How To Overcome Stage Fright When Singing – Easy Stage Fright Tips

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39 thoughts on “How To Overcome Stage Fright When Singing – Easy Stage Fright Tips

  1. Brandon Dickey says:

    ive been in atage performences before all the time im nervoys but you start
    to get a gang of it 

  2. ☼neSillyKitten♥ says:

    i can sing good but im allways scared for people to hear me my friends try
    to make me sing but im to scared

  3. DancingIcecream123 says:

    My school talent show was horrible I was shaking and I sounded horrible I
    was ok at first but once I saw a person whisper I felt like crying T^T

  4. nathalia sousa says:

    I had to sing in front of my class and I froze so my teacher got annoyed
    with me which caused me to have a panic attack. It was pretty bad and I
    have to perform on Monday so thanks for this video (:

  5. izzy whaley says:

    I always freeze up when I go on stage. I can still sing, but I look like an
    idiot. I have a talent show coming up and I’m very scared!!! I’m a lead
    singer! any help or advice would be nice. THX

  6. Ailís Quinn says:

    I’ve performed in front of my whole school (over 1000) once before with
    little to no stage fright, but in a few days I’m doing a performance to a
    little over 400 and I’m so scared. I think might be because this is a more
    professional show or something but I was shaking so bad at auditions. I’ll
    try these methods but has anyone got any other advise that’s helped them??

  7. Music#AWESOME says:

    I fear that people will hate me and won’t like my voice the only person
    I’ve ever sang in front of is my best friend

  8. GIRL POWER9443 says:

    im just always scared im going to mess up or look like an idiot

  9. Libbz3003 says:

    Ok, so tomorrow, I have to perform a solo in front of my GCSE music class,
    and I get nervous. I mean STUPIDLY nervous. The performances started on
    Wednesday but we didn’t have time to get through all of them, but I was
    having panic attacks, and it was horrid. In my year 5 school play, I was
    the lead role and I got really sick because of nerves, I was throwing up,
    and it was so bad that the school thought I had appendicitis, I was still
    ill afterwards. I have performed in cathedrals etc but it’s worse in front
    of my friends. Please help someone!!! I nearly threw up on Wednesday and I
    am having .a panic attack.

  10. Celina Tapia says:

    Oh wow posted on my birthday

  11. Lauren Krause says:

    In my French class I had just started this year yet when we talk in front
    of the class my teacher gets mad if you don’t volunteer to go first

  12. Class of 2k17 says:

    Ohhhh joyful joyful solo audition tomorrow 😰😱😨🎤

  13. Emily Jeffords says:

    I’m right with you Music#AWESOME. I have only sung in front of my best
    friend and I still get nervous in front of her.

  14. Kaitlynn Abigail Murphy says:

    Im singing a solo in front of the whole school and I’m so scared

  15. Linnéa Skarhed says:

    I am taking singing lessons, and the first singing lesson i was so nervous
    when i sang, my whole voice were shaking, and i was thinking ” shes not
    there, shes not there!! be good! dont screw up! ” it made me forget what i
    was going to sing, and i did not even focus about the message…. in june i
    will sing in a consert, in a church, so will my friend, but shes been in
    music class before in 4 years.. im scared to just sing in front of my dad,
    hes so silent hahah! i been wondering how will i make it? i hope this will
    help…. i think it will… pray for me XD

  16. Lauren- Elise says:

    My talent show auditions are tomorrow. I’m singing in front of everyone. So


    Thank you for the advice. 

  18. please pray for me i have a talent show today and i feel like im gonna mess
    up im so frickin scared i had to audition for it and i made it but ughhh
    doesnt mean anything

  19. Kimberly Taylor says:

    Thank you for your bike along 5 trophies because of you just to let you
    know one day I will meet you and I’m 9 years old my mom gave me her phone
    give me more advice

  20. stabrio78 says:

    I know I’ve got the ability to sing if I practice an get vocal lessons, but
    I’m so shy and a nervous person.. I can’t even do a oral presentation in
    class infront of 20 people let alone a massive concert. That’s what’s
    making delay singing because of that reason and I don’t like it.

  21. PikkieButterfly says:

    I auditioned for the x factor yesterday and I got so nervous I shook like
    an earth quake the people next to me tried to calm me down as I went in I
    didn’t feel nervous any more but excited but then when I went to sing I
    completely messed up and forgot my words I was just so nervous about how
    much I wanted it because I want it more than anything in the world and my
    times running out yes I know there’s next year but that’s a full year a way
    i’m not waiting so please can someone help me what to do how to get rid of
    those nerves in my head i was fine just my body was all over the place
    Please help me

  22. Ashley Simpson says:

    Does anyone have advice for auditions I have a choir one in two weeks and
    I’m scared

  23. I performed in front of my school and tried to sing rolling in the deep I
    got through the first verse and chorus then I forgot the lyrics…

  24. i have a music test soon and i’m a really shy everytime i sing in front of
    my class my voice is shaking my heart is beating really fast and some times
    i have little tears in my eyes as my music teacher sayd we have a music
    test and we have to sing my heart was just beating so fast and i was really
    sad and please don’t make fun of me or hate me i know my english is bad
    because i’m not from usa or uk. who ever read this have a nice day and have
    fun in your life 😊

  25. Jasmine Blake says:

    I’m singing at our school talent show in about 3 hours and I haven’t really
    been nervous until now. But wish me luck (:

  26. Marissa Perkowski says:

    I have a talent show tomorrow at school and im REALLY nervous any tips or

  27. Viotar Duo says:

    I’m Singing at a restaurant tomorrow a little bit scared.. I hope these
    tips help

  28. furkan kletzw says:

    We have a festifal soon on school and they ask people to perform i actually
    want to i can sing very well but iam really really really nervous and iam
    reallllyyyyyy scared

  29. SimpleUnicorn says:

    I have a recital tomorrow and there’s a song that’s a very big song its
    called on my own and I’ve been on stage before 3 times but every time I get
    on stage I forget the words for the instrumental of the beginning of the

  30. Angela Msp says:

    I have to sing Christmas Eve tomorrow in front of almost 300 people and I
    really hope these tips help 😬😁

  31. NaveedNaheed Music says:

    I’m a lead singer in my own band and we are performing a week on Monday.
    It’s our first public show but I’m very nervous. I have found a way to
    overcome my stage fright.

  32. Eva A. Stalder says:

    If you try to learn how to sing from free lessons, you’ll soon discover
    that’s it’s a painful task because there isn’t a library of lessons and
    steps from A to Z.Click Here To Know More Information>>>
    ).This is why an actual program of online singing lessons is recommended to
    get you organized and on the right path to improve your voice correctly.

  33. Michael Perez says:


  34. Spring Trap says:

    I have to sing in front of my whole school

  35. Alex Cook says:

    I have to sing in front of a lot of people tomorrow

  36. Memduh Karabulut says:

    hi uhmm so I write raps but u have never rapped one in front of someone my
    teacher told me to write a rap and perform it on stage, NEXT WEEK, I
    HAVEN’T WRITTEN THE RAP YET and I have been on stage before and I choked on
    stage, my friends told me that I was shaking so much like it was very
    obvious please someone help XD I AM SO SCARED EVEN THINKING ABOUT IT MAKES

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