How to project your voice – vocal projection when you sing

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How to project your voice when you sing

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Hey guys! Madeleine Harvey here, and thank you so much for joining me today! In today’s video we’re going to talk about how you can get the most from using vocal projection. So if you like today’s video, give it a thumbs up or click the subscribe button below…I would love to see you here everyday!! Let’s be friends!

Projection…. what is it? We’re going to get into that in a moment. But first, let’s talk about what it is NOT. Most people will simply say that projection is making your voice loud so that everyone can hear. But Projection is so much more than volume. So try not to think of Projection and volume as being one and the same.

Projection has movement. It’s extending your voice into the mask. When vibrations collect in the front of your skull- or your mask, you will pick up a ton of volume. It will be focused and fluid at the same time. The biggest issue that many people have with projection is lack of access to the mask. So when people are increasing their volume, there is a big tendency to emphasize the throat while attempting projection. When this happens, vibrations get stuck inside the throat, and the sound itself gets shouty and shrill.

The best way to get off the throat and propel your sound more towards your mask is to play with a crazy baby sound. This whacky sound will shift your resonance by unlocking the tone off the throat. The key thing to remember here my friends is that having this access is much better than having a great sound right now. So if you feel a mental block coming on, like “I don’t want to sound like this when I sing.” Never fear, you won’t sound like this when you sing. We are simply using this crazy sound to afford us access to build a frame of reference. Once you have that entry point, you can then fill in more warmth by bringing the sound down into a more balanced place that is representative of you.

The best time to practice this skill of projection is every time you open your mouth to speak. Most of our vocal habits aren’t from singing; they are habits that carry over into singing from speaking. So use any opportunity where you are using your voice to create new behaviors. I recommend reading aloud for a couple of minutes a day. This is a great time to play without being critical of your sound while still maintaining your awareness into the mask. Get silly! The sillier the better! Be fluid while jumping around in pitch. This is how songs are guys! They are flexible and powerful at any given moment. The more you practice landing your sound into the mask, the more you will notice an increase in range, flexibility as well as projection.

There you have it guys! How to use vocal projection! If you liked this video, and would like to learn more, I have a complete lesson available on my website called Ready, Aim. Sing! Vocal power and projection. Simply click the link below to download the complete lesson.

And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for other helpful singing and performance tips. I would love to see you here all the time! Thanks for joining me today! I’ll see you next time!

27 thoughts on “How to project your voice – vocal projection when you sing

  1. Tedy Loverholicx says:

    TQ for the video Madeleine, its new for me & i really learned alot about
    it.. Medaleine, can you make a video about the definition & the steps to
    produce melisma,run & riffs, vocal trills & also passaggio.. i really dont
    understand the meaning.. i hope u can make a video about it.. i
    really..really appreciate it.. (sorry for my bad english)

  2. Hubert Torzewski says:

    I see that baby voice is just twanging A LOT. The problem is that it’s very
    easy to strain your throat while doing it (for me at least) because it
    causes too much vocal cords closure and it’s kind of difficult to “just do
    the baby voice” with 100% relaxed throat and neck. Second thing is I don’t
    know how it should sound for the guys?

  3. Mindy Kensler says:

    This is the sound that helps access belting in the mix too, correct? So
    putting the voice in a really forward place is the key to both. The crazy
    baby cracks me up (the cat hates it though)!

  4. Simon Spampinato says:

    First of all I wanted to tell you that I am a huge fan of your channel and
    totally love that you are giving us these free lessons 🙂
    I have been singing for over 4 years just for fun all the time I was bored
    and I am scared that I might’ve ruined my voice due to singing during my
    voting break. Also my voice feels kind of limited as it’s very hard to sing
    any higher notes. I can’t hear if I hit the right chords so I also wanted
    to ask if you have any advice on that?
    thank you very much and sorry for taking your time :)

  5. Gregory Sarma says:

    You can be a stand up comedian, or an actor, or a host of some reality
    show, and you will still have my undivided attention.
    Thank you for this video. :-)

  6. Indra Desai says:

    your videos are too I hav one question to you..why does my voice
    sound so different when I listen my recordings..its sounds as if sm other
    person is singing..and thats nt me..I feel I sound good live..but not wen

  7. shafiq Shaharuddin says:

    hey madeleine . i tried doing the “baby” sound but my voice was kinda
    cracked at the end and i hate it ! how to escape frm this voice cracking ?
    it’s horrible and i f really wanna try those high notes songs but i stopped
    cus of this “cracks”

  8. David Sisk says:

    This is a very good explanation of bringing your sound forward into the
    mask…very nicely done, Madelein.

  9. Rosannasfriend says:

    Great exercise! Glad I discovered you!

  10. why do i feel like my reckless crazy baby voice hurt my throat a lil…how
    to direct it more forward to the mask from there? #doingitwrong

  11. Hi , great video💖………. My problem is that I tend to sing very softly
    and as soon as I start to project, my voice goes of key and then I end up
    sounding really really bad😭😭…….What can I do ?? , What can I do to be
    able to project my voice and still sound as great as I would be if I wasn’t

  12. This really helped me get into chamber singing, thank you so much

  13. World of sursphere'a says:

    Very entertaining. I’m definitely going to try to enhance my voice with
    different pitches. It’ll help when reading out loud, for storytelling.
    Of course I’m not going to do the Baby voice for the recording’s but I will
    definitely try some to add some of the the highlighted vocal tones and
    maybe deeper in places, depending of the scenario.

  14. Jean-Luc ANDRE says:

    I have some hard time defining crazy baby voice. It is basically high
    pitch, crying / brat voice no? Does men need to go as high than women ?
    Just asking ) thanks a lot for your amazing videos, it helps immensely !

  15. FerretsCantGame says:

    baby So sound like my aunt? 😛 she always sound like that
    especially when you answer the phone to her call. you have to take your ear
    farther She has the kinda voice like Grace(?) from Will and
    grace. dont remember if her name was grace but you all know who I’m talking
    about if you’ve seen the she has that kind of voice. and it can
    be very “baby voice’ at times

  16. Butterfly Kiss says:

    when i was younger i was kidda bullied and has no friends so I rare spoke.
    i almost didnt used my voice for like 5 years. So now i had problems with
    speaking loud like i dont even how to manage my voice 😩 i’ll try your
    tips! thanks!

  17. Kara Dunlap says:

    This completely explains why that one woman who was singing a cover of the
    Diva Dance on YouTube was making some of the most extreme facial
    expressions. She was accessing her mask.

  18. Carol Todreas says:

    What is an exercise ro help me reacg higher notes higher notes

  19. Becky naits says:

    This videos are sooo amazing I tend to sing really badly at home but at
    school I sing well…. I donno hw but thats the case

  20. Abdul Sabtan says:

    My neighbors wouldn’t like that idea so I better do it in my car :)

  21. rocachick860 says:

    This is freaking brilliant!!!!

  22. Adrieli Cristine says:

    okay now my sister thinks I’m crazy but I’ll talk like that forever now,
    it’s funny to see the reaction

  23. Rohan Raj Bisht says:

    Can male singers also do this routine, considering he’s a bass baritone
    then also he has to make that baby sound, and make that baby sound using
    falsetto or head voice?

  24. Ariana Danii says:

    How come whenever i want to hit higher notes i tend to go into my head
    voice? For example: when I sing Listen by Beyonce i cant project but end up
    using my head voice and sound horrible

  25. Birgit Häde says:

    Thank you- very interesting. I realized some kind of cracking while
    speaking!! I take your advice really seriously and will pay attention to
    where the sound is placed every time ‘llI open my mouth .

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