How to Play Simple Songs on acoustic Guitar & Sing vocals

Discover all about How to Play Simple Songs on acoustic Guitar & Sing vocals by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Play Simple Songs on acoustic Guitar & Sing vocals.

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How to Play Simple Songs on acoustic Guitar & Sing vocals

44 thoughts on “How to Play Simple Songs on acoustic Guitar & Sing vocals

  1. Nice. this would definately be very helpful for beginners. Those tips were
    pretty much the key things that helped me to learn how to sing and play

  2. DEFkon001 says:

    A short video, but those are awesome tips! Thanks Tim.

  3. LovesToSpooge77 says:

    hey Tim thanks a lot for your videos I really appreciate it. you seem like
    a nice and funny guy and I’m really grateful that you’re spending time to
    make these videos for us, so thank you

  4. thanx for the info 🙂 i always wondered how one would learn to sing and
    play at same time . great info

  5. thanks!great lesson really helped me a lot! (no clue why but somehow he
    reminded me of jack black when he was strumming and saying change.had to
    giggle a bit.)

  6. i am mad because at the end when you said rockon your supposed to say good
    people!! and thanks for this lol

  7. Nick Bradford says:

    why does your guitar have a double fret marker on the 7th fret?

  8. Leonard Pederson says:

    Tim, you are making some useful segments. In fact, everyone at NLG seems to
    be doing good work.

  9. kevin8122006 says:

    Is it just me or does Tim’s shirt look almost exactly like the background?
    LOL. Great lesson Tim. Rock on!

  10. santiprom69 says:

    Is is true that Elvis Presley only knew 2 chords for the guitar playing? or
    he was just kidding?

  11. NancyToday says:

    LOL, you said “Down Up” as you strummed up down! Course, it was probably
    the sound was running behind.

  12. lowrollinkewee says:

    i had the same problem T.T , but after awhile i almost had it, hopefully
    this lesson will help for the rest.

  13. Andres Lombana says:

    lol i was like playing and saying change!! change!!! and my brother was
    looking me like.. are you ok??

  14. bobnfreely says:

    The problem I have is with maintaining a strumming rhythm that’s different
    from the rhythm of the lyrics. I’m getting better, though.

  15. FlyAwayToTheMoon says:

    LoL. He looks like Kevin Bacon…

  16. Rhys G Walker says:

    i’m the same as that. its a challenge.

  17. utberoxsobad says:

    awesome teacher but u said drown instead of down strum

  18. rockongoodpeople says:

    Hey Good People I am on Twitter now! Follow Me twitterdotcom/timgilberg

  19. Antonio Weaver says:

    Singing is seen right here not as the splendidly enriching exercise that it can be for everyone – which might liberate and foster or private nicely-being – however as a matter of constructing ‘the required customary’ or not.

  20. Dannilynn says:

    You’ll learn to sing in 4 part harmony, how to keep your voice at the optimum performance standard for your heavy gigging schedule and even discover parts of your voice you never knew you had.

  21. Dominic Mack says:

    According to a research conducted by main singer cum singing instructor, Helen Astrid from The Helen Astrid Singing Academy in London, common vocal twine workouts are additionally thought to extend life.

  22. If you’re serious about becoming a singer, taking lessons sooner rather than later is the way to go: Poor performance techniques can ruin your singing voice for good!

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