

    Leandria johnson the best singer, watch her videos on YouTube and u will
    understand how to sang,

  11. Drink warm water with a half teaspoon of honey. You will be amazed at how
    much better you sound.

  12. Dalia Huq says:

    i can’t sing front of people. what should i do

  13. PURA PARA says:

    what happens if i cant reach to the note without the tension in my throat?

  14. vascarplus says:

    I have an idea to relax her throat tension….wanna hear my idea?

  15. guyoflife says:

    Don’t forget lip rolls, yawning and gentle coughing to engage the lower
    body muscles

  16. Jesse Nelson says:

    Hello Howcast, that was very interesting. I have a poster on my wife’s wall
    in the nursing home I believe might help her. It says: “Sing every day for
    ten minutes, It helps to relieve stress, helps your breathing, lowers blood
    pressure andmight even help you live longer” Do you think this is true? One
    reason I am commenting on your video is because I really want my wife to
    live forever! Well, here is the problem: She has a problem swallowing and
    gets strangled easily. The doctor ordered rehab for her swallowing muscels
    and electrodes on her neck right on her throat near her epiglottis, larynx
    area. This is helping but very slowly. I would think if she would sing
    songs that would involve singing in different octives and singing loudly
    might help. I told her today to practice yodeling which she can’t do very
    well but she tried…..What do you think?

  17. Kayoz Dadyburjor says:

    tomorrow is my singing competition if I get selected I’ll go to the finals
    I’m so nervous my voice suddenly changed today while singing I’m very
    nervous for tomm anyone know what to do

  18. ThePeterParkour says:

    Your voice fits in to the “Duck Song”

  19. LiGHT YagAmi says:

    Don’t click Read more

    You are a rebel, i like you

  20. Carolina RP says:

    i want a “how not to sing like a dying whale” tutorial

  21. Quick Singing Tips says:

    This was a helpful piece of advice. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I
    was doing some research on this topic and I came across this video as one
    of the first resources.The last thing most singers need it pressure or
    tension in/on their throat while practicing or singing front of a crowd.
    Visualization can also help by picturing you are in some happy setting and
    calm in addition to the tips mentioned in this video. Best, Marvin Lee:-]

  22. Amande Bou Assaf says:

    how come that with the same song, sometimes i can sing it and sometimes
    not.. sorry about my english anyway

  23. Amethyst ™ says:


  24. Because Kpop💕 says:

    I need to sing like taeyang . Yep haha

  25. I reach high or low notes when I bend my neck.

  26. Naomi Sutherland says:

    Thank you that was very helpful. Throat tension is my worst nightmare at
    the moment but I’m working on it. Thank you, that was very approachable and

  27. MR TURTLE says:

    I hope this lesson and my summer lesson of singing help me :)

  28. Roblox Queen says:

    Throat tension is horrible for me right now! I can hardly sing, but after
    doing theses things I can acually get my voice loud and make it sound

  29. How do I sing like Jungkook like wtf how does he even do it that little
    angel bean

  30. Anyah Kearney says:

    thanks for stealing my name😂

  31. can i be a good singer if i want to

  32. Pablo Leroy Jerez says:

    How is it to talk from the back of your throat?

  33. GamerMysteryBro says:

    I found a way to shield myself from demons and ghost and only see angels

  34. Tanner Campbell says:

    There is more to singing than a fantastic voice.

  35. Dominic Christensen says:

    However, what you will need to learn is that your voice is essentially the product of the work that your vocal chords do. Those vocal chords are muscle groups, and that signifies that very like an athlete that you must train your muscle tissues.

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