How to Joji in Under 5 Minutes | FL Studio Song and Sing Tutorial

Discover all about How to Joji in Under 5 Minutes | FL Studio Song and Sing Tutorial by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Joji in Under 5 Minutes | FL Studio Song and Sing Tutorial.

I’m not a singer lol i try my best tho
I’ll have more how to’s for rappers coming soon.

DL the song here:

Thanks for watching!

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47 thoughts on “How to Joji in Under 5 Minutes | FL Studio Song and Sing Tutorial

  1. Holy shit I’ve been looking for folleys but never knew the name of them. Reminds me a lot of shlohmo

  2. bruh this fuckin beat is straight heat wtf

    1. ysoangri he ain’t even rapping and he spit fire

  3. Cooper Atkinson says:

    Ever thought about making one on Joyner Lucas? By the way the way these are all made amaze me.

    1. Praxi Plays says:

      Joyner is dope, a lyrical beast. Might take me awhile but i wanna give it a shot

  4. GoneFlying says:

    Can you please do an in depth tutorial for the vocals. It sounds really beautiful

  5. For how long do you keep on the YouTube comments?

  6. Excellent as usual. That beat you found is super chill too. Do you just use fruity loops and plugins for all of this? Do you pay for any of the software or are you doing this with all freely available stuff? I am 30 but the easy you bring to this makes me want to give it a shot myself.

    Best of luck to you in the future man. Keep working like this and you will be on the road to success.

    1. Praxi Plays says:

      Yeah i use a lot of plugins, the ones everyone uses like Massive, Serum, Omnisphere, and nexus are REALLY expensive i was lucky enough to have my parent buy me a few lol but i like to use the free ones that come with FL Studio. I’m planning on doing a video about this exact topic so i’ll elaborate more in that 😀

      Also, glad you enjoyed it 😀

    2. Appreciate it man! Best of luck to you. Can’t wait to see that video.

  7. ごみ g o m i says:

    how’d you do the OOH~ thing?

    1. Praxi Plays says:

      recorded my voice doing “ooh~” in my natural speaking voice then i layered one more “ooh~” in falsetto one octave higher

  8. It felt a little short(it was fkg good i want more), but the vibe was spot on! You should def make full songs, man. I would listen to those. Awesome stuff as usual bro

  9. sameer mgr says:

    1k to 23k, my duude. Keep up the good work man

  10. aloofgoofs says:

    damn you really out here hearting every comment

  11. I’d love a full song with this beat, it’s so chill. Fire as always man!🔥

  12. Lil Bitcoin says:

    this lit asf, as always, amazing work praxi keep up the great work

  13. Yo can you teach us how you mix and master? Ur shit sounds very clean.

  14. NicoAndGopro says:

    How do you stumble across samples so easily?

    1. Praxi Plays says:

      I get lost on YouTube sometimes lol I was listening to some 80s Japanese music and it just came up

  15. leoporfis says:

    If you want please make how to amine that would be interesting af

  16. Gael Ceceña says:

    This is just a Lo-Fi Hip Hop tutorial disguised as a How To ___ Under __ Minutes Episode lol

  17. The production on your track is leagues better than any Joji song hahahaha

  18. think you can shoot the link to the foley kit ?

  19. javanut123 says:

    Ayy a Joji video //hasnt watched yet

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