One thought on “How to know which sound can be used for music -Singing lesson 3 – by Deepak.Srivastava

  1. Ram Kumar Swami says:

    Hello sir, thanks for the lessons. U r explaining very unique topics of music.
    I got few suggestions for you:
    1. It would be better if you upload video instead of audio.
    2. When you are speaking, plz keep Harmonium at low volume, or use tanpura.
    3. You are explaining very deeply but since its pure hindi, it may not be understandable for all so you can first explain in pure hindi and then translate the though words either in english or in layman language.
    4. Your videos have title only in english, plz also include hindi title when u r teaching in Hindi
    5. Your lessons stop abruptly which is very annoying and disappointing listeners or students, plz improve this

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