How To Learn How To Sing – How To Develop A Good Singing Voice

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— How To Learn How To Sing – How To Develop A Good Singing Voice.

I want to learn how to sing? It’s a question you’ve been pondering about for a long time. You want to stop wasting your time and learn how to sing like a pro, right? Singing is fun and easy only if you know the modus operandi. A lot of people believe that the ability to sing is natural or born. Well, this is a fallacy. Like the adage, “practice makes perfect” you will become a professional singer only if you consistently practice singing. You must take the right course of action to improve your singing. This article will walk you through the process of becoming a great singer.


Your singing voice is greatly affected by your posture and state of muscles. This is why it’s imperative that you avoid putting your body under tension. If your body is in any way distressed, it will be reflected when you sing and your singing voice won’t be excellent. Being relaxed will help you sound very good when you sing. The posture to adopt in order to achieve an excellent voice when you sing is to stand erect, look forward, keep your shoulders relaxed, and space out your feet so that they are parallel to your shoulders. Ensure your back is straight. The right singing posture will help you to avoid unnecessary muscle tension and thus making your singing sound very good.


Breathing is also an important factor in singing. You will produce a pleasant tone if you work with your breathing. Conversely, singing at the same time as you’re out of breath will result in you exerting too much tension on your voice and may eventually lead to injury. If you want to achieve an excellent tone when singing, then you must breathe deeply (don’t inhale with your mouth, rather use your nose) through your lower lungs and exhale using your nose and mouth. Breath support helps to prevent you from straining your throat, and thus enabling you to produce a pleasant tone.

Principles of Voice Production

If you want to learn how to sing, then you must understand that singing is a highly physical activity and so you ought to sing with your entire body as opposed to making use of just your vocal chords. Professional singers are acquainted with that and can stage-manage 3 types of singing voices. These include chest voice, middle voice and head voice.

You make use of the chest voice when speaking. This voice can be used to produce a rich, full-bodies sound. Higher pitched notes are produced by the head voice, and it’s more often than not created by female singers. The middle voice acts to some extent as a bridge connecting the head voice and the chest voice. These three types of singing voices are the fundamentals of singing. You must first learn this fundamentals before you can start practicing. You should as well ensure you have a plan to follow, so that you can learn how to sing correctly.

Wanna hear Randy Jackson say “Welcome to Hollywood Dawg?” And even have Simon love your singing voice as well? I can’t promise you’ll be the next American Idol, but if you love to sing, and are willing to put in the effort – I know how you can learn how to sing with the range and control of a professional singer at a fraction of the cost that private vocal coaches charge.

Everyone wants to be able to sing, that’s human nature. Being able to sing well enough to make a career out of it, takes some training even if you have raw natural talent. Yes, you can learn to become a great singer – you can train your voice just like you learn any instrument. You can become a singer of whatever level you desire with the right training, plenty of practice, and dedication to sticking to it.

There are many reasons for wanting to be able to sing. Some people just want to learn to sing well enough to not embarrass themselves on karaoke night with their friends. Some people just need to learn a special song for a Wedding or other special event. Some people have always thought they could sing, but want to pursue a higher level.

You can get group lessons at local studios designed for people of the same age or social groups. This can be one of the cheapest options for people who are wanting to get started with singing lessons with an instructor. Although they are offered at times that may seem convenient, there are usually some limitations to the types of music you would be learning. If you would like to learn with a group of your friends or church group, there is a good chance that these types of lessons will be offered by local instructors in your city.

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  3. Nathan Zoe says:

    You will have to maintain in mind that although executing individuals will
    probably most likely not aspire you actually to just sit there and sing. In
    plenty of shows the main artist ought to also chuck in a number of
    movements in dancing. So that you can have the ability to do this, it
    additionally requires practise. Before performing this, get comfy with your
    own singing voice first. often the progressing charge of which individuals
    include in an work to one’s effectiveness really should be very slow. Don’t
    go more than the entire top at very first. Staying ready to dancing and
    sing at an exceptional top quality at the actual similar time is a task
    which not more and more happen to be able to arrive more than.

  4. Nicholas Evan says:

    Singing for beginners:

    Are you a beginner? When you want to learn how to sing for the first time
    and you have no prior vocal training or if you want for your child to learn
    how to sing, you may find yourself googling up “singing lessons,” “vocal
    coach,” even “how to learn how to sing.” You will come up with many options
    including local private singing teachers, voice classes, singing schools,
    instructional DVDs and CDs, books, and online voice training.

    When you have a good grasp on the vocal coach’s technique and you feel the
    basic philosophy and approach to the voice works for you, you can
    eventually work your way into an advanced group class to stay on your game
    for less cost. You will also learn more about the voice by observing the
    coach working with the vocal challenges of other students.

  5. Oliver Jordan says:

    When you have nailed “the texture” of the track and you have memorised the
    lyrics, you will want to record yourself singing along to the music. Sure,
    the thought of that in all probability sends shivers down your spine,
    however the truth is it’s worthwhile to understand how your voice sounds
    and where you need some further focus and assistance if you’re ever
    planning to play guitar and sing in front of people.

    Naturally, you do have to be able to sing reasonably effectively, but
    that’s only a matter of training. Enroll in a few singing classes and be
    taught all of the fundamentals of how to sing and you may notice your voice
    picks up dramatically. Then, determine whether or not you wish to take your
    singing even more seriously or whether or not that is enough for just
    singing at the same time as playing guitar.
    Now Combine Both the Singing and Playing

  6. Kelly Walt says:

    If you’ve wondered how to Improve Your Singing and to do this without
    investing too much time and money, then read on because we have ideas to

    Where there’s a will, there’s a way

    Books, audio CDs/DVDs:

    Try these if you really want to but experience and feedback has shown that
    the cost factor, plus lack of comprehensive guidelines and
    superficial/limited information, forces you to follow-up with more
    purchases to get the full picture of what it takes to know how to improve
    your singing. Nobody likes feeling shortchanged or pressured into buying
    more and more without their goal in sight.

  7. Joyce James says:

    Hire a Vocal Coach

    This is a typical consideration for many seeking a singing career. It’s a
    logical though costly one, however. How many of us can afford to hire a
    one-on-one personal voice trainer? Even group lessons will still cost a
    pretty penny, not to mention that you’ll get less attention because of the
    size of the class.

    The time-delay between each session may be a discouragement more than a
    help, not to mention the possible inconvenience of having to travel the
    distance to meet up with everyone, all schedules allowing.

    But don’t give up. There’s a better, cheaper, more convenient option to
    learn how to sing properly.

  8. Jenner Henry says:

    Singorama 2.0 is one such software that can replace an expensive singing
    coach and help you achieve your goals as if you hired a personal singing
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    Singorama 2.0 is the only singing software that has lots of features
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    learn to sing better and much more.

    1. ia incearca tu singur sa vezi ca gasesti foarte bine sensul tau, am incredere ca poti. Al lumii, poate, nu e sigur, da nici foarte nevoie ca sa traiesti o viata care sa insemne ceva (sens pe care vrei tu sa i-l dai, nu o creatura, ba nu – trei de fapt, care face dus-intors intre taria cerului si sub pamant, si ii distruge pe toti cei care nu cred in ea/el).


  9. James Donald says:

    1.Drink eight glasses of water.

    During singing your throat will become dry because you exerted a lot of
    energy in your vocal chords there is tendency the moisture of your mouth
    will become dry which is not good in your part. So, it is important to
    drink a glass of water before and after singing. This will prevent your
    mouth from drying. It will lubricate and moisten your mouth as well as your
    vocal chords and it can avoid damage. A person need to drink 8 glasses of
    water in a day because this will help your body to function as well as in
    all internal organs. Our body is 2/3 of our body weight is water. Water is
    necessary for the very survival of human beings, as it ensures the smooth
    functioning of body systems. It is advisable to have a glass of water in
    handy every time you are practicing or performing in singing.

  10. Jackson Janet says:

    Pure Pitch Method – it is another type of learn to sing software which is
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  11. Harvey Paul says:

    This was what Helen said, “Singing is an excellent way to keep fit because
    you are exercising your lungs and heart (cardio vascular exercise).
    Furthermore, your body produces endorphins (happy hormones), just like when
    you eat a bar of chocolate except that with singing is that you won’t
    consume any extra calories as in eating chocolates! Singing not only
    increases your lung capacity, it improves posture, clears respiratory
    tracks and sinuses and can even increase mental alertness through greater
    oxygenation. Singing often also helps to tone and firm up your abdominal
    and back muscles as well. However, that is if you are singing correctly
    using the correct singing techniques.”

    1. Hold fast- din symaskine mÃ¥ være helt rÃd-elødgnde:¸) Sikke alt det børnetøj, der bliver produceret, og alle stykker lige lækre. MÃ¥ske der venter en ny karriere forude) Knus Heidi

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  12. Harris Sam says:

    If you are practising with the correct vocal exercises, your body will
    learn to fade more resonance into the head cavities and out of the chest
    cavity producing what is called a “mixed voice”. When you listen to a
    singer who has a wide, powerful voice range, this is exactly what that
    singer is doing.

    Once your vocal cords have taken you as high as they can go by thinning
    out, they will actually close off a portion of their length which is not
    unlike fretting a guitar string. This will result in even higher notes like
    the whistle tones of Mariah Carey because the length of the vibrating
    surface has been shortened.

    So do you want to be able to sing high notes effectively ? Don’t let anyone
    tell that you can’t.

  13. Haley Alex says:

    Naturally you have to be a great performer and good singer to win singing
    contests, so you must know your own strength and weaknesses. You must be
    able to convince the judges that you are worthy to win the singing
    competition. How do you do that? Just must be very well prepared.

    I am sure you must have watched the TV singing competition show “American
    Idol”. You must be laughing and rolling on the floor when you see American
    idol wannabes making a fool of themselves in the preliminary rounds. There
    were those who were tone deaf, those who have forgotten the song lyrics,
    those who were just disastrous singers and a pain to listen to and those
    who are so outrageous in their performance that they over perform

  14. Gray Thomas says:

    Learning the Art of Singing

    Today, music is very much accessible to anyone, and almost anybody can sing
    and produce records because of various technologies. Along with this,
    ordinary people can also get access to stardom by uploading their own
    recordings on the World Wide Web. But these innovations do not just give
    everyone the ticket to sing professionally and showcase their skills to

    It is important that one must really have the talent to do so. Therefore,
    singing schools have been important for parents who dream of their children
    becoming a famous singer. Kids today even start at very young age just to
    train and discover their talents early.

  15. Adams Henry says:

    However, there comes a time when singing classes and academic classes
    overlap, making it hard for a child to focus on both areas at the same
    time. It is primarily the role of the parents, with assistance from the
    teacher to help the child prioritize in case problems arise.

    Why Singing Schools are Important

    Singing schools are long-standing institutions in the history of Singapore
    and all over the world. It is strongly associated with Protestant Church
    especially during the advent of these institutions in Singapore. Singing
    and music were formally taught in singing schools, but as demand rose and
    more singing institutions were established, different styles of teaching
    were also developed.

  16. Bacon Francis says:

    Singing is one good exercise to increase your body’s natural defense
    against diseases. German researchers have conducted a study among the
    members of an amateur choir and assessed their level of antibodies and
    stress hormones. The group’s antibodies increase whenever they sing, while
    the level of stress hormones goes up when they just listen. While the
    conclusion needs more supporting information from other studies, it has
    shown that singing may offer benefits to a person’s immune system.

    Fight Depression

    Singing schools are not only a place where you can go to and improve your
    singing voice, they can also aid you in fighting off negative feelings. You
    may not be taking singing lessons just to cure your depression. However,
    when you are having a bad day, singing in class and during your practice
    can help lift your mood.

  17. Learn how to sing like a professional in just a few lessons

    A fact about singing: even the most terrible singer can learn to sing quite
    beautifully with a little effort and some perseverance. If you have always
    wanted to learn to sing, now is your chance to start. These days you can
    have singing lessons from basic pop vocals to classical to even Broadway,
    and have them on a one-to-one basis or choose the group lesson with your

    There are tons of benefits in singing. Some of these benefits are
    physical, some are mental, some are emotional, and some are spiritual. When
    you sing, you increase the amount of oxygen you take in, and as more oxygen
    gets to the brain it produces a feeling of alertness. You also become
    articulate and with the many facial expressions you utilize while singing,
    you improve muscle tone in the face, throat, neck and jaw.

  18. Calvin John says:

    Another major cause of tension along the vocal tract is how the singer
    perceives the difference between singing and speaking. If the individual
    believes singing is much more difficult and dramatically more involved in
    function and production than speaking, he or she is likely to put forth far
    more effort into their singing than is necessary. This usually occurs when
    the individual tries singing in the upper range, and if they are untrained
    or poorly trained, they will tighten their muscles in an attempt to
    forcefully work their way up the scale.

    It’s important to understand that singing is about eighty percent
    psychological and only about twenty percent physical. That is too say,
    while producing vocal sounds is entirely done by anatomical structures of
    the body the mind does play a significant role in determining what kinds of
    sounds we produce.

  19. Carey Sandra says:

    Singing is a skill that can be learned. Singing is fun and everybody loves
    to sing because most people believe this is another way of showing or
    expressing their emotions, many people also think that this is another way
    of entertaining themselves (by singing their favorite songs). Singing is
    fun and I am pretty sure that you will be inspired too, especially if you
    will get fans or people who admires you for singing better.

    Find your vocal range – You should find and learn your vocal range
    first, you don’t want to sing a song or piece in a wrong tune or range.
    Have an accompanist or a pianist to help you find your vocal range by
    singing every pitch or notes. Make sure to avoid tension in your throat and
    neck, you must sing comfortably and relaxed. This method will help you
    identify what pitch or range you can sing. Focus on singing on your vocal
    range first, if you have enough practice you can move to the next level
    which is increasing you vocal range.

  20. Dean Howard says:

    You can begin by looking for every little opportunity to sing. Perhaps you
    can start by singing for a friend or a family member and then add a few
    more friends and loved ones as you get more confident. By then, you can
    proceed to look for singing opportunities in your community in small
    gatherings such birthday parties, old folks home or the local children’s
    hospital just to name a few examples.

    Look for enough opportunities to keep moving ahead and keep on learning and
    polishing your craft. This is because when you get better and better in
    your singing, your confidence will improve in tandem. So the only way to
    better your singing skills is to get expert coaching and practice with good
    singing programs.

  21. Drake Nick says:

    Most probably, it’s #1, you’re bored. Your work hasn’t engaged your brain,
    so your brain is always complaining about work. And you think, like many,
    that idleness is the best way to escape all that awful work. But it’s not.

    Your brain (and your heart of hearts) longs for something meaningful to DO.

    THIRD, our minds are only interested in what they are interested in!!

    That brings me back to singing!

    Have you ever tried to talk to your non-singer friends about the
    intricacies of singing? They are not like you, are they? It doesn’t
    interest them like it does you.

  22. Elliot Cass says:

    When someone expresses their doubts about Brett’s Method to me, I just
    smile. Because I’m somewhat like a bumblebee. I’ve also heard and spoken
    with so many other “bumblebees” now that my only answer to any doubters is
    “just listen.”

    If you are interested in singing instruction that can take your voice and
    turn it into something incredible, than read every word on this page.

    Not matter what your voice sounds like now. It can be better. Much better.

    The key to improving your voice beyond recognition is to follow a process
    that embeds the correct way to sing into your neurological system.

  23. Ferrell Will says:

    This previously “invisible” vocal range came easily after I discovered how
    to *connect* to my upper vocal registers.

    And this all happened because I began to practice exercises that installed
    correct technique into my muscle memory.

    As I said earlier, it’s not hard to do. You just need the right exercises,
    that’s all.

    The same exercises that I used to transform my singing voice are available
    online. You can investigate these special vocal exercises by clicking here.

  24. Garner Helen says:

    Do you think Bob Dylan is a good singer? Heck no! But he wasn’t afraid to
    use his own natural voice. The rest is history. It’s possible to learn
    singing and get better at pitch, singing from the diaphragm, etc. but this
    is a crucial thing to remember about singing. Just use your own tone and
    natural voice. The rest will come a lot easier.

    Next, just like anything else in life, when asking is it possible to learn
    to sing you need to have a little consistency when learning to hear as a
    singer. This takes practice. Once you can recognize pitch better, you start
    losing your tone deafness and you can sing with a wider range to different
    types of music.

  25. Gergen David says:

    The exercises in his method improved my voice more in one week, than 4
    years of instruction from other teachers.

    The exercises in this program all perform very specific functions. And they
    are very effective in balancing out your voice so it begins to function
    correctly for singing. Just 15 minutes a day for a week of these powerful
    exercises and your voice will improve out of sight.

    What was the second thing that enabled my voice to make this magical

    One magical word.


    This method will transform you into your own highly effective vocal music

  26. Godwin Mike says:

    In this video you will see Wes do a strange sound with his lips flapping.
    This is an exercise called the “lip roll”.

    Try and make this sound with your voice. This is an extremely effective
    exercise that will build excellent coordination into your voice… and if you
    practice this exercise regularity you will find that singing feels much
    easier, and you will extend your vocal range by many notes also.

    Also pay attention to the video featuring Taylor Pey. At about the mark in
    the video, she does an exercise with a very whiny sounding “Nay”. Try this
    exercise for yourself. This is also a great exercise that gets your voice
    functioning smoothly and it can have a big impact on your singing if you
    practice it daily.

  27. Kennedy Edward says:

    All the tension of singing drops away making singing feel effortless…

    Your tone quality becomes thick and sweet, literally melting in your mouth…

    And as I mentioned earlier, your high notes and low notes are hit easily.
    There is no straining or reaching. You simply make the coordination needed
    for a certain note, and out it comes!

    Would you like to hear my friend hit the highest note I’ve ever heard a
    male sing?

    You can listen to it right now at his website. You can also learn about his
    singing method at this website. Maybe it will be you that has the biggest
    vocal range after using these methods!

  28. Kinsey Alfred says:

    These vocal training tips will help you get your singing voice on track.
    Don’t underestimate the simplicity of some of these techniques. They are
    very capable of producing powerful results…
    Record Your Voice As Much As You Can

    You hear your voice very differently when you are singing. Recording your
    voice will give you an idea of how you sound outside your head. The insight
    you will get from this is priceless.

    If you can, record every practice session. Heck, record yourself every time
    you sing if you can! You will then be able to compare each session, hear
    improvements, and realize when things are going right… or wrong :(

  29. Laurel Stan says:

    The majority of vocal instruction actually encourages the muscles outside
    the larynx to become involved in the singing process. These muscles are
    supposed to be used for swallowing and swallowing only. When they become
    involved in the singing process, problems happen. These muscles ‘choke’ the
    muscles inside the larynx… the ones that are supposed to do all the work
    when you sing.

    Learning To Sing With Correct Technique Will Literally Transform Your Voice

    By doing vocal excersises that train only the muscles inside the larynx,
    your singing will improve dramatically. These inner muscles, once trained,
    will give you the vocal range of your dreams. I am still in disbelief of
    the amazingly high notes I can hit, with absolutely no vocal tension. In
    fact, when you know how, singing is as easy as talking.

  30. Lloyd Seth says:

    Your vocal tone (how you sound) is determined by a few important factors.
    One of the most important factors, is the position of your larynx. (The
    larynx is the grouping of muscle, cartilage, and ligaments, also commonly
    referred to as the “voice box”)

    Here’s an experiment that will show you how drastically the larynx position
    affects the tone quality….

    Firstly, do a big deliberate yawn. Feel the relaxed sensation in your
    throat? Now… you let out the air, say Ahhhhhh! Hear how rich the tone
    is? Try doing this while gently resting the tip of your finger on your
    adams apple (The small notch on your throat, there are two…’s the top
    one). As you will feel, this exercise gently pulls the larynx downwards.

  31. Lott Trent says:

    ……singing is about to become a whole lot easier!

    When a singing first uses the speech level singing technique, they will
    usually have a dramatic increase in vocal range. Let’s learn a little more
    about what causes great vocal range…

    What is the difference between a talented singer and an average one? Is the
    gap as large as it seems? This is a question I used to ask myself all the
    time! I began as a very very average singer, with seemingly no talent at
    all. My voice sounded something like a wounded animal about to pass into
    the afterlife!

    The two things the average listener will judge a singer by are:

    1. Vocal range. If you start singing out stunning high notes, people are
    bound to take notice!

    2. Vocal tone. Which means, does the voice sound any good. Does it have a
    nice quality to it?

  32. Manson Charles says:

    You are not receiving correct singing instruction. Maybe you can’t afford
    the lessons. Maybe you are taking some, but your teacher can’t quite
    prescribe the right exercises to release your voice.

    What ever you do…don’t decide on the first option!

    Thousands of people have built amazing singing voices from scratch,. These
    singers were not particularly talented. They just received correct vocal

    Instructions that built a correct foundation with their voices.

    This is exactly what happened to me. You see, I was never a talented
    singer. I struggled with what most singers do. I had limited range. My tone
    was awful!. I could make many different sounds with my voice, but I didn’t
    know what was right and what was wrong!

  33. Martin John says:

    Many singers overlook the importance of musicianship. These singers will
    continue to struggle with singing in tune, reading music and working with
    competent musicians. Again, they may have amazing voices but be unable to
    speak the musical language sufficiently well to collaborate.

    This is why it’s critical for you to learn some basic musicianship. This
    includes things like reading music (even if just on a basic level),
    recognizing harmonies, improvising, musical structure, singing parts, etc.

    Regardless of the type of vocal training software you use, make sure that
    you track your progress. Recording your practice sessions is one of the
    best things you can do to really improve rapidly. In fact, most
    professional singers make a habit of this because it allows them to see and
    hear their own mistakes.

  34. Marx Karl says:

    That may sound too good to be true, but it is not. While instant
    improvement is not something that most people expect or even dream of
    signing is a skill that can change dramatically with simple adjustments.

    Additionally when you are trying to learn to sing better instantly, you
    will have to do some work with your soft palette. This is the soft fleshy
    part of the roof of your mouth toward the back. Typically as you swallow
    you feel that portion of your mouth lift slightly. You want the same thing
    to happen when you sing. As the notes get higher your soft palette should
    raise slightly to create a larger resonating cavity for the sound. This
    will create a more full and beautiful tone.

  35. May Rollo says:

    The designers of the program have thought about this as well and have
    provided a solution. The course package includes an ear-training software
    program. It shows you how to develop “an ear for music”. Basically,
    Singorama will teach you different techniques that will allow you to assess
    your vocal styling and tune. This is a good aid to have in general. Still,
    you may still miss the guidance of a professional vocal teacher.

    One of the advantages of the Singorama program is that it takes you one
    step further than teaching you how to use your voice to sing. There are
    practical lessons on stage performance, on dealing with stage fright and
    anxiety and on starting a successful career in music. In this respect,
    Singorama can help you become a professional, but it should be pointed out
    that in order to become a music star, you will need a lot of talent,
    persistence, creativity and even a business drive. These are things that a
    singing course cannot give you no matter how comprehensive it is.

  36. You need the proper instruction to master these other steps.

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